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How a man fooled the online world into believing that he was a heavy metal rock star named Jered Threatin.

Berlin regulates Airbnb and safely deflates its housing bubble while retuning 8,000 rentals to the market.

Stop patronizing the working class.

Depression era dishes: Nine budget recipes that are still good enough to eat today.

Automating inequality: Using algorithms to create a modern “digital poor-house.”

Motorists falsely arrested on DUI charges describe the life-ruining results.

Ten amazing true-life passenger stories from the Titanic disaster.

“Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal”: Employees say Whole Foods is using “scorecards” to punish them.

Short-termism led the Democratic Party to let unions die and now they’ve lost their base.

Airbnb guests repeatedly discover hidden cameras in the homes they rent.

America’s underpaid workforce imperils U.S. and global economies.

Jesus was a pronto-communist Jewish hobo who criticized the rich.

An unexpected find: A dinosaur tail discovered trapped in amber.

The invisibility of being old, disabled, or both.

The dark aftermath of 1968’s murder, revolution, and protest is nearly forgotten.

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Six tiny movie moments that took insane amounts of work.

Add patterned skins to 3D prints with hydro dipping.

Christian Marianciuc creates a new decorated origami paper crane daily for 1,000 days.

View the wedding photos that were shot when the bride refused to cancel the photo shoot after the groom was killed right before the wedding.

When a full-time job isn’t enough to make it.

What did ancient Greek music sound like? Listen to a reconstruction that’s 100% accurate.

What a German diary from the Nazi era can teach us about what’s happening in America today.

Why we shouldn’t be surprised that some pre-Christian deities are similar to Jesus.

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I decided to attend a Christmas bazaar that was held at a local Catholic church known as St. Hugh of Grenoble Church in Greenbelt, Maryland. I’ve been by that building numerous times but I recently noticed something I hadn’t noticed before: A giant crucifix. That crucifix is surrounded by tree leaves in their total autumn splendor.

Here’s a shot of the church basement where the bazaar was held. There was a Christmas-themed setup on the stage.

When I walked outside again I noticed the fall leaves on the ground, which provided a variety of colors.

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This has been a weekend of really famous people dying. Today I learned that famed Broadway playwright Neil Simon passed away at 91. I grew up watching The Odd Couple on television. Last Sunday I happened to catch a couple of repeats of The Odd Couple on MeTV and I found that I enjoyed them even more now than when I was a kid. That series hadn’t aged very much since its original run.

But even Simon’s death has been overshadowed by another death that was announced last night. I happened to be at a birthday party for a friend and her teenage daughter. (They have their birthdays two days apart—one on August 28 and the other on August 30.) Right at the moment when the lit birthday cake was being carried out, I got a notification on my smartphone that Senator John McCain passed away.

He had been battling a brain tumor for some time and the day before his family announced that he had decided to discontinue all further medical treatments so his death wasn’t a big surprise. Today I’ve been seeing all kinds of tributes to the Vietnam War veteran/Senator/2008 presidential candidate along with some personal memories and opinions. Here’s my contribution.

I remember when my then-husband read McCain’s memoir, Faith of My Fathers, and he spoke of how much of a hero the Senator was during the Vietnam War. The one thing I learned about John McCain was that during the Vietnam War he was held captive as a prisoner of war in the notorious Hanoi Hilton where he was tortured. At one point he was offered the chance to be released because he was the son and grandson of Navy admirals. McCain refused the offer because he felt that the other men who were captured before him should be released first. He stayed longer in that Hanoi Hilton than he could’ve because he was determined to stick to his principals.

I didn’t agree with John McCain on his political positions very often but at least he was consistent in his opposition to torture due to what he went through in the Hanoi Hilton. That was why I found it so appalling when President Donald Trump ridiculed Senator McCain for being a POW and he even had the gall to mock Senator McCain’s disabilities that he received as a result of being an inmate at the Hanoi Hilton. It’s galling when you consider that Trump himself received a deferment from the Vietnam War on the grounds that he had bone spurs in his feet. (If you ever see footage of him walking, you’d have to agree that he seems to walk pretty well for someone with bone spurs in his feet.)

Last October I took part in Inktober, where every day that month I made one new ink drawing then uploaded it online. For the first day of Inktober I decided to poke fun at Trump’s horrible insults towards Senator McCain. Since the first day of October fell on a Sunday, I decided to include Jesus in this drawing. Here is the drawing that I did last October. Enjoy!

When Donald Trump kicks the bucket, I’m going to be far less respectful towards him than I am now towards Senator McCain because Trump is such a malignant narcissistic asshole who is trying to change this country for the worse while seeming to suck up to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. At least no one has ever accused John McCain of treason, unlike Donald Trump. Rest in Peace, John McCain, and Fuck You, Donald Trump!

Not too long ago I happened to be at a Megamart, which is located in an area of Adelphi, Maryland that’s dominated by Latino immigrants. I saw these religious statues at the front of the store that I couldn’t resist photographing.

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UCLA has a digital archive of over 1,800 children’s books dating from 1728-1999.

Americans are receiving unordered parcels from Chinese e-criminals and they can’t do anything to stop them.

An explanation on what is an animation pipeline.

A study shows that most artists make very little money, with women faring the worst.

Galapagos finches are caught in the act of becoming a new species.

Why incompetent people think they are amazing: An animated lesson from David Dunning (of the famous Dunning-Kruger Effect).

True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.

Time capsule letters from the 18th century found in the butt of a Jesus statue.

Check out these crochet amigurumi toys based on video game characters like Plants vs. Zombies and Super Mario Bros.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Krampus but were afraid to ask.

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Creators are making longer videos to cater to the YouTube algorithm.

Monica Lewinsky has a reckoning with her relationship with Bill Clinton. We should too.

In a surreal twist, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano starts raining shiny green gems.

Why it’s fair to compare the detention of migrants to concentration camps.

A look at the 29 most hilarious pizza box drawings.

Why the U.S. will descend further into violence and chaos.

Nicaraguans have lost their fear of dictatorship and it’s an amazing thing to watch.

A gruesome discovery in a trash deposit proves that Jamestown colonists resorted to cannibalism.

What if Trump had been a Russian asset since 1987?

Jesus stood up to the Roman Empire and he would resist the U.S. empire today.

Man decorates the roof of his house with a life-sized Millennium Falcon.

Unlike most millennials, Norway’s are rich.

How the Trump presidency is resurrecting the Jim Crow era.

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There’s a Greek Festival that’s held at a local Greek Orthodox Church in my area about twice a year. I’ve been going to that one for a number of years but I haven’t blogged about it until a couple of years ago. Since that 2016 post, I’ve gone back to that Greek Festival a few times but I haven’t taken any new pictures until earlier this month. So, without further ado, here are some new photos I shot at the Greek Festival that was held at St. Theodore Greek Orthodox Church in Lanham, Maryland earlier this month.

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Looking for something unique to buy this winter holiday season? There are two places where you can shop for my products—both online and in real life.

I currently have this image in my Red Bubble store that’s a digitized version of my watercolor depicting the infamous Christmas demon Krampus stealing the Christ child from the nativity scene while Mary and Joseph are expressing outrage available on a variety of products ranging from t-shirts to smartphone cases to coffee mugs to prints.

You can order online right here.

As for real life, you can find one of my art pieces at this show, which is currently being held at Trinacria Ristorante & Bar through January 8, 2018. Here is the address:

Trinacria Ristorante & Bar
111 West Centre Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
(443) 759-4082
Trinacria’s Facebook page

Trinacria is located just a block from the Centre Street light rail stop.

Silicon Valley is now using empathy as a marketing tool to sell virtual reality equipment.

The late Steve Erwin’s son is an award-winning photographer and these photos show why.

Why it’s hard to separate Woody Allen the director from Woody Allen the person.

Yes, you can make your own solar cells from white powdered donuts.

The first historical record of Jesus describes him as a “magician.”

An interesting looking crochet version of The Exorcist.

Obama goes from the White House to Wall Street in less than one year.

Amateur artist turns old flip-flops into amazing action figures.

12-year-old boy creates creepy yet awesome sculptures using found materials.

The psychedelic retro-futurism of Swedish artist Kilian Eng.

The making of the first hand-drawn VR cartoon.

People are attacking Kendall and Kylie Jenner for their racist handbags…again.

Ivanka Trump hides behind her White House job to avoid a copyright lawsuit.

LuLa Roe has just changed its return policy and its consultants are screwed.

Scenes from 30 movies re-enacted with LEGO bricks.

Eight before-and-after graffiti transformations that create beauty out of blankness.

World-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall likens Donald Trump to a chimpanzee.

Bruce Springsteen lists 20 of his favorite books.

The chateau you should visit in France instead of Versailles.

Pepe the Frog’s creator has found a reliable way to fight the alt-right’s appropriation of his character.

Street-style photographers unite to proclaim #NoFreePhotos

How the band Rage Against the Machine predicted Donald Trump’s presidency 17 years ago.

This amazing tree that shows how languages are connected will change the way you see our world.

One woman’s quest to save Baltimore television, including some early footage featuring a young Oprah Winfrey.

Download Theft! A History of Music is a new free graphic novel exploring 2,000 years of musical borrowing.

Bic ballpoint pen portraits drawn on vintage maps and stationery by Mark Powell.

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