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I did my first podcast last Friday after I learned how to do it through an online course in Social Media Marketing. I did it on Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli a.k.a. the Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah Girl. At the time I did my podcast I knew that Danielle and her mother had taped a follow-up episode of The Dr. Phil Show but all the articles I read said that the show didn’t indicate when it would air that episode.

It turned out that the show was aired last Friday, the same day I had completed my first podcast. On that same day The Palm Beach Post had published an exclusive interview with Danielle’s biological father who not only denied that he had abandoned his daughter but he also denounced all the attention that had been heaped on his daughter.

So I decided to do a second podcast devoted to this girl. I briefly mentioned the father’s interview then I decided to try doing one of those reaction podcasts where I react to what I saw on various video clips from that episode.

While I still plan on making more podcasts in the future, this will be the last one I’ll devote to this girl because I feel that everyone needs to leave her alone. I see her not as a celebrity but as a deeply troubled girl who needs professional help before she becomes a teen mom, a jailbird, or dead and I fear that she’ll become worse the more people gawk at her like she’s some kind of a circus sideshow freak.

So here is my latest podcast: Leave the Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah Girl Alone Part 2


I’m currently taking one of the free online courses at on Social Media Marketing. As part of my lessons I had to download the free open source software Audacity, learn how to use it to do a podcast, then upload it on to

My first podcast covers the same ground as the topic of one of my previous posts, Poking Fun at the Latest Stupid Internet Trend. The main difference is that I’m not talking about creating that Grumpy Cat parody meme (because it would be impossible to describe or show on an audio podcast) and it’s more about why people should leave 13-year-old Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli alone. Here’s the link.

Leave the Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah Girl Alone

I’m writing this blog post instead of watching the Super Bowl this year. None of my friends and acquaintances were throwing any Super Bowl parties and I’ve ditched cable a few years ago because I grew tired of Comcast increasing my bill from $79 per month to a whopping $200 per month. (I wasn’t watching any pay-per-view shows at all. Comcast likes to lure you with a low “introductory price” bill for the first year or two then start to jack up the rates really high.) I haven’t gotten around to buying rabbit ears so I can watch network television. These days I use my TV set to watch videos and play console games. So I’m spending Super Bowl Sunday doing something else.

Yesterday I had a whole bunch of stories crop up in my Facebook newsfeed about this 13-year-old girl named Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli who became an Internet sensation after she appeared on The Dr. Phil Show and uttered this phrase: “Cash me outside, how bow dah!”

Danielle had appeared on an episode titled “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” Having seen video excerpts from that episode posted on that last link, it’s obvious that this girl needs help. I’ve long cringed at Dr. Phil putting minors on his show when these troubled teens would be better off seeing a therapist where they could work out their issues in a private office. That’s because I’m not sure putting these kids on television really help them in the long run and there’s always the chance that their classmates will see that troubled teen on TV and they’ll use that show to taunt and bully the kid at school.

Danielle can be hard to understand because she has chosen to speak what she calls “street talk” where this white middle class girl from the suburbs tries to talk like she’s from the inner city hood but she fails miserably because I doubt she has actually had any kind of exposure to real inner city residents. Shoot, I’ve heard real inner city residents in both Baltimore and DC talk more clearly and eloquently than her! Danielle acts tough but I would be willing to bet that she wouldn’t last even fifteen minutes in a really tough hood like this one before she either gets shot, beaten up, or she has a total meltdown because the real hood didn’t conform to her fantasy idea of what a hood is like.

Danielle isn’t the first troubled teen who has ever appeared on The Dr. Phil Show but, for some reason, her phrase “Cash me outside, how bow dah” resonated with someone enough that this person made a meme with her face and her quote. That led to other people making other memes featuring the girl and her quote and, before you know it, she has become the latest Internet sensation. She is known as The Bhad Bhabie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and she has opened her own store on Shopify where she’s trying to cash in on her unexpected Internet notoriety. What’s more, she’s scheduled to make a return appearance on The Dr. Phil Show this week.

Frankly I just don’t get the Internet exalting Danielle like this. She’s not some prodigy where she’s a whiz at music or dancing or art or chess or some other field. She’s just a 13-year-old girl with an average intellect who has serious issues and someone needs to put her in some kind of a therapy situation before she ends up either becoming a teen mom, a jailbird, or dead. Based on what I’ve read, it seems like she’s thrilled with being an Internet celebrity but I hope some responsible adult is telling her not to expect this kind of fame to last forever because she will ultimately be replaced by the Next Big Thing on the Internet. So far she has been seen threatening paparazzi in Hollywood as if she is some kind of a major celebrity.

There is even a video game called Cash Me Outside that’s available for iOS and Droid.

The whole thing is just crazy. In fact, I did my own parody meme that I’ve just unleashed on various social media sites where I used an image of Grumpy Cat.


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