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I decided to do a series of nine drawings that would commemorate Easter and spring. It’s similar to what I did for The 12 Drawings of Christmas and Inktober except this series only had nine drawings that I did over a nine-day period.

The Drawings of Easter was relatively just as laid-back as The 12 Drawings of Christmas because I drew what I wanted and I only required myself to draw every day for only nine days. I had originally planned on drawing over eight days from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday but I ended up extending this series by one day when I found out that Earth Day fell on the day after Easter this year.

When I did The 12 Drawings of Christmas, I only had to deal with four overlapping holidays—Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. With my Drawings of Easter series, I had to deal with more holidays and observances, both religious and secular. Over the nine-day period there were Palm Sunday, Tax Day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the start of Passover, Easter, and Earth Day. As a result, I had my drawings reflect the different occasions.

I basically did my drawings in a sketchbook, took photos of them with my smartphone, then uploaded them online on the various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr) and in this blog.

When it came time to tally up how many “likes” I got on the various online platforms, I found out that, compared to The 12 Drawings of Christmas, my latest series of drawings hardly got any attention at all. With the Christmas series, I had at least one drawing get over 90 likes, which was more attention than what the entire Easter series got. The highest number of likes I got was a total of 14 (and that was over five different platforms). I don’t know what happened exactly. The only theory I have is that, with the warmer weather, people preferred to be outside interacting with other folks instead of just surfing the Internet. In contrast, Christmas is usually a time of the year when it’s cold and people prefer to be indoors.

I’ve been toying with doing a week’s worth of drawings in the summertime but, given the lack of attention with this recent Easter series, I don’t know if I’ll go through with it or not. It’s true that people tend to travel more in the summer. On the other hand, the country I live in tends to be swampy with plenty of hot, hazy, and humid days so I might get more people who are stuck indoors who decided to spend time going on the Internet. If I go through with this, I would probably to this sometime in July, which would give me time to recover from the recent spate of daily drawings this past week. What’s more, doing it in July would give me a chance to recover from working on that series before Inktober rolls around.

Anyway, here is the list of which of my drawings received the most attention, which is ranked from the highest (meaning 14 “likes” over five different platforms) to the lowest.

First Place (Tied): Anna from the Disney movie Frozen and a palm tree.

Second Place: Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly on Tax Day.

Third Place (Tied): Cherry blossom, marijuana plant for 420, and a bunny rabbit for Easter.

Fourth Place: Trump’s Ten Commandments for Passover.

Fifth Place (Tied): Purple bell-shaped flowers and a polar bear for Earth Day.

Now that I’m done with this series, it’s time for me to move on to other creative challenges.

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If you’ve missed all or part of my recently concluded series The Drawings of Easter (or if you’re the kind of person who loves to see slideshows set to music), you can now see the entire thing in this short video. Enjoy!

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I had originally intended to end this latest series of drawings on Easter Sunday (which was yesterday) but I decided to extend it by one more day to Easter Monday when I found out that today is also Earth Day. Here is my special Earth Day drawing.

I used this free tutorial on to draw the polar bear in ink. I also made a reference to Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who has become internationally famous for staging a school strike in front of the Swedish parliament every Friday in order to protest climate change.

Al Gore mentioned in his documentary An Inconvenient Truth a few years ago that the polar bears are losing more territory and are forced to swim even greater distances because the polar ice caps are melting. The fact remains that nearly every prominent scientist have agreed that we humans have only 10 to 12 years left to do something to reverse the course of climate change before the change becomes permanent. Here in the U.S. Donald Trump has hired climate change deniers to head up important government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and he has even denounced the use of wind turbines on the grounds that the noise supposedly causes cancer, a claim that have most scientists scratching their heads and saying “WTF?!?”

I hope that other nations will do what they can to reverse the catastrophe and I hope that they can do this without the U.S. since it’s clear that the current government just does not give a damn about climate change. The fact that Donald Trump has grandchildren who would be the most impacted by climate change yet won’t do anything to avert it says it all about how much he really cares about them, their own future, or about the future of this planet.

This drawing marks the official end of The Drawings of Easter series for 2019. I hope you enjoyed them. I may do an occasional drawing in my small sketchbook then share it online if I’m in the mood to do so but I won’t be forcing myself to do it on a daily basis like I have been over the past nine days.

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Since today is Easter Sunday, I’d thought I’d draw a bunny rabbit. I did all of the drawing in ink, except for the brown colored pencil that I used for the eyes. I used a ball-jointed anthro rabbit doll as the model. The doll is known as Scrappy Rabbit and it was made by the now-defunct Goodreau Dolls.

I had originally intended to end The Drawings of Easter series today until I learned that the following day will be Earth Day. I’m going to extend this series by one more day so I can do something for Earth Day.

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Today is April 20, a day that has become increasingly been connected with marijuana or cannabis, with the date being referred to as 420 (without the slash separating the month from the day). I recently came across this article explaining how this came to be. Considering the fact that April 20 is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre (this year marks the 20th anniversary of that shooting), maybe it’s better if that date is affiliated with weed instead.

So I drew a picture of a growing marijuana plant as shown from an overhead angle. It’s based on a photo I saw online.

As I’m typing this I still remember when I used to see the kids from my high school smoke weed in the wooded shortcut I used to take to get to school—especially after school. (I walked all through high school because I lived close enough.) I only smoked it once or twice when I was in high school. I smoked weed way more when I was in college and I was living away from home. I haven’t smoked any weed in years and it’s due mainly to a lack of opportunity. Maryland does have legal cannabis but that’s for medicinal use only and I would need to get a doctor’s prescription. I’ve also seen the prices of legal weed and let’s say that it would be cheaper to drink alcohol. (Plus you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy booze from a liquor store.)

Come to think of it, I rarely even drink alcohol these days. It’s due mainly to both tight finances and the fact that the older I get, the longer the hangovers last and I’m just not into spending half of the following day in bed because I got wasted the night before.

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Today is Good Friday where Christians remembered the day that Jesus was crucified. Since today is also the first day of Passover, I’d thought I’d do something with that theme today. I began to think “What if Donald Trump had been the one who led the Jews from out of Egypt instead of Moses and what if he had received the Ten Commandments from Mt. Sinai?” My answer is that the first thing that Trump would do is to re-write those Ten Commandments to suit himself. Here is the resulting drawing, which I did in ink and pencil.

In case you can’t read my writing or the graphic somehow fails to load, here’s the text below:

Trump’s Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt worship only Trump.

2. Thou shalt say only good things about Trump.

3. Weekends are for golfing.

4. Honor Donald Trump.

5. Thou shalt not murder fetuses. After birth, it’s okay to kill someone with a gun.

6. Grab a woman by the pussy.

7. Stealing is fine as long as it helps you.

8. Lying is fine as long as it helps you.

9. Always admire Trump’s homes.

10. If you see a married woman you’re attracted to, move on her like a bitch.

I got most of my inspiration from reading the news for the last few years along with that infamous Access Hollywood bus recording. I originally wanted to draw Trump holding the tablet with that infamous smirk of his but I didn’t have enough room in my sketchbook to draw him. (Each page in my current sketchbook only measures 4 inches x 6 inches. It makes the sketchbook very portable and easy to store but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for doing any kind of complex drawings.) So I had to settle for just doing the stone tablet where I drew the outline and wrote the words in ink then colored the tablet using a grey colored pencil.

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Today I I did a drawing of these purple flowers based on a photo I took when I visited the National Arboretum in Washington, DC in the spring a few years ago.

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Today I did a drawing of a single cherry blossom that was based on a recent photo I took of those trees when they were in full bloom. (The blossoms have fallen off now and they are being replaced by regular foliage.) I decided to try doing a close-up of just one blossom that was similar to a project I once did when I took a drawing class at a local community college a few years ago. (We were required to look closely at an object using a magnifying glass then draw what we saw.)

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For today’s drawing I decided to go back to the Disney movie Frozen. When I did my 12 Drawings of Christmas series last December, I devoted two of my drawings to that film—one was a drawing of Elsa (who’s the main protagonist of that film) and the other was Olaf the living snowman who was created by Elsa. For my latest Frozen-inspired drawing, I decided to draw Anna.

For those of you who have never seen Frozen, here’s a brief explanation. Anna is Elsa’s younger sister. While Elsa has a supernatural power to produce snow and ice (since either from birth or at a young age—the movie never quite specified exactly when Elsa received her power), Anna is a regular human being with no supernatural powers at all. In contrast to Elsa’s serious nature, Anna tends to be an outgoing fun-loving spontaneous girl. Sometimes Anna makes impulsive decisions, such as when she became engaged to Hans just a few hours after meeting him for the first time at Elsa’s coronation. But she ends up proving herself as a heroine when she takes a brave stand against Hans’ attempt to steal the throne of Ardinelle and kill Elsa.

I thought Anna would be appropriate for this series of spring drawings because her heroism had helped to break the spell that Elsa had inadvertently cast to both freeze Anna’s heart and to keep Ardinelle in a constant state of winter (which Elsa was unable to reverse herself because she had a hard time controlling her own power). When the spell was broken, the entire kingdom reverted to warm weather complete with green grass and blooming flowers.

When I drew Elsa last December, I remember that she was a bit of a challenge because she wears a dress with a layer of tulle on top and it was hard trying to replicate that in ink. Compared to that, drawing Anna’s dress was a total breeze because it has no sheer fabric layers so I found it way easier to draw it in ink.

I have an Anna doll (in addition to an Elsa doll) and I used her as a model when I did my ink drawing.

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Here is the second day of my new drawing series known as The Drawings of Easter. Since today is Tax Day, I’d thought I’d do some special fan art.

As you can see, the Monopoly game mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags is thrilled over the fact that, thanks to Trump’s tax cuts, he won’t have to worry about paying taxes since he’s rich. I was inspired to do this drawing after learning that, under President Donald Trump’s tax plan, the wealthiest will pay a far lower percentage of taxes than non-rich people. Then there are corporations like Amazon who, despite being a trillion-dollar company, won’t have to pay any taxes this year.

Outrageous? Yes. That’s to be expected since, in my lifetime, this country has become a place that favors the rich.

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