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I went back to Baltimore earlier this month so I could check out the latest session of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at The Windup Space. Once I arrived at the Station North Arts District, I still had some time to kill so I decided to play around with my Canon camera (which I purchased used off of eBay for only half the price of the same brand-new camera in a store). These days the days are shorter while the nights are longer, which means that the sun starts to set around 5 p.m. or so. I decided to put my camera on the low-light setting and I took a few night photos of the area near The Windup Space.

I eventually went inside The Windup Space where I continued to take pictures inside the place using the same low light settings on my camera. This is also the section of my post where some of the images are definitely NSFW. The next photo shows the stage where the model poses while we all draw.

Here’s a photo of my drink, which I only shot because I liked that line drawing of the ram that was on my drinking glass.

Here is a photo of some of the really cool looking beer taps at the bar. (And, yes, they are really functioning beer taps.)

I took a few photos of the current exhibit that’s on display at The Windup Space (as of this writing). Many of the photos on display are definitely NSFW.

This box is another indication that Christmas is coming next month. (No, I didn’t take up the offer of snagging myself a free Xmas hat. I already have an old Santa Claus hat with Mickey Mouse ears that I purchased at a Disney Store years ago and that’s good enough for me.)

Here is some graffiti I found inside of one of the stalls in the women’s restroom.

The last two photos are two different promotional flyers advertising the latest Dr. Sketchy’s event.

The rest of this post features only my drawings because there’s generally a ban on photographing the model. The model for this Dr. Sketchy’s session was a burlesque performer named Ruby Spruce and some of these drawings are definitely NSFW.

At one point Ruby Spruce did this performance that totally flipped me out for reasons that had nothing to do with Ruby or Dr. Sketchy’s or even Baltimore. Two weeks earlier I ran into a friend at my church’s annual Halloween/Samhain service (which also included a Trunk or Treat event and a party) who was dressed in this costume as Carol Burnett doing her Gone With the Wind parody. I recognized the reference because my family used to watch Carol Burnett’s TV show when I was growing up. (If you want to see Carol Burnett in that costume, you can watch a poor quality video of a short excerpt from that comedy sketch right here and/or you can watch a better quality video of Carol Burnett reflecting on that comedy sketch.) Very few people in my congregation recognized that reference. I think it’s because my congregation is a mix of older people who rarely watched television—even when they were younger in the 1970s (which was The Carol Burnett Show‘s heyday) they didn’t watch TV very much—and people who were either too young to remember that show or weren’t even born then.

So here I was at Dr. Sketchy’s and Ruby Spruce decided to do her burlesque performance midway through that evening and she appeared in that same curtain rod dress that my friend wore two weeks earlier while the theme song from The Carol Burnett Show was playing while she gradually stripped down to pasties and g-string. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to photograph the model so I couldn’t show my friend any pictures of Ruby wearing that same costume she wore at church.

Instead, I’ll just post the photo of my friend wearing that curtain rod costume at church two weeks before Dr. Sketchy’s chatting with another church member.

Halloween/Samhain Service, October 29, 2017

After Ruby’s performance, I drew her with that hoop structure she wore underneath her curtain rod costume.

The one contest I took part in that evening was about the then-upcoming Black Friday. The owner of The Windup Space, Russell, was working behind the bar that night so the emcees had this idea of somehow incorporating Russell and Ruby Spruce with a Black Friday sale. I came up with the idea of Russell grabbing Ruby and taking her away from the store before Donald Trump could. I had an orange-skinned Donald Trump shake his tiny hands and yelling “You Son of a Bitch! I had first dibs on her! I’m the President! COME BACK!” Then I had Russell say “President Trump still has Melania and Ivanka. He doesn’t need Ruby as well.” I’ll admit that this drawing was the culmination of my pent-up frustration with Trump and his crazy antics both in the White House and on Twitter. (Of course I also derived inspiration from The Daily Show‘s classic two-part series Don’t Forget: Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter and Again, Don’t Forget: Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter.)

My drawing made it among the finalists but I didn’t win. After that contest, I did one more drawing of Ruby Spruce before the event ended for the evening.


Not too long ago I dedicated this Inktober drawing to Reverend Valentine, who’s the emcee of the DC chapter of Dr. Sketch’s Anti-Art School. (I did that drawing in the morning and uploaded it online before I headed off to the Metro station.) Yesterday I wrote about my recent adventure in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. After I wrote that blog post I finally got around to scanning some drawings that served as the main reason why I was in DC in the first place. I went to Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, which was held at The Bier Baron. The model for this session was Bambi Galore, a self-described drag queen with a vagina. (No, I did not do any close inspections to verify her claim. LOL!) Bambi was fully dressed so this is one of those rare Dr. Sketchy’s posts that is actually safe to view at work or school.

The first drawing dealt with the series of two-minute poses where I drew them all on the same paper.

Then there were the longer poses where I could color in Bambi’s outfit.

Bambi changed her clothes so the next few drawings show her wearing this retro-looking polka-dot dress.

Bambi made one final costume change where she wore this spotted metallic dress that reflected a variety of rainbow colors, which was definitely a challenge to replicate in color pencil.

There were no contests this time around but that’s okay. I still enjoyed myself as I was drawing and eating an early dinner. (I ordered this bacon quesadilla that tasted excellent.)

I basically spent the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania by attending another session of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in Baltimore.

I arrived a little bit early so I could walk around the Station North Arts District taking pictures with my recently acquired Canon PowerShot ELPH 190IS camera. Thanks to that camera I was finally able to shoot something that I had long wanted to shoot.

RE Harrington & Sons is a repair company that does plumbing, heating, and other utilities. The one thing I noticed about their building is that it has miniature replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell on the rooftop. In the past I tried taking pictures with my Droid Ultra but I had never been able to get a decent shot mainly because the two items are so far away and the smartphone camera gets increasingly grainy the more I use the closeup. I used the Canon camera and the results have been terrific, as you can see below.

I took some more photos around the area while focusing on things that I hadn’t photographed on previous trips.

There was one place I had photographed before but I took a new picture. It’s a building at the corner of Charles Street and West North Avenue. When I first started taking pictures of that building, it was one of those long-abandoned buildings. But someone painted this really cool mural on the building which I always personally liked. Here is the building I photographed in 2015.



Here is the same building I photographed in 2016, when it was being demolished (along with that nice mural).


A new building was built in its place and it is now opened as the Parkway Theatre.

According to its website, The Parkway Theatre is a part of the annual Maryland Film Festival except that it shows movies all year long. It’s similar in nature to the AFI movie theater in Silver Spring in that it shows the kind of movies that one wouldn’t necessarily find at a typical suburban multiplex.

I took a few more photos of some colorful attractions in the Station North Arts District.

The next two photos show the “No Shoot Zone” graffiti that has become prominent all over the city. This graffiti project is the brainchild of rapper Tyree Colion and it’s his protest over Baltimore’s appallingly high homicide rate.

The last photo shows the ad for the latest Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at The Wind-Up Space.

Most of the drawings posted from this point forward are definitely NSFW. Burlesque performer Ruby Rockafella was the model for this session. I’ve previously drawn her in 2013 and 2015 but what’s different is that she is currently seven months pregnant. (She said that her baby is due in November.)

I have to admit that drawing a pregnant woman was more of a challenge than I expected mainly because I was trying to draw a convincing baby bump. I found that to be harder than I thought because if I drew it too perfectly round it looked like she was carrying a beach ball inside of her yet if I drew it too loosely it looked like she was simply fat and not carrying anything other than fat. Well, anyway, here are my attempts at drawing a pregnant woman.

I took part in two of the contests that were held that evening. One was where we had to somehow incorporate a gift for Ruby and her unborn child. I began to think about the increasingly screwed up country that kid was going to be born into and I began to imagine a post-Trump era for the baby. I incorporated Donald Trump in a straightjacket with his legs in leg irons attached to a ball and chain. For added measure I placed duct tape over his mouth with an “Ex-President” sign hanging around his neck, made his skin orange, and added that red ball cap that has his “Make America Great Again” catchphrase. Yeah, I know it’s wishful thinking but given all the crazy drama that has happened over the past seven months along with those persistent accusations of Russia somehow having a hand in getting him elected, the possibility of him being removed from office gets more plausible with each passing day. My drawing made it among the finalists but it didn’t win.

I took part in the other contest when we had to guess what Ruby’s baby will be when it grows up. We were told that Ruby currently doesn’t know her baby’s sex so we were free to draw whatever we want. I envisioned her having a daughter who would be the polar opposite of her. (I was thinking about the relationship of freewheeling self-indulgent New Age hippie mother Edina and her more conservative daughter Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous.) I had the daughter wear a full Victorian dress with her hair tied up in a tight bun while acting very repressed. This drawing made it among the finalists but it didn’t win.

I drew one more picture of Ruby Rockafella before the event ended.

I finally got around to attending a DC Drink and Draw event for the first time since I went to one previous event in 2015. It gave me a rare chance to go to Adams-Morgan, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in DC. I took the Metro to Dupont Circle and walked north where I took photos of some lovely sights.

The Embassy of Zimbabwe has a couple of interesting sculptures on its front lawn.

The next photo shows the embassy and flag of what is widely rumored to be President Trump’s favorite foreign country—Russia.

The Swann Condominiums, located at 1801-1803 Swann St., N.W., has an interesting false door with swan-themed art.

I took a few more pictures of some local businesses.


That small Eiffel Tower on top of the building led me to take a picture of L’Enfant Cafe and Bar. When I took a closer look at the place, I found out that it has recently gone out of business. It’s too bad I didn’t get a chance to check the place out sooner. (That’s what I get for not going to Adams-Morgan too often.) At least I got a chance to take a picture of the small Eiffel Tower since it’s probably very likely that it will be removed once a new business takes over the space.

The next photo show some political humor in the window featuring Donald Trump and Russia. (LOL!)

The next photo shows the restaurant Johnny Pistolas, where the DC Drink and Draw event was held. One of the main reasons why that event was held is because Johnny Pistolas has Taco Tuesday where all tacos costs $2 each while certain beers were also on sale for $2 and $3, depending on the brand. (As you can guess, this event took place on a Tuesday night.

Here is what I drew at the DC Drink and Draw event that night. While I was waiting for my own tacos to arrive, I did a drawing of a plate of tacos that two women sitting next to me received.

The only beer I purchased was a can of Tecate beer because it was on sale for $3. I made two drawings of the beer can from two different sides.

And, last but not least, I drew a glass of water that had a lime slice floating in it.

A few weeks ago I went to the latest Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School event in Baltimore, where I shot this promo that was posted in the window of The Wind-Up Space (where the event was held).

Burlesque performer GiGi Holliday was the model for this event so some of the drawings in this post are definitely NSFW.

At one point GiGi Holliday changed into this really colorful traffic light-themed costume, which I tried to faithfully sketch in the drawing below.

I took part in two of the contests that took place that night. GiGi Holliday was still wearing her traffic costume so the contest involved GiGi stopping traffic. I decided to have her sit on a traffic cone while blocking the presidential limo that is carrying the straw-haired and orange-skinned President Donald Trump as he shakes his tiny fisted hand and screams “I’m the President of the United States! Don’t make me grab your pussy! I’ll attack you on Twitter if you don’t leave! Sad!”

That drawing not only made it among the finals but I won after the other attendees clapped the loudest for my drawing! I was especially thrilled! As for the prizes, I received a drawing pad and a small pack of drawing pencils, which you can see in the next photo that I shot a day or two after Dr. Sketchy’s.

Coming on the heels of that victory, I decided to take part in another contest that happened immediately after the previous one. For this one we had to do a beach-themed drawing with GiGi in it. I began to draw on my memories of the time my then-husband and I went to Bermuda over 10 or so years ago and we spent time on the beach with the pink sand. I threw in a seagull, a jumping dolphin, a coconut tree, and a cruise ship.

Unlike the last contest, this one failed to make it among the finalists. I wasn’t too angry or bitter because I was still in that post-victory glow from winning the previous contest. Besides, it’s like what the old saying goes: You can’t win them all.

I drew one more picture of GiGi Holliday before the event ended and it was time for me to go home.

This weekend I came across a GoFundMe campaign on my Facebook feed on behalf of a burlesque performer known professionally as Sophia Sunday. She’s currently being sued for defamation by an acquaintance. For the details about that lawsuit, you can either see that GoFundMe page or, for a more even-handed version (meaning both sides of the story are depicted), this Baltimore Post-Examiner story.

I’ve drawn sketches of Sophia Sunday at the Baltimore Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School events in 2014 and 2015. (Both links are NSFW.) Here are just two of the more tame drawings I did of her.



I wasn’t there that night the alleged sexual assault took place and I’ve never met the plaintiff in this case so I really can’t say who’s right or wrong. But if I had any money to spare, I would definitely throw a few dollars Sophia’s way because I know what it’s like to get sued while not being able to afford to fully pay your own legal fees (mainly in the form of my now-ex-husband sending divorce papers in a .PDF format attached to an email that was dated Christmas Eve and I had to go to my mother for money so I could afford to hire my own lawyer). The fact that it’s so expensive to get legal representation so you won’t get screwed is a total indictment on the current state of U.S. justice, but that is the topic of another rant (if not another series of rants).

One of the reasons I would like to have a steady day job is not only so I could support myself financially but also so I could do things like donate a few dollars to someone who’s in a tough bind like Sophia Sunday. I wish I could afford to help her but I can’t. So I’m doing the next best thing—writing this blog post in the hope that anyone reading this will help Sophia out financially.

I’m pretty sensitive about the fact that this alleged sexual assault happened within the confines of BDSM because of what happened to one of my friends, Julie, who decided to spend a weekend full of BDSM play with her new boyfriend only to have her boyfriend brutally murder her. (All I can say is that, compared to poor Julie, at least Sophia is still alive.)

If you can afford to send a few dollars Sophia’s way, you can do so right here.


Like I wrote yesterday, I decided to devote a separate post to my attendance at the latest installment of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC because it would have made my last post extremely long otherwise.

This event was held during DC Pride Weekend and it was also held on the same day as a big demonstration on the Mall for LGBTQ rights. I wasn’t able to make it because I attended Sunday service at my church that morning, Dr. Sketchy’s was supposed to begin at 3 p.m., and there’s the issue of Metro’s unreliable weekend service where you typically have to wait between 15 minutes to a half-an-hour for the next train. I wasn’t too bitter about missing the march because it was very hot outside. (The temperature went as high as 95 degrees with high humidity.)

I saw rainbow flags everywhere in Dupont Circle as I was walking to the Bier Baron, where the event was held. Even the Bier Baron itself was decked out in rainbow colors.

Once I was inside I even got in on the act by laying out my pencils in a rainbow pattern.

Once again Reverend Valentine hosted the event. I gave her this toy dinosaur that I found outside Makerspace 125 in Greenbelt, which was among the items that the STEM center invited the general public to take for free. (Makerspace 125 is currently undergoing some major spring cleaning and reorganization of the space.) I knew she was into dinosaurs so I figured what the hell since it was free and everything. (Besides, it gives me the excuse to post this picture right here.)

She loved it when I gave it to her. She said that it will live with the other toy dinosaurs that she has on display in her kitchen.

The event was pretty well-attended despite the fact that it was scheduled during DC Pride Weekend and that big march was still going on at the Mall just a few miles away. The model for this event was a burlesque performer named Amira Jade and some of these drawings are definitely NSFW.

There was only one contest at that event. This one was a beach theme. She said that she would also give extra points for including a dinosaur. So I had Amira Jade with Dino the Dinosaur.

I also decided to ad Batman surfing on a surfboard in the ocean as my personal tribute to Adam West, the actor who played Batman in the 1960’s TV series who had died the day before. It was based on this incredibly campy clip from the TV show.

My drawing made it among the finalists but I didn’t win. Oh well. You win some and you lose some.

I did a couple of more drawings of Amira Jade before the event ended.

I headed to Dupont Circle to check out Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at the Bier Baron in Washington, DC. Usually I would get to Dupont Circle by taking the Green Line Metro from the Greenbelt station, transfer to the Red Line at the Fort Totten station then taking that train the rest of the way to the Dupont Circle station. This particular Sunday the Greenbelt station was closed because Metro was doing this month-long Safe Track work and it was offering shuttle buses as a substitute.

Rather than dealing with shuttle buses, I decided to go from Sunday service at my church and drive to the Silver Spring Metro station because it’s on the Red Line (plus I wouldn’t have to do any transfers). It also gave me an opportunity to take a few photographs of this charming penguin mural that was recently erected outside the station.

A homeless person’s belongings sit across from the penguins wall mural.

Once I arrived in downtown Washington, DC I saw this dog sticking its head outside the window of a car that was driving through Dupont Circle.

Here’s a welcoming sign that was posted in the window of Second Story Books.

The next few photos show the window display at 1 West Dupont Circle Wines & Liquors, including Absolute Vodka in a rainbow bottle and a few skull-shaped decanters.

I found this interesting relief outside one of the buildings in Dupont Circle.

I eventually made my way to the Bier Baron where Dr. Sketchy’s was held. The model for this event was a burlesque performer named Candy del Rio. Some of the drawings in this post are definitely NSFW.

There was only one contest during this event, which I took part in. The theme was science (in a nod to the March For Science, which was held in Washington, DC the day before.) I decided to go for science fiction and incorporate the movie Jurassic Park and dinosaurs.

I won that contest and my prize was a drink of my choice from the bar. I chose a hard cider that made me a bit loopy. (Fortunately I had taken the Metro so I was pretty much sober by the time I reached my car at the Silver Spring Metro station.)

I did a couple more drawings of Candy del Rio before the event ended.

I took a few more photographs after I left Dr. Sketchy’s and the Bier Baron starting with this window display.

I really love this building with the red brick. This one houses the Portuguese Embassy.

I’ll end this post with yet another dog sticking its head outside the window of a car.

I went up to Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore for the first time in a few months. The really good thing about the days being longer is that I’m able to do some walking around the neighborhood after I finish eating dinner at the local Popeye’s (which has its awesome $5 chicken meal bargain that it only offers on Mondays and Tuesdays). Here are a few pictures I took, starting with a few store window shots.

The window in the next photo has words and letters written in white right on the glass itself.

Late last year I noticed that a new mural was painted on the wall between Red Emma’s and The Wind-Up Space, which replaced this one. I wasn’t able to take a picture until recently mainly because the days have grown longer with the arrival of spring.

Here’s an alleyway located near The Wind-Up Space and The Centre (where the Impact Hub is located).

Back in January I took some pictures of The Centre, including the Impact Hub and other windows at night. This time I took photos of the same building while it was still daylight.

This window had a cool looking mosaic. If you look close enough, you can read the words “GO TO COLLEGE.”

One of the windows still had a poster promoting the Johns Hopkins Film Festival, which had recently passed. I liked the design of this poster (including the position of the cigarette. LOL!)

I eventually made my way to The Wind-Up Space. Here’s a shot of some interesting art that was displayed behind the bar.

The last time I was at The Wind-Up Space, that place had a Christmas tree that was filled with Krampus ornaments. The Christmas tree was still up when I was there (even though Easter was just a few days away) but the Krampus ornaments were removed. There was a lampshade treetop, which was pretty hilarious.

The next photo shows one of the promo flyers for that night’s Dr. Sketchy’s Anti=Art School.

The rest of this post consists of the drawings I did that night. The model for this event was a burlesque performer named Cherie Nuit. Some of the drawings are definitely NSFW.

I participated in two contests that evening. The first was where we had to somehow incorporate brunch. I drew Cherie lying on a pile of ice cubes at the bottom of a giant glass of mimosa. That drawing didn’t make it among the finalists.

The other contest I participated in was one where we had to somehow incorporate Peeps (in honor of the fact that Easter was just a few days away). My drawing made it among the finalists but it didn’t win.

I did one more drawing of Cherie Nuit before I decided to head back home.

Earlier this month I went to the annual women’s retreat that’s held each year at my church. Someone brought some button-making supplies and I did this button.

It’s a Baby Vampire who’s sucking on his thumb and he inadvertently drew blood in the process. (LOL!) It’s a sequel to the button I made at the Intervention convention last year where I depicted a Baby Goat Man. Like the earlier button, I drew this one using colored pencils. The main difference is that the person didn’t bring a button-making machine. These buttons were clear cases that one can manually snap open and close.

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