Welcome to my blog. I am an artist, a writer, and a photographer based in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area with a variety of interests and styles. I frequently bounce between both the arts and crafts world with little problem.

The main purpose of this blog is to promote my arts and crafts while also showing off my photography skills. If you like what you see in this blog and wish to purchase something I’ve created, feel free to visit either my Etsy or Zazzle stores.

While many of the arts and crafts featured in this blog are appropriate for all ages, this is NOT a blog for children. From time to time I may feature something I did that has either nudity or more edgy adult content. I try to label those posts with “NSFW” in the header and categorize them as “Not Safe For Work or School” but parents and legal guardians should still take the time to preview this blog before deciding whether to allow their children to read my posts or not.

All of the arts and crafts reflect my own point of view. If you personally disagree with it, that’s fine. You are free to leave this blog and surf somewhere else on the Internet. But I will NOT alter my point of view to please someone else so don’t bother asking me to do so. This is my blog so I get to make all the rules here. If you don’t like my blog, then don’t visit it anymore.

Nearly all of the photos posted in this blog came from either my own camera or my own scanner. On the extremely rare occasion where I feel the need to use a photo taken by someone else (mainly because I was unable to photograph it on my own and I need a photo to use as part of Fair Use commentary), I usually provide a credit and a link back to the original photographer’s site. The only exception to providing a link to the photographer’s site are old family photos of myself taken by my mother simply because she does not have much of an online presence. (She has no website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.)

Here are a few other rules and policies regarding this blog.

1. You must take out a free WordPress account if you wish to post comments in this blog. I know it may sound like an inconvenience but I’ve tried blogging in the past (most of my previous blogs have since been deleted) and I grew tired of dealing with comment spam and harassing comments that I wasn’t able to do anything about.

2. I have a comment spam filter that does a great job at catching any comment spam attempts. If you are a legitimate person who hasn’t been able to comment in my blog because it gets caught by the filter, I suggest rewriting your comment in such a way that the filter doesn’t mistake it for spam. I would also suggest using an email account that doesn’t read like a spam account because my filter looks for such spam email accounts.

3. All comments must be approved by myself before they will show up online. Again, I’m only doing this to keep out the spammers and trolls.

4. I don’t mind if you do constructive criticism regarding my work but I will ban you from commenting any further if you go into personal insults. There is a huge difference between “I think your artwork would be improved if you did this” and “YOUR ART SUCKS, YOU SUCK, AND YOU ARE A FAT RETARDED PIG!”

4. You will receive an immediate lifetime ban if you post any comments that advocate the following: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and religious bigotry in general (including advocating bigotry against atheists and agnostics). You will also receive a lifetime ban if you link to hate groups and/or terrorist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and Al Qaeda. Basically you will not be allowed to link to any group that is classified as such by either the U.S. State Department or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

5. Personal threats (including death threats) will not be tolerated at all. Any such threats I receive against either myself or others will not only result in a lifetime ban from commenting in this blog but they will also be immediately forwarded to either the FBI (if they come from within the U.S.) or Interpol (if they come from outside the U.S.).

6. Any comments that links to sites that has child pornography, bestiality, or torture will be immediately forwarded to either the FBI or Interpol.

7. I originally created this blog to promote my own work. I will refrain from writing about any ongoing work I do for others until after a project is complete or if a certain item is sold or it looks like I’ll be working indefinitely on this side venture for longer than three months. Anyone whom I’m currently working for who wants me to write about what I’m currently doing for someone else will have to settle for having me set up a separate blog account that’s intended only for writing ongoing status updates of that startup/company/side project.

8. While I’m not opposed to doing work for others, I will not work for free unless you’re a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose work and goals I personally agree with. If I do work for you, I expect to be paid in a timely fashion (within one week after I do the job). If you don’t pay me in a timely fashion, I will walk out the door and refuse to do any more work for you until you pay me what you owe me.

9. I reserve the right to refuse to do any jobs that violate my own personal moral and ethics and/or will result in me breaking the law and possibly facing jail and/or paying a very heavy fine.

10. I tend not to write about what’s going on with my friends or family unless their actions directly affect me because they are entitled to their privacy. I know this limits this blog to strictly writing only about myself but that’s the way it goes because I’m not about to risk having a friend or relative stop speaking to me because of something I wrote in this blog about him or her. The only exception to this rule is if I have permission from that other person to write about his or her personal problems or issues.

I hope you enjoy the eye candy. 🙂