I usually don’t write about technical issues in this blog but I came across something that I felt the need to share in case anyone else is having problems with a Mac that’s running too slow. I was recently doing some work on behalf of a friend of a friend who was having problems with his Mac Mini running so slow. I did a few Google searches, which instructed me to go under System Preferences then go to Users & Groups. I saw this application program that was opened and running known as AdobeResourceSynchronizer.


I had no idea what on earth that thing is so I did another Google research. This application is a helper application that installs with Adobe Acrobat 8 and Reader 8 and it runs in the background of a computer system. It also tends to be a total memory hog as the messages on this forum attest. I basically unchecked it in order to disable it and this person’s computer now runs much faster without any problems.

If Adobe feels the need to upload helper applications like that, there should be a way for that application to run only when one is running either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader while closing automatically when neither applications are in use. It’s totally crazy to hog up someone’s CPU unnecessarily like that.