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For someone who claims to be good at sales and marketing, Donald Trump is incredibly dumb. The list of his biggest business failures proves this. Back in late December Trump had his lawyer unsuccessfully attempt to stop the publication of Michael Wolff’s tell-all book Fire and Fury. This resulted in the book rising to the top of the major bestseller lists all over the world for several months. That book was literally hard to find because stores would sell out quickly and even the libraries had a difficult time keeping it on the shelf. It has only been within the last couple of weeks that the library in my area has been able to keep copies on its shelves. (On my last visit I found that four copies were available for patrons to check out.)

It’s not unusual for journalists to write tell-all books about the first year or two of a new administration. Normally such books reach the top of the bestseller lists for a few weeks then quickly sink while the president generally ignores the book completely. Since we are not living in normal times, the president’s public complaint about the book had resulted in Fire and Fury becoming a bigger cultural phenomenon than it would have been had Trump simply ignored it while making Michael Wolff very rich in the process.

More recently Trump’s former White House staffer, Omarosa Manigault Newman, wrote a tell-all book of her very own titled simply Unhinged. Once again, Trump decided against ignoring it and had launched an attack on her and the book. As of this writing, the book is now enjoying its second week on The New York Times bestsellers list.

So far Trump is 0-2 when it comes to denouncing books into becoming financial failures for their authors and publishers. But, with a new book coming out soon, Trump is trying to make it into a trifecta hat trick.

Bob Woodward, The Washington Post reporter who uncovered the Watergate scandal along with Carl Bernstein, is about to release a new book about Donald Trump called Fear: Trump in the White House. Ever since the 1980s, Bob Woodward has written books about every single president in office. He has been doing this since Ronald Reagan occupied the White House. Usually the current White House occupant just ignores whatever book Bob Woodward has written about him and/or his administration.

All that has changed with Donald Trump. The president has publicly responded to the upcoming publication of Woodward’s book as a “con.” What’s more, check out what he has been spewing on his Twitter feed recently.

Way to go, President Dipshit! Thanks to your numerous public tweets denouncing the book, you have provided tons of free publicity to Bob Woodward and his book. Your denunciations will inspire people, especially those who would love to see you thrown into prison for the rest of your miserable life, to flood Amazon and/or their local bookstores pre-ordering copies of Woodward’s book, thus guaranteeing that it will reach number one on many bestseller lists all over the world. In addition, it’s very likely that many of the people who will buy Woodward’s book are people who have either never read any of Woodward’s previous books or who haven’t read any books that Woodward had previously written or co-written since the 1970’s book All the President’s Men. The new book, Fear: Trump in the White House, is destined to become just as big a cultural phenomenon as Michael Wolff’s earlier Fire and Fury book all because YOU couldn’t keep your mouth shut and stay off of Twitter.

For someone who claims to be a salesman and a marketing whiz, Trump is really screwing up his response to Woodward’s book big time. (Or maybe I should use the word “bigly,” one of the many words that Trump has made up since he started occupying the White House.) He could’ve followed the examples of his predecessors and ignored the book but, no, Trump had to openly tweet his disgust, thus drumming up more publicity for Bob Woodward.

Trump’s inadvertent marketing campaign is already having an effect. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for Woodward’s book and it’s already number eight on Amazon’s nonfiction bestseller list. If I were Bob Woodward, I would just sit back and let Donald Trump handle the bulk of the marketing via Twitter then publicly thank the president for all of his help in getting the word out when the book makes its inevitable reach to the top of the bestseller lists all over the world once it’s released.

UPDATE (September 16, 2018): Bob Woodward’s book was released on September 11 with one million copies already in print before they had even reached the stores nationwide. In fact that book is now one of Amazon’s best-selling books of the year.


Way back in 2015 I took a trip to a place called The Museum of Outdated Technology. I first learned about this place on the Roadside America site but, for some reason, that site has since removed all references to this place. (Other sites like Atlas Obscura and Roadside Wonders still lists this place.)

At the time I was working this job that was in Bethesda and the day I went to The Museum of Outdated Technology was the last day of that gig so I decided to go to this particular museum (which is actually located in the back of the Wagging Tails Thrifts & Gifts thrift store). I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the end of a very stressful gig and I was in the area anyway so it was no big deal to make the short commute to this place from what was now my former workplace. I took a bunch of photos and wrote a blog post about it. I haven’t been back to this place since mainly because the museum in question is so small that it’s really not worth making a special trip to visit and I haven’t really gone back to that particular area of Rockville that would warrant me making a repeat visit to that museum.

Moving forward to 2018, I had spent the bulk of my Labor Day holiday weekend at the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. I had a fun time but the only major flaw was weather-related. For the most part the temperature was not only very humid but it had reached in the low-90’s, which made walking around outdoors a major challenge. I tried staying in air conditioned buildings as much as possible but there were times when I got totally overheated.

Well, anyway, Labor Day was a very hazy, hot, and humid day with full sunshine so walking around the fairgrounds was like a literal hell on earth. I left the festival as soon as I could and I returned home only to remember that I hadn’t turned on the air conditioner before I left this morning so my home felt like a sauna. I decided to drive to a nearby air conditioned mall where I could cool down until twilight. I ended up eating a $5 chicken sandwich at the new Z Burger place that had opened at that mall a few months ago. At one point I looked on my phone where I saw this email from a total stranger named Donald:

From: Donald

Subject: Museum of Outdated Technology

Are you open today?

I can understand why he was asking because it was a major holiday and there were plenty of places that were either closed or on very limited hours. I was totally dumbfounded by the fact that he had sent this email to me. I know I had once visited this place and I wrote one blog post about it but anyone who read it would know that I had absolutely nothing to do with this place. I don’t know how he came to equate me with that place. Today I did a Google search on the Museum of Outdated Technology and I found that my original 2015 blog post does come up in the top four results. But if he had taken the time to thoroughly read that blog post, he would’ve known that I had no connection to it. I don’t know if he had read my blog post or not but if he did, it’s obvious that reading comprehension is not his strong suit.

As I read that original email message today, I realized that he had sent it at 10 a.m. but I didn’t check my email until after 5 p.m. because I was so busy with the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. If I had to do this all over again and if my mind had been more rational without being exposed to constant heat and humidity, I would’ve just deleted this email and not even bothered with answering it. But I was pretty overheated from spending most of the day in 90 degree humid weather and I was pretty tired so I admit that my judgment and common sense went out the window. I decided to answer this guy where I sent this message:

From: Kim

Subject: Re: Museum of Outdated Technology

Why are you emailing this to me? I have never worked in this place. I don’t know if they are open. I suggest doing a Google search for the phone number that you can call.

Minutes later I received this email from Donald:

From: Donald

Subject: Re: Museum of Outdated Technology

So is that a yes?

It wasn’t until the next day I realized that he had sent his original email at 10 a.m. on Labor Day. I didn’t see it until after 5 p.m. because I was busy with the festival. I sent him my reply yet he sent his reply asking if this place was open even though it was past 5 p.m. and there was a strong chance that if that place was open on Labor Day, it would’ve been closed by now since many places tend to have limited operating hours on Labor Day. (In fact, while I was at the local mall trying to escape the intense heat I saw that many of the smaller businesses were in the process of closing at 6 p.m. because of the holiday.) I was tired and overheated so my temper and patience was far shorter than usual. In total exasperation I sent this email:

From: Kim

Subject: Re: Museum of Outdated Technology

I can’t answer that question. I have ZERO connection with this place. Please stop emailing me.

I know I sounded harsh but, you’d think that Donald would get the message that I’m someone who had no connection to that place other than the fact that I wrote a blog post about it back in 2015. But he still wouldn’t let it go.

From: Donald

Subject: Re: Museum of Outdated Technology

Do you know who I could ask?

I felt so frustrated by this point. Here I am repeatedly letting this guy know that I have no connection with this place yet he seems to think that I somehow have all kinds of connections to this place. I have never been employed by the thrift shop that operates the Museum of Outdated Technology in any kind of capacity and I don’t know anyone who works there. I had only visited this place one time and that was back in 2015. I have only written one blog post about it. I haven’t been back since and I haven’t even given much thought to this place since my one and only visit. I decided to just send one more email then let it go because it was so obvious that this guy is too stupid and thick-headed to understand that I have no connection of any kind to the Museum of Outdated Technology.

From: Kim

Subject: Re: Museum of Outdated Technology

No, I don’t know.

That was my last response to Donald. I haven’t heard back from him since yesterday and I’m hoping it stays that way. If he starts emailing me again about the Museum of Outdated Technology, I’m just going to block him because I don’t need this annoyance from a complete stranger.

If Donald or anyone else is interested in the Museum of Outdated Technology, here’s the information I found today through Google that you can use to contact these people with whatever questions you happen to have:

Museum of Outdated Technology
c/o Wagging Tails Thrifts & Gifts
1310 E. Guide Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: (301) 279-0345

Now that I’ve posted this information, I’m going to announce that I will not answer any further emails about the Museum of Outdated Technology because I’m the wrong person you should be asking.

It looks like the year 2018 is going to be one of constant changes for me. In a way it’s fitting that I’m writing about them now since fall is coming soon and that’s usually signified by the leaves changing colors. Plus this coming weekend is the annual Labor Day holiday weekend and I’m writing this post about job-related stuff.

Late last month I finally quit that administrative job that I had been working at since March. Basically I was working for someone who became the executor of his aunt’s estate when his aunt passed away last year after a long struggle with dementia. I was originally hired in March as a part-time employee on a trial basis. He told me that if everything worked out, then I would get full-time work. So I was working very part-time hours where I didn’t even have set hours. Some days I went to work at 10 a.m., other days it was 12 noon, while still others I didn’t begin work until after 2 p.m. I had to wait for a text message from the boss telling me if he needed me that day and, if so, when I should show up. I generally worked anywhere from 2-3 hours per day.

In May the boss told me that my hours would be expanded to full-time work. He said that he was negotiating with his one of his brothers to see if he would allow me to use that brother’s office so I could do the necessary work. That was only the second time he ever mentioned the possibility that I would be working full-time for him (the first time was during the initial job interview where he mentioned that I was going to work part-time on a trial basis but my hours would be extended to full-time if things worked out).

On top of it, there were times when I had a week off from work because the boss was somewhere else. A week after I started working for him in March I had a week off because it was spring break for his two children and the family had a planned vacation. In May I had another week off because he had to make a trip to India to look in on his late aunt’s properties and other related matters. In June I had another week off because his family decided to take a week long trip to Ocean City. Then in July he announced that he would be taking an extended trip to India at the end of the month and he wouldn’t be back until mid-August. He gave me some work to do at home during those times when he would be out of town but it still wasn’t enough for full-time work.

Basically I haven’t done any work for this guy since July when he left for his extended trip to India.

I have a policy of not blogging about ongoing work I do for others until there is some kind of a closure. Since I’ve recently quit, I can now go into some details of what I did that won’t involve divulging personal information or other sensitive matters. As for the work I was doing I had a variety of different tasks that literally changed from day to day depending on what this guy needed at the moment:

1) I had to sort and file documents relating to his late aunt’s estate including things like bank statements. At one point I did a project where I did a lot of scanning of a bunch of documents relating to his aunt’s estate, which I really can’t get into here other than that I got that assignment the day before my boss left for one of his week-long trips. One day I was sent to one of his aunt’s properties in Virginia (which she had been renting out to other people until her death) to take photos in preparation for putting it up for sale. I even wrote a separate blog post about my photos from that day, which included just a small fraction of the photos I took. (I took a total of 200 photos. It sounds like a lot but I was instructed to take extensive pictures of all of the rooms in that house.) That property used to be rental property and I took those photos after the tenants had moved out and the boss hired contractors to spruce up the place (mainly doing things like painting the walls and doing any kind of minor repairs that needed to be done).

I also had to sort videos and photos that someone else had shot of another one of his late aunt’s properties that was also rented out but these people turned out to be problem tenants. I can’t go into details about what I saw because there’s a possibility of a lawsuit and maybe even criminal charges. Those photos and videos I saw reminded me of what I used to read about certain 1960s and 1970s rock stars (such as the late Who drummer Keith Moon) who were so notorious for trashing hotel rooms that some hotel chains had banned them. In a nutshell, that property was so thoroughly trashed that it will cost thousands of dollars to repair before the place can even be put up for sale.

2) His late aunt also had property in India (where the family is originally from) and, from time to time, I had to look on to gather the names of those who in India who had answered a series of ads from my boss looking for lawyers that were based in India. Her estate was complicated because of the fact that she had money and property in both the U.S. and India. I can’t go into too many details here other than to say that it’s reminiscent of what I read about the drama that surrounded people like Brooke Astor where relatives came out of the woodwork to lay their own claim on the estate.

At one point I was asked to research the issue of whether a person can have dual citizenship of India and another nation. I poured through the Indian constitution (which is written similar to the U.S. constitution) until I found Part II, Article 9, which states that Indian citizens cannot hold dual citizenship with another country.

3) The guy I did work for had been self-employed for a number of years where he dealt with computer related repair and consulting. Soon after I started working I had to send an email from one of his email accounts when I saw that there were form letters sent to his emailbox that were along the lines of “We received your resume” and I discovered that he had been looking for a job himself. Soon afterwards I was given the task of sending out resumes on his behalf to certain companies that he was dying to work for (such as Verizon and Marriott). I was instructed to do searches on the websites of these companies that he wanted to work for to see if there were any job openings in Information Technology (IT) and send his resume out. I have to admit that was the hardest part of my job because I was job hunting on behalf of someone else. On top of it, IT is such a broad category that I saw positions like administrative assistant and sales representative showing up in searches alongside positions that advertised for programmers and database administrators. I was literally sending out those resumes to jobs where I had no idea if he really wanted those kind of positions since I’m not him and I’m not a mind reader. As I continued to send out those resumes he started to tell me that he didn’t want IT jobs that involved sales and he didn’t want this and he didn’t want that. I have to admit that sending out resumes on behalf of someone else is way harder than it looks.

Doing that job hunt was also a bit of a red flag with me because, on the one hand the guy said that we would be working together and my position would eventually go to full-time yet, on the other hand, I was helping him with finding a job working for someone else. I knew that if he had actually gotten hired by one of those companies he had me apply to, there was a strong chance that my job with him would abruptly end because he would be working full-time for someone else.

4) Based on what I read on the resume that I used when I was job hunting on his behalf, he got his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science and he also had an MBA as well. He decided to go for a combined Master’s and Ph.D. in Psychology from one of those for-profit colleges. He managed to successfully complete about 90 percent of the required courses when the school decided not to allow him to finish his studies so he could get his combined degrees. The school claimed that they had issues with him as a student yet he got mostly A’s and B’s in his classes and the school waited until he was almost finished before they decided not to let him go any further. If he had attended a state-run school or a non-profit private school (such as the Ivy Leagues), the school would have told him sooner if they felt he wasn’t suitable for the program. But, with this for-profit school, they waited until they milked as much money from his as possible and let him progress almost to the end of his studies before they said, “Oh, by the way, we don’t think you’re suitable for our program so we won’t let you finish.” So he had been spending the last several years fighting that school to let him take the last couple of classes needed to get his degree and he was embarking on a new round of fighting that school. I was tasked with doing research where I was looking up the names of the state and local level legislators in the state where that school is located as well as the contact information for various local TV stations.

At one point I did a Google search and found that there was a class-action lawsuit that had been filed against the school in April by a group of former students. I showed it to my boss and he immediately contacted the lawyer who filed that class action suit. Shortly before I quit my boss told me that the lawyer decided not to include his case with the class action because his studies was abruptly ended by the school in 2006 and, according to my boss, the lawyer wanted more recent students.

That incident reminded me of the time I briefly considered attending the for-profit Art Institute but I decided against it after I attended their open house and there was something about that school that didn’t sit right with me. My suspicions about the Art Institute turned out to be correct. After seeing what my boss went through, I’m more glad that I didn’t enroll in the Art Institute than ever before.

5) I helped him with applying for a therapy license in the state of Maryland. It involved filling out this long form where I had to list all of the relevant classes he had taken at that aforementioned for-profit school. I had to look at his transcript then guess which classes were relevant to the categories on that application form. His application was accepted but the next thing he had to do was to take the National Counselor Examination (NCE). I was tasked with finding study guides for the NCE and I gave him the information. Of course he’s going to be responsible for taking the exam himself because there is no way I can ever take the NCE for him. (Especially since the only college-level psychology course I’ve ever taken was a basic Introduction to Psychology class that only lasted one semester.)

6) There was the occasional project where it was related to an aspect of the boss’ personal life. Some of it was innocuous, such as doing a one-page spreadsheet that outlined the boss’ diet plan that was prescribed by his doctor. But there was one project that had me go WTF?!? This particular WTF project sprang from the time when the boss somehow found out through either an Internet ad or an informercial on television about this kit that was supposed to help you raise your credit score. This kit consisted of three short books that provided instructions on how you can raise your credit score. He took advantage of an introductory offer where he received the three books for a certain period of time. If he returned the books before the end of that period of time, he wouldn’t be charged for them. If he kept the books, he would be charged on his credit card.

He gave me the three books and instructed me to take them to the self-service photocopy machine at Staples and copy all of the pages in each of the three books. To say that this task was time-consuming was an understatement. In addition, the photocopy machines all had notices saying that you shouldn’t be copying whole books and I was worried about some employee catching me in the act. It turned out that the employees didn’t pay any attention to me so I was photocopying these three books while generating so many photocopy pages that I had to use rubber bands to keep the three piles sorted.

In some ways I could understand why he wanted me to make photocopies. The entire kit of three books costs a whopping $50 while the photocopies cost a total of around $20. Yet, as I was photocopying them, I saw that the books contained tips that I previously saw online for free from sites like wikiHow and The Penny Hoarder. Basically the people behind those books did a few Google searches, put the information in the books, and added some fancy graphics plus slick layouts and set a retail price of $50. So my boss decided to pull one over on those people by making photocopies then return the books while paying less for the photocopies. But the joke was on him because my boss could’ve save the time and money required to order the books, photocopy the books, and return the books by just doing a few free Google searches on how to raise your credit score.

7) Sometimes I also did work for his brother where I basically ran errands, such as taking clothes to the cleaners and buying bottles of wine from a liquor store. That brother has a debilitating illness that had seriously affected his mobility. However he was very tough to deal with because he tended to be extremely irritable and prone to outbursts. I still remember the time when he blew up at me because I took a minute to gather his clothes in preparation for taking them to the cleaners when he expected me to gather them up in 30 seconds. There was another time when I went to a liquor store to pick up a few bottles of wine and I got stuck in traffic because there was a crew repairing the road that I was using. When I reached his home he started to angrily snark about why it had taken so long for me to return. He also said stuff like I wasn’t smart, which really made me angry. As someone who underwent a hip replacement in 2008 and hip revision surgery in 2011 I can understand what he was going through to some extent. It can be very frustrating to not be able to do the things you used to do because of the new physical limitations. But there were limits to my toleration because I really hated that he was yelling at me and insulting me when I was trying to help him.

Like Viktor Frankl used to say, you can’t always control what happens to you but you can control your response to what happens to you. That was why when I had hip problems I tried very hard not to vent my frustrations on others, especially if they were helping me. I didn’t always succeed but I made every effort to try to curb myself from not delving into bitterness and taking out my frustrations on others.

The guy I did work for had a Type A personality and there were times when I had to be very thorough in providing detailed explanations of things because he would probe me deeply and he would get irritated if I didn’t have the answer he needed at the moment. Sometimes he would get impatient like his brother but I took it in stride. I only tolerated it because I had gone for nearly two years since my last job at a startup that went nowhere. I had never intended to go without work for that long and I tried all kinds of things including going to networking events and sending out resumes everywhere and, well, it would take another series of blog posts to go into in full detail. He paid me $10 per hour which I took because I was really desperate for work, even though it was difficult to live on, especially with part-time hours. (In the four months I worked for him, I had never even cracked the 20 hour per week mark.)

I finally decided to quit when he headed off to India without paying me for the work I had done over the last two weeks before he left. Up until that point he was good about paying me every other week but he didn’t do so for the last two weeks that I did work for him. Here’s the thing, two days before he left I was at his place doing work for him when he totally blew up at me over this file he had on Dropbox that was accidentally deleted three months ago (I definitely did NOT do it because I never deleted anything on any of his computers or related accounts without his permission). Yet, for some reason, he didn’t notice that the file in question was deleted (even though he said that it was a very important file) until just before he was about to leave for India and he didn’t back up this file anywhere else either online or on his computer or even on USB flash drives. He had to upgrade to Dropbox Pro in order to locate the deleted file. (That’s because the basic free Dropbox account only allows you to recover a deleted file for 30 days and anything over 30 days require the upgrade to Dropbox Pro with the help of customer service.) At one point he got on my case because I was confusing his three different email addresses that were all similarly worded (such as “”, “”, and “”) and they were all connected to three different Dropbox accounts. He then said that I had an earthquake in my brain that I get so confused.

He sent me away and didn’t summon me the next day for any final work before he left for India. I’ll admit that I should’ve contacted him and say, “Hey, you owe me that paycheck and you need to pay me before you leave for India” but he was always good about paying me in a timely manner over the last four months before he pulled this stunt on me.

In any case, I held to my policy that I wrote in my blog a few years ago where if you don’t pay me for the work I had done for you, I will walk out. I had a few friends who had been advising me to quit working for that guy for the last few months before I finally quit (I had confided in them about what it was like working for him) but I held on because I know how hard it is to find work. But between the lack of work hours, the erratic work schedule, and the non-payment of my last paycheck, I finally decided to bail out on him because it was leading to a poorly paid dead end career-wise.

Since I left I had a few paid freelance opportunities fall into my lap. First I helped a older woman in my neighborhood with configuring her new printer with her current PC, which worked out pretty well. Soon afterwards I helped an eighty something gentleman in my neighborhood with learning how to use his new smartphone so he can communicate with his children and grandchildren while learning how to use the various apps on that phone (such as Facebook).

Right now I’m helping a therapist with preparing for an upcoming webinar that she’s giving. I can’t go into it now because the project is ongoing but working for her is a dream compared to the last two bosses I worked for because I can talk to her about a technical problem and I don’t have to worry about her yelling at me. There are a couple of other possible opportunities that may happen for me but I can’t go into them because there’s a possibility that these opportunities can fall through.

The common motif is that I was being paid more money per hour than the $10 per hour I was making at that job that I recently left. (Even the boss’ disabled brother wanted to pay me no more than $10 per hour yet he was expecting me to make errands with my car without even offering to help defray the cost of the gas while, at the same time, put up with his angry outbursts. On top of it he wanted me to function as a home health care nurse, even though I don’t have the training or experience while also wanting me to clean the house. All for $10 per hour. Never mind the fact that the average salary of a home health aide is $19 per hour. Never mind the fact that the average salary of a maid is between $50 and $90 per hour.)

It’s like the old saying that goes “When one door closes, another door opens.” I’m hoping that more doors open for me in the future so I can eventually be able to fully support myself financially.

The one thing I learned from this recent job is that, from now on, I will tell potential employers that, if they are currently in the process of doing their own job hunting, I would be willing to send his/her way any job leads I come across either online or in real life but I will NOT send resumes or fill out online application forms on his/her behalf. It’s really awkward to be sending resumes on someone else’s behalf without knowing whether he/she would even be interested in the job because I am simply not that job hunter. From now on I will job hunt only for myself and no one else because I know myself better than other job hunters.

I was born in Baltimore. I lived there for the first five years of my life until my family decided to move to Glen Burnie. It was there where the kids called me “retarded,” a label that started in elementary school and it literally stuck with me all through high school and even during my freshman year at Anne Arundel Community College. It was during my freshman year I realized that the students who went to other high schools treated me like I was a human being while the students who went to my high school continued to look down on me as if they wished my mother had sought an illegal abortion when she was pregnant with me. Those students were a major factor in my decision to transfer to the University of Maryland at College Park a year earlier than I originally planned. The students there treated me like I was a person and not some “ugly retarded” misfit.

After I finished my education in College Park I moved back in with my parents in Glen Burnie for 10 months until I got married. My new husband had purchased a townhouse closer to Washington, DC so I was only happy to move there. The people I’ve met since then tend to treat me like I was a human being because they had not grown up in Glen Burnie so they weren’t aware of my misfit reputation that other people had bestowed upon me. I managed to make some real friends over the years and I’m way happier where I am now than I would have been had I remained in Glen Burnie.

I was fortunate that I was given a chance to escape from Glen Burnie that others don’t have. As I’m typing this, I’m thinking about this transgender person known alternatively as Kesha Girl Dale, Britney Girl Dale, and Madonna Girl Dale, who lives in Brooklyn Park (located just north of Glen Burnie) and who frequently dresses in flashy outfits that are sometimes on the skimpy side as she frequently struts down Route 2 from Baltimore to Brooklyn Park to Glen Burnie and she sometimes goes as far south as Pasadena. Here are a few photos I shot of her in Baltimore at the May Day protest against the police killing of Freddie Gray back in 2015.

The Protesters March Along Gay Street

The Protesters March Along Gay Street

The Protesters March Along Gay Street

The Protesters March Along Gay Street

The Protesters March Along Gay Street

I’ve read a few interviews she’s done (like this one) and, like me she’s a white person who had to endure being mistreated by others but, unlike me, she hasn’t been able to escape from that area so she copes with her lot in life by dressing as Madonna and strutting down the streets with her boombox loaded with Madonna CDs in tow as she dances her way through the Baltimore/Brooklyn Park/Glen Burnie/Pasadena area. Some of the locals are outraged that she does this and there have been online petitions in the past in an effort to get the police to somehow crack down on her. I laugh whenever she ignores those haters and keeps on doing what she’s been doing because those haters are the same kind of people who used to treat me as if I was retarded and they looked down on me as if I should have never existed in the first place. Those people definitely deserve to have Madonna Girl Dale dance in their faces.

Every now and then I see stories that have only reminded me that I made the right decision when I moved away from Glen Burnie years ago. One example was this incident a few years ago where a former police officer thought it would be a good idea to have a fundraiser in Glen Burnie for the cops who were implicated in the death of Freddie Gray by having him perform as Al Jolson wearing blackface. The whole Baltimore Uprising in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death came about as a result of long-simmering racial issues and this white guy wanted to perform in blackface in nearby Glen Burnie. Fortunately the venue where this fundraiser was going to be held decided to cancel that event because the owner just didn’t want to deal with potential race riots erupting outside of his business while some white guy inside his place was performing in blackface. Besides if that concert had gone on as planned, his venue would’ve gained a reputation as a place that’s friendly to alt-right white nationalist groups, which would’ve led to boycotts and things like that.

Well there’s a more recent event where Glen Burnie is in the news and it’s not very flattering. Here’s some background: Twenty-five years ago Baltimore put up its light rail line that begins at Hunt Valley (located north of Baltimore) then it winds its way through Baltimore City before it comes out through the south end along Patapsco, Linthicum, and Glen Burnie before it finally ends at BWI Airport. I’ve ridden that light rail numerous times over the years because parking in the Inner Harbor is so expensive while a light rail pass costs around $3.60 and I can use it all day and I can take as many rides as I want. (The pass expires around 3 a.m. the next day.) I’ve grown to love the light rail because it’s cheap to ride.

Last year I tried riding the light rail to the German Festival that was held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Lutherville-Timonium instead of driving along the Baltimore Beltway and I liked it better. The driving along the major highways in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area have gotten horrendous in recent years with frequent speeding, tailgating, and all kinds of road rage garbage. I’ve had so many near-misses regarding accidents that it’s not even funny. In contrast, taking the light rail took the stress out of driving. I could even read a book on the light rail, which is something I can’t do when I’m driving.

Last month there was a huge amount of rain that fell in the Baltimore-Washington area. The rain was so bad that it damaged some of the tracks in northern Anne Arundel County, which includes Glen Burnie. The officials decided to temporarily close the affected light rail stations in that area while repairing the tracks.

So that sounds pretty uneventful. Until I started seeing stories where some of the residents in Anne Arundel County wanted to have the light rail shut down permanently. WHAT THE FUCK?!?

The argument is that ever since the light rail has been build 25 years ago, there have been an increase in criminals who use that light rail to commute from Baltimore to Patapsco, Linthicum, and Glen Burnie in order to commit murder, rape, and robbery then hop back on the light rail to their Baltimore homes.

Except if you look at the data, you’d see that it’s not even true. As this one story puts it:

County police Chief Tim Altomare recently told CBS Baltimore, “There’s a fear that crime comes down on the Light Rail. I don’t think if you look statistically, that there’s any great number of crimes that are generating off Light Rail stops, but there is a clear and convincing feeling of fear about it.”

The same story continues:

To recap: we have people lobbying their elected officials to fix a problem all evidence shows does not actually exist. Those elected officials are listening to them, even though they too know the problem does not exist.

Meanwhile, society continues to make movies, write songs, and play video games about all the ways we use cars to commit crimes. Yet for some reason, no one suggests tearing down highways for the crimes they might encourage.

The Baltimore Sun have also weighed in with this:

If the push by Anne Arundel County residents and elected officials to shut down several light rail stations north of BWI-Marshall Airport is really about crime, we ask this: Where’s the evidence? County Executive Steve Schuh’s office admits there is no crime wave associated with the light rail, even as he appeals to the Department of Transportation to curtail service. County police have been patrolling the trains in recent months, boarding more than 1,000 times since April to yield a whopping three arrests and 14 fare violations.

On the contrary, when we hear County Councilman John Grasso haul out the old suburban saw that “drug addicts, crooks, thieves” use the light rail to “go out there, rob the people, hop on the train back to Baltimore City,” it sounds a lot like President Donald Trump’s claim that Mexico is “sending” drug dealers and rapists across our southern border.

I’m shaking my head at this. I’m not denying that there’s crime in Baltimore. That city has long had a long host of social problems due to a bunch of reasons that would take another blog post to explain in full detail. I’m also not denying that some people may have had less-than-thrilling encounters while riding the light rail. But I find it interesting that it’s the people in the Glen Burnie area who are clamoring the most about the crime that the light rail has brought to their area while Hunt Valley and other places north of Baltimore who are also serviced by the same light rail system have been silent about how the light rail have affected crime in those areas. I mean, if the criminals are willing to hop on the south bound light rail to rob those suburban folks in Glen Burnie, it would be logical for them to hop on the same light rail system going northbound so they could conduct their heinous crimes in Owings Mills and Hunt Valley.

I’m not surprised that this kind of shit is going on in Glen Burnie. That town is full of small-minded people who just don’t hesitate to look down on you if you look or act slightly different. I’m a white female of northern European descent, the kind of person who would blend in easily in Glen Burnie except I got pegged as “retarded” by the other kids starting in elementary school and it didn’t let up until I finally moved away from that place.

But now I’m seeing that this story has reached the foreign media. I saw a story in the British newspaper The Guardian about that protest and I find it totally embarrassing as someone who grew up in that town. I have to congratulate Glen Burnie and the other towns in that area for now being recognized for what they really are: a collection of small-minded assholes. At least a would-be European tourist who is thinking about visiting America won’t be putting Glen Burnie on his/her itinerary.

These people are so steeped in their prejudices that they refuse to even look at the facts. Here is an excerpt from that Guardian story:

Chris and Kim Hahn knew something was wrong when their dog started growling at the back door after midnight in March 2017. Chris went to investigate and found a man crouching near the pool. He confronted the man, who Chris thought appeared to be on drugs, and a violent altercation ensued. The intruder was left bleeding.

“I don’t know what he was up to,” said Chris, recalling the event more than a year later with Kim in the kitchen of their neat Glen Burnie home.

The Hahns had moved to the working/middle-class suburb seeking a quiet, safe environment away from the crime and strife of Baltimore, 10 miles away. But, like many in the neighbourhood, they say the city’s woes have seeped into the area via public transport. Specifically, they believe criminals are coming into the suburbs by light rail.

Data does not bear that out, but that hasn’t stopped some residents from campaigning for the service, which started 25 years ago, to be reduced. The Hahns have just returned from a protest demanding the closure of a light rail stop around the corner from their home – a stop activists have linked to an increase in crime in the area.

“Looking at his rap sheet or whatever, he was from Baltimore city,” Kim said of the intruder. “He missed the light rail and had to find a place to stay, and he chose to climb our fence.”

The Anne Arundel county police confirmed the details of the Hahns’ report, but with two important discrepancies: there was nothing to link the suspect with the light rail and he wasn’t from Baltimore – he was local.

He hadn’t missed the light rail back to the city that night. He was from Anne Arundel county, just like the Hahns.

I don’t understand why the Hahns can’t get it into their heads that this guy was from the same area where they currently live. I had to accept the fact that there were people in Glen Burnie who are less-than-ethical and are even violent. I’ve written before about that middle school bully who wrote something nasty in my yearbook without my permission just a day or two before school ended for the year. That girl who did this didn’t live in Baltimore. In fact, she would have never been allowed to enroll in that middle school had she lived in Baltimore because that whole city would’ve been outside of that school’s jurisdiction. She was a Glen Burnie girl just like I was.

That same Guardian article mentioned that Anne Arundel County has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic and Glen Burnie has been suffering numerous heroin fatalities. The Baltimore Sun has mentioned that most of the drug addicts in Anne Arundel County actually live in Anne Arundel County—not Baltimore.

I’m not surprised that there are drugs in Glen Burnie. There were drugs in Glen Burnie when I was growing up. I used to see kids smoking pot in homemade bongs whenever I took the wooded shortcut while I was walking to my high school. I knew a girl who used to drop LSD and she even took that drug once when we took a trip to King’s Dominon that was organized by my Catholic church’s CCD group. The adults who lived there just stuck their heads in the sand while thinking that they had rescued their kids from a life of becoming drug users in Baltimore City. (LOL!)

I still remember when the adults were shocked that three little girls were brutally murdered in Glen Burnie. There were people who said that this is the kind of thing that happens in Baltimore, not Glen Burnie. The teen who did this also grew up in Glen Burnie just like his victims.

Yes, there are drugs and crime in Glen Burnie and the drug addicts and criminals are also from Glen Burnie. The sooner people start to see the reality and start working on possible solutions to these two social issues, the better Glen Burnie could become. Otherwise, Glen Burnie is destined to remain a town whose biggest claim to fame that a couple of episodes of the 1970s TV show Movin’ On were filmed there. Closing down the light rail is the wrong solution to a real problem.

As for me, I’m still glad I got out of Glen Burnie. Thanks to this latest drama, I’m going to start telling people that I came from Baltimore instead of Glen Burnie. (It wouldn’t be a total lie since I was born there and I lived there until I was five years old.) I’ve been spending the bulk of my adult like putting Glen Burnie behind me so it’s no big deal to tell people that I’m from Baltimore. If you read some other blog posts I’ve previously written about the people in Glen Burnie, you’d see that I’ve been doing it all along.

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I was a kid when Watergate happened but I remember when initially some of President Nixon’s underlings initially got into trouble with the law until the investigators were able to find a trail that went up to the very top of the Nixon Administration. Richard Nixon resigned soon afterwards.

Now I’m seeing history repeat itself. Yesterday two simultaneous bombshells went off that will probably signal the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s tenure as president and his administration.

Trump’s ex-campaign chief, Paul Mannafort, was found guilty of multiple fraud charges.

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws.

It doesn’t mean that Donald Trump will leave the White House tomorrow, next week, or next month. After all, Richard Nixon didn’t resign as president until the investigation into the Watergate scandal was well into its second year after his underlings were removed from their jobs, put on trial, and convicted.

But there are enough similarities between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon that will eventually lead to Trump’s downfall. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is what John Dean, who was involved in the original Watergate scandal, had to say about Donald Trump.

On Inauguration Day last year I wrote this post predicting that Donald Trump would not last beyond his first term in office. I still believe this. After all, the mid-term elections are just three months away so anything can happen.

But right now we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Donald Trump Administration and when it finally ends, it will be a glorious thing to witness.

I’m currently on’s mailing list even though I haven’t written anything for them since 2016 (when I wrote this opinion piece called Kids and the Internet). For the past couple of years or so I’ve been getting links to a series of political commentaries by Caitlin Johnstone. She’s an Australian writer who’s based in Australia yet devotes the bulk of her political opinions to American politics. (Which is curious mainly because I have Australian acquaintances whom I know from online and they have posted plenty online about their current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and it’s not exactly high praise either. It’s not like there’s nothing going on in Australian politics that is worth writing about.)

Caitlin Johnstone fashions herself as a progressive left person yet there have been heavy criticism of her from the left, which you can read here, here, and here. I’ve read some of her stuff off and on. Sometimes I agree with her and other times I don’t. Her opinions are a pretty mixed bag with me.

So I came across the latest email from Medium which had this link to the latest commentary from Caitlin Johnstone: In a Corporatist System Of Government, Corporate Censorship is State Censorship. She goes into the issue of how corporations in American have gotten so much economic and political power that they can silence a person’s freedom of speech.

I basically agreed with the premise of that article. Until she used Alex Jones as an example of someone who has become the victim of too much corporate power.

Alex Jones is a bad example of too much dominance of corporate oligarchy. On the surface it seemed like he’s being ganged up by corporations this week as he lost his accounts with nearly every single social media platform with the exception of Twitter.

But then you start to remember why Alex Jones has become such a public lightning rod and it is far wider than his Infowars show. He had repeatedly attacked and insulted the parents of the children who were ruthlessly shot to death by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School by saying that this incident is a hoax. What Jones said on the air has resulted in these parents being harassed with death threats by Jones’ fans. It’s no wonder these parents have filed a defamation lawsuit against him. More recently, Jones’ own lawyer is seeking to make the addresses of those beleaguered parents public, which will only lead to more harassment from unhinged Jones fans if the judge allows the lawyer to get his own way.

It’s bad enough that these parents had to bury their own children but to needlessly endure harassment from Jones and his fans on top of that is unconscionable.

But that’s not the only isolated incident. I still remember when Alex Jones promoted that since-discredited Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which held that Hillary Clinton and other top Democratic leaders ran a satanic child sex ring from the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington, DC called Comet Ping Pong. That resulted in a man bringing a gun to Comet Ping Pong, which scared the hell out of the owner, employees, and customers.

If you read the Twitter feed of Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly, you’d get an impression that Alex is not exactly playing with a full deck of cards either on the air or in real life.

Had Jones limited his on-air discussion to crazy talk like gay frogs, I would be defending his right to free speech no matter how repugnant I personally feel about the majority of his views. But when he uses his show to attack regular ordinary everyday people like the Sandy Hook parents or those who work for Comet Ping Pong who only wanted to serve tasty pizza to its customers while providing encouragement for his fans to attack and threaten those people as well, then he’s being little more than a bully who deserves to be punished for his actions.

You don’t have to take my word for it. This week four law professors who specialize in freedom of speech issues made a friend of the court filings in another slander lawsuit against Alex Jones that had been filed by a former State Department official and Democratic Party activist saying that Jones should not be hiding behind the First Amendment on the grounds that “false speech does not serve the public interest the way that true speech does. And indeed, there is no constitutional value in false statements of fact.”

Since Caitlin Johnstone is Australian, I can easily forgive her for not knowing that the U.S. Supreme Court had decided a long time ago that there are certain instances when freedom of speech can be limited—one example is falsely yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theater when there is really no fire. Yes, I think corporate censorship is a real concern and how corporate censorship can threaten the Constitution is a real issue that needs to be discussed in public. But I think she’s way off-base for using Alex Jones as an example of the excesses of corporate censorship because he does not deserve any kind of compassion after what he did to make the lives of the Sandy Hook parents a living nightmare on top of that nightmare they were going through with losing a child to gun violence.

Alex Jones deserved to lose his various social media platforms this week.

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I’ve just read the news about First Daughter Ivanka Trump closing down her fashion line. While I feel bad for the employees who will be losing their jobs, I have zero sympathy for Ivanka Trump.

Actually she was someone whom—under entirely different circumstances—I would have felt sorry for because she didn’t have it easy despite growing up in wealth and privilege. Try to imagine being a kid who’s old enough to learn about the media coverage of her parents’ divorce along with her father’s open affair with Marla Maples (who later became his second wife for a brief spell). Try to imagine growing up with a father publicly saying all kinds of sexually inappropriate things about his own daughter, which The Daily Show has archived in this two-part series: Don’t Forget: Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter and Again, Don’t Forget: Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter.

While I would love to feel sorry for her, I just can’t do it. Ivanka chose to work for her father after she finished college—the same father who said those sexually inappropriate things about her. She has spent the bulk of her professional career working for her father. When her father was elected president, Ivanka moved with her family to Washington, DC in order to serve as an advisor to her father.

I still remember when Donald Trump first arrived at the White House I read about some people expressing hopes that Ivanka Trump would serve as some kind of a moderating force for her father in the White House—a kind of a softer version of a social justice warrior. That was definitely wishful thinking on their part because, to date, I have yet to see Ivanka take any kind of a major stand on an issue while urging her father to support that issue. It’s like this Daily Beast headline says: How Ivanka Trump’s Loyalty to Her Father Killed Her Fashion Label.

The rationale for people hoping for Ivanka to be a social justice champion in the Trump Administration was the fact that she claimed to be a “feminist” while also publishing the book Women Who Work. If these people had read closer about Ivanka Trump, they would have realized that she was never going to be a white wealthy female version of Martin Luther King. There were the women who work in those factories in Third World countries making her clothes and shoes for her fashion line who were paid very little while working in poor conditions with little occupational safety and they were frequently separated from their own children. There was also the fact that she was very reluctant to give maternity leave to her own female employees working in her U.S. offices.

Her fashion label won’t be missed. Her clothes didn’t impress me at all. In fact, I’ve seen better designed clothes at Target. Then there were the accusations that her fashion line has plagiarized the designs of some of the shoes from Aquazurra. Even if I was a major supporter of her father, I would not be interested in wearing anything from her fashion line because her clothes, shoes, and jewelry were mediocre at best and possibly plagiarized from others at worst.

I’ll end this post with this Saturday Night Live fake ad from last year which skewered Ivanka Trump (played by Scarlett Johannson) and it still remains among my favorite parodies of Donald Trump and family.

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I don’t have children. Sometimes I regret not having a child but these days I’m mostly glad because, after the hell that my ex-husband put me through over the past few years, I would’ve really dreaded having to face that asshole on a regular basis regarding the children. I also would’ve had to face the possibility of periodically going back to court over child visitation and custody issues because my husband left me for a seriously mentally ill woman and he married her just two months after our divorce was final. I would’ve been really concerned about exposing a child to whatever drama that would result from having a seriously mentally ill stepmother.

There are too many people who have no business ever becoming parents but they have one or more kids anyway and it’s the children who usually suffer. A case in point is a YouTube controversy that originally started last year but it has continued into this year. Here’s a quick recap.

A YouTube channel was created in 2015 called DaddyOFive. It was a series of videos featuring the real-life adventures of Mike Martin, his wife Heather, and their five children (hence the name). The videos were supposed to be light-hearted entertainment featuring a fun yet quirky family.

One regular feature of these videos had the parents playing pranks on one or more of their children. The videos began to gain popularity and the parents were able to make revenue from their videos.

As time went on, the so-called “pranks” took on a more disturbing tone and they became more and more controversial. The shit really began to hit the fan last year when popular YouTube commentator Philip DeFranco made this video questioning whether these “pranks” are actually child abuse. (This video have a few brief excerpts from the video where one of the kids was targeted in a “prank” that involved invisible ink.)

When DeFranco’s video went viral, there was more public scrutiny aimed at Mike and Heather Martin over allegations that their kids were being abused on video while profiting off of that abuse. The Martins responded to DeFranco’s video by blaming him for the public vitriol being aimed at them. DeFranco responded with a second video where he included more disturbing scenes from other DaddyOFive videos, which included the couple’s only daughter being slapped in the face by her brother after prompting by their father, one of the smaller boys being body-slammed to the ground by his larger brother, and one of the sons asking his father to leave him alone and stop filming him only to have the father continue putting the camera on the boy.

That second video only added fuel to the fire. It turned out that two of the children were Mike Martin’s from a previous marriage or relationship. (I wasn’t able to figure out whether he was ever married to that previous woman or not.) They were also the same two children who bore the brunt of those so-called “pranks.” The children’s biological mother soon got wind of the existence of those videos and she responded by getting a lawyer and filing for sole custody of the children, which she ultimately won. Here’s the biological mother’s brief interview on Good Morning America from last year, where she explained how she felt when she learned about her children’s appearances in those videos.

On top of it, the local authorities began to investigate the child abuse claims. What’s really embarrassing is that I learned that these two so-called “parents” lived in my state (Maryland).

Ultimately Mike and Heather Martin removed most of the videos from the DaddyOFive channel with the exception of a video featuring just the two of them where they apologized for their videos. A few months later they were sentenced to five year’s probation for child neglect. As part of the probation, Mike and Heather are not allowed to contact Mike’s two children in any way unless a judge authorizes it first.

So things died down a bit regarding DaddyOFive. There were no new videos uploaded and the couple seemed to keep a low profile for the rest of 2017. Sometime after the controversy and receiving probation Mike and Heather Martin took the remaining three children and moved from Maryland to West Virginia. Okay, I can understand that decision to some extent because that move gave them the opportunity to make a fresh start in their lives and put the recent past behind them. If they had stayed off-line, they probably would’ve eventually fallen into obscurity.

But that didn’t happen. The family re-emerged online just one year later with two new video channels—FamilyOFive and FamilyOFive Gaming. I can understand the name to some extent since Mike, Heather, and the three sons are now a family of five. But I find it mind-boggling that Mike and Heather would give both of those channels a similar name to the DaddyOFive channel that got them into trouble in the first place.

It wouldn’t be long before Philip DeFranco began to devote a video to FamilyOFive, especially since this new video series included footage of one of the sons being hit hard in the groin with a ball.

But, wait, there’s more. Amanda the Jedi made this video featuring more disturbing footage involving the three sons under the guise of “entertainment.”

In addition, local station WUSA9 started to extensively cover the story and they contacted YouTube and the local authorities in the couple’s former (Frederick County, Maryland) and current (Berkeley County, West Virginia) residences for their responses regarding the matter.

In any case, YouTube finally pulled the plug a few days ago and took down all of the DaddyOFive/FamilyOFive channels and banned Mike and Heather Martin from the platform. I applaud YouTube for making that decision. Child abuse should never be considered entertainment and people should not be allowed to profit from it.

While it’s great that Mike and Heather Martin are gone from YouTube, this story doesn’t exactly have a happy ending. If you conduct a YouTube search under DaddyOFive, you’ll see that many of the original DaddyOFive videos have been re-uploaded on to YouTube by people using names like Team Takedown, Post, DaddyOFive Re-uploaded, ToxicFaygo 29, Legendary Posts, daddyofive archive, That One Guy, Fire Phoenix, polly annner, and DaddyOfive ReUploading. And these re-uploaded videos are just the tip of the iceberg, which once again proves the adage that the Internet is forever and it’s the children who will suffer the most for years to come.

There’s something else that I also find concerning. If Mike and Heather acted atrociously towards their children in front of the camera, can you imagine what family life is like when the cameras are turned off? I really believe that the three remaining children should be removed immediately from their parents and placed either with other relatives or in foster homes so they’ll have a chance to lead normal lives without having a camera focused on them while they are being abused by their so-called “parents.”

UPDATE (August 7, 2018): The FamilyOFive channel has migrated to Twitch. So far I’ve only seen one video where the family is playing the video game Overwatch with no live child abuse scenes. There are other videos posted and it seems like they are all of the family playing video games, which are all pretty mild compared to their previous videos. (I’ll admit that I haven’t watched any of their videos in its entirety.) If past behavior is any indication, I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents eventually go back to resuming their “pranks” on their children for more views.

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If Donald Trump has any sense after yesterday’s worldwide exposure of the fact that he basically prefers Vladimir Putin to his own country, he would stay out of the U.S. However, he is too blinded by his narcissism to consider moving to his buddy Putin’s country. While Trump is out of the country, the fallout continues, especially on YouTube.

And these videos I found are just the tip of the iceberg. I could’ve gone on all day and night embedding more videos in this post.

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I have long contended that I would not have been surprised if Donald Trump had gotten money from either Vladimir Putin or from someone in the Russian oligarchy. Trump had long associated with shady figures in his quest for personal power and to satisfy his constant never-ending need to have people admire him for being a wealthy man. It would make sense for him to continue this tradition by associating with certain sleazy Russians in exchange for money. It was just recently when New Yorker magazine published an article that suspects that Donald Trump had been tight with the former Soviet Union since 1987 and this association with the Russians continued after the USSR fell.

But now Donald Trump has really done it. He met with Vladimir Putin while saying that he backs Putin’s denial that Russia had intervened in the 2016 U.S. elections, despite existing evidence to the contrary and despite the fact that just a few days ago Special Counsel Robert Mueller have indicted 12 Russians for their role in interfering in the 2016 elections.

And it’s not just on the national level but it’s on the local level as well. I’ve just learned that my own state, Maryland, had its voter registration vendor financed by a Russian oligarch. It’s possible that other states may have encountered something similar as well.

To say that the Internet have erupted with cries of “TREASON!!!” is an understatement. Here is just a sample of what I’ve read online today.

Michael Moore’s Facebook post.

Wow oh wow. I’ve expected to see many things from Trump — but never did I think I’d see him standing beside the president of Russia and, as John King just reported on CNN, “surrendering to him.” That Trump would reveal himself as a traitor on worldwide TV — well, that was a mind-blower.

Trump is asked, Who are you going to believe—the Russians or your own officers? And he refused to choose! Do you support your troops or Putin — and he wouldn’t choose! So my first thought goes out to those who serve this country— I’m so sorry the Commander-in-Chief is a traitor.

Trump: “They (my intelligence officers) said, ‘I think it is Russia.’ I have President Putin (standing here). He just said it is not Russia. I will say this: I do not see any reason why it would be (Russia).”

Arrest Trump when Air Force One lands. I want to see him in chains.

But that’s not all. Here’s a tweet from John Dean, who was Richard Nixon’s lawyer and a figure in the Watergate scandal from a long time ago.

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, who’s hardly what you’d call a radical left-winger, tweeted this out.

Here are some more tweets from people on all sides of the political spectrum.

All I’m going to say is this: If, after Trump returns to the U.S., Congress still turns a blind eye to Trump’s blatant breaking of the law overseas, then they are part of the problem. This goes for both Democrats and Republicans alike. It’s time for everyone to put country over party or ideology and stand up to Donald Trump.

I’ve had someone tell me that getting political online will hurt my personal brand. Here’s the thing, there are times when you MUST take a stand because a certain situation warrants it. Right now this is no longer a matter of whether you’re a Republican or Democrat. It’s a matter of whether you still support the United States of America as a nation or are you are now supporting Vladimir Putin. As for me, there’s no way in hell I will ever support Putin. If you’re an American who thinks that Putin isn’t such a bad guy, well, try telling that to members of Pussy Riot, who have not only been persecuted in the past for their video Punk Prayer but some of their members have just been arrested in Russia over their recent protest at the World Cup. Try telling Putin isn’t so bad to the families of Russian dissidents who have been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

I don’t regret taking a stand against the Trump Administration’s current policy of separating children from their parents and throwing them in cages and I won’t regret making this post now. There comes a time when you will be judged based on how you react to a certain situation. For all I know, there may be a future opportunity for me that I may get based on the people who find themselves delighted with me for not keeping quiet about Trump’s treachery as opposed to other people who decided not to say anything at all and pretend that everything in the U.S. is all sunshine, rainbows, and puppies.

I still remember reading about how talented German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl ultimately had her promising career cut short because she chose to make films glorifying Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. She had a choice of whether to make pro-Nazi movies or different types of movies that didn’t glorify the Nazis and she made what turned out to be the wrong choice.

If someone decides not to use my services because I spoke out against treason being openly committed by the President of the United States, I would be better off not working for that person. Because no opportunity is worth me being silent in the face of the treason that’s currently happening in my own country.

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