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Today is the mid-term elections. The polls are open as of this writing. I know some of you are getting sick of hearing others online tell you to vote. I admit that there are times when even I get weary of hearing that same “Vote!” message over and over again on Twitter and Facebook. But this year the incessant constant “Vote!” message is not hyperbole. The United States of America is at a dangerous crossroads that could have an adverse affect on the future of this nation and it’s imperative that all registered voters vote today, especially if you didn’t take advantage of the early voting that many states offer these days.

Don’t know where your polling place is located? This link will help you so you’ll know where to go. If you live too far away from your polling place, you don’t have a car, and/or public transportation is simply not an option, here is some good news. Uber and Lyft are both offering discounted rides to and from local polling places. If you don’t have either app, you can download them to your smartphone for free from either The App Store or Google Play. If you can’t afford either service even with a discount, matches riders and drivers in an area where you can get a free ride to and from a polling place.

Have a friend, neighbor, or relative who is disabled and/or whose first language is not English and he/she is struggling with that language? The U.S. Election Assistance Commission has resources available to make sure that every voter is able to cast a ballot.

There’s one thing I want to warn you about. Once you reach the poll, keep in mind that some states do not allow you to take a photo of inside of the voting booth. Other states, such as state I live in (Maryland) have no clear policy. This link has a map of states that do or do not allow selfies at the voting booth. My advice is that if you want to take a photo of this big day, wait until after you’re done voting and you have left the polling place. When you return home or arrive at a different place (such as your job), just take a selfie of yourself wearing your “I Voted” sticker.

Now I’m going to get a bit more partisan and it may offend some of you. If that’s the case, you’re free to leave this blog right now. For the rest of you who are less thin-skinned, I have a message. Today we need to send a message to Donald Trump and the Republicans who control both houses of Congress that We the People have had enough of their antics. It’s bad enough that Donald Trump is acting more and more like a fascist dictator every day but it’s worse that the Republicans in the Congress are not even doing their jobs and providing a check and balance on the guy. At least the Republicans during Watergate had put country over party and stood up to Richard Nixon. Sadly these current Republicans are putting party and special interest groups over country and they have not lifted even a finger by providing the most minor question to Trump.

Trump started his recent political career in 2011 by catering to the birthers who questioned where Barack Obama was born and, in hindsight, that was a preview of things to come once he was elected. When Charlottesville happened last year, Trump blatantly catered to the white supremacists among his following.

Since that time things have deteriorated further. Here is what happened just in the last few weeks alone:

A pre-Halloween week of violence where a rabid Trump supporter mailed bombs to prominent Democrats and those who support the Democratic Party followed by two African-Americans shot by a white supremacist in a grocery store followed by 11 people shot to death by a white supremacist in a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Instead of offering words of condolences, Trump complained at a campaign rally about how the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh have messed up his momentum going into the mid-term elections.

On the same day that the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh was going down, a gun show in Kentucky had vendors that openly sold KKK robes and Nazi Christmas ornaments.

The Trump Administration has indicated that it will not support any efforts to fight white supremacy or domestic terrorism despite what happened the week before Halloween. 

The workers who voted for Trump who are now realizing that Trump has no intention of keeping his campaign promise to halt the offshoring of jobs and bring back the thousands of factory jobs that have been sent abroad since the mid-1970’s.

Trump has been acting in a manner that’s completely unbecoming to the office of President of the United States, as this video montage of all the times that Trump has called for violence shows. One research showed that Donald Trump has told an average of 9.8 lies every day since he became president last year.

Trump has survived multiple bankruptcies in his past. And it looks like he has reverted to going down the same path that has always landed him in bankruptcy court, except this time he’s trying to take America down with him.

Several prominent evangelical Christians have backed Donald Trump despite his multiple divorces and extra-marital affairs. More recently a billboard in St. Louis that was paid for by an evangelical group seems to imply that Donald Trump is a prophet or maybe that he is equal to Jesus.

There was a time when if you were a white racist or a white person who tends to look down on people of other races, you tended to keep your thoughts to yourself because openly dropping the “n” word or any other kind of racial slur was a sure-fire way of being ostracized yourself. Thanks to Trump and his frequent courting of white supremacists, these people are now emboldened to being openly racist assholes. What’s more it has even filtered down to the high school level.

Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke likens Robert E. Lee to Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Time magazine published this poll of Trump supporters that shows that nearly 20% think that freeing the slaves was a bad idea.

A Wisconsin conservative and fervid Donald Trump supporter openly admitted that he would shoot his own sister in her face for Trump.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweets out a Neo-Nazi dog whistle.

A list has been circulating of all of the Republican GOP candidates who are either Neo-Nazis or have ties to them.

A writer and former Republican named Shannon Dingle laments about how her fellow Republicans supported her pro-life stance and praised her for adopting children only to reject her when she began advocating against cutting funds for programs that would feed, educate, and provide health insurance for children.

A white supremacist group has been making racist robocalls that are targeting Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and her celebrity supporter Oprah.

Right-wing militias are currently converging on the southern border to confront a caravan of migrants who are fleeing the violence in their homelands in Central America. 

What’s even worse is that Trump is inspiring other nations to go down this same horrible path. The Nigerian Army quoted Donald Trump when it justified shooting rock-throwing protesters.

Donald Trump has even affected people around me. I know a couple for many years whom I met through my Unitarian Universalist congregation. They have two young adult children, a son and a daughter. Last week they made posts on Facebook announcing that their son came out last year as transgender and she now wants to be known as Hazel. They kept quiet about this for the past year (I don’t remember either one of them talking about Hazel when I saw them in person) but they decided to make their recent posts on Facebook about Hazel after Trump announced a new policy targeting transgender people that will strictly define gender as biological and established at birth. My friends have enough on their plate dealing with what is going on with their child without having to face open hostile transphobia directed at their child and others like her coming from Trump and his fellow Republicans. (After all, the GOP is the party that have enacted those awful bathroom bills on the state and local levels over the past few years.)

After enduring this garbage for nearly two years I am fired up and ready to go to the polls. I plan on voting a straight Democratic ticket this time. If this nation is to have any glimmer of hope of turning around from this destructive course, you need to vote in this order:

1. Progressive Democrat—That is the best option because these people are more likely to stand up to Trump.

2. Corporate/Centrist Democrat—If you don’t have any Progressive Democrats running in your area, then just vote for a corporate or centrist Democrat even if they have this annoying tendency to cozy up to Wall Street too much. At least this type of Democrat is way preferable to a white supremacist Republican with fascist overtones.

As for third parties, I say don’t even bother this time around. (Yes, there are third party candidates who are running. A few Sundays ago there was a guy in my church’s parking lot who was campaigning on behalf of a Green Party candidate who’s running against Representative and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and he was passing out leaflets as people were leaving Sunday service and going to their cars.) We need to elect the one party that will have enough of a majority that it can stand up to Trump. While I would love to see more political parties in the U.S. so the voters would have more of a choice, unfortunately we just don’t have the luxury of voting third party this time around.

When you have conservatives like Max Boot urging Americans to vote against every single Republican, you know things have become really dire in this country.

We need new people in Congress and on the state and local level who will stand up to Donald Trump and all that he stands for. This may be the last chance this nation will get to turn around from going into the disaster zone. If the Republicans prevail today and again in 2020 then you might as well kiss the United States of America good-bye.


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Given President Trump’s very slow reaction to what happened last Saturday in Charlottesville and this bizarre rant he made today where he blamed both sides for what happened, I am now convinced that he is secretly on the white nationalists’ side and he is secretly proud of what they did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he blames Heather Heyer for her own death, to be blunt.

Which makes this animation I made back in the 1990’s sadly relevant once again. I originally created this animation in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. When I remastered it and uploaded it back in 2014, I honestly wanted to believe that it was a relic of a time when things were horrifying but this nation had managed to put it behind although, in reality, there has been a bunch of far-right wing extremists that has risen in the wake of Barack Obama’s 2008 election as the first African American president and 2012 re-election. (These are the kind of people who were aghast that a black man was actually elected not once—but twice—to the White House and they probably still believe that he was really born in Kenya instead of Hawaii.) Now I believe this animation is even more relevant now. At least my old 1990’s animation does a far superior job of denouncing white supremacy/Nazism/fascism than anything that has come out of President Trump’s mouth so far.

So, without further ado, here is The Unicorn With An Attitude #3: Speaking Right.

I wish I can say that I created this meme but I really got it off of Facebook. This is so totally awesome that it really needs to be seen by more Americans.

I’m starting to think that the Germans had it right when they banned the swastika flag and all kinds of pro-Nazi propaganda following World War II. While things aren’t 100% perfect in Germany, you don’t see a German film equivalent of Gone With the Wind that openly pines for the days of the lost Nazi regime in a postwar society, you don’t see Germans argue that the swastika flag is a part of “German Heritage” and the Jews must tolerate its display in public places, you don’t see monuments erected to honor Nazi generals like Kurt Daluege, you don’t see Adolf Hitler statues erected anywhere in that nation. Because the Germans were so thorough in their de-Nazification efforts, you don’t see Germans openly proclaiming how much they want to see the return of a mythic “Third Reich” where everything was perfect for the Aryan Race.

Unless the United States of America undergoes a similar campaign to get rid of all vestiges of its Confederate past, crap like what happened yesterday in Charlottesville will happen over and over again. And that includes HBO’s attempt to do this alternate history where the Confederate States of America won the Civil War. That’s because, as this tweet so succinctly puts it:

Until the U.S. begins an earnest drive to get rid of every last vestige of the Confederate States of America and everything that it stands for, it’s up to various individuals to shed a light on those pro-Confederate, pro-Nazi assholes. So far a Twitter user known as YesYoureRacist has been busy exposing the identities of those white men who were photographed in Charlottesville and that effort has gotten results (so far one man has lost his job and I’m sure that there will be more firings to come.)

Meanwhile, here’s a perspective on yesterday’s fuckery in Charlottesville from across the pond.

Last night a bunch of white supremacist jackasses marched on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Today in Charlottesville these same assholes took their vehicles and plowed through those counter-protesters who were peacefully protesting because they simply want these neo-Nazi and KKK pussies to just go away. Right now I’m seeing tweets like these and there are literally no words to describe this.

It was only last month when I happened to be back in my hometown of Glen Burnie, Maryland when I came upon a parking lot with this yellow pickup truck that had this bumper sticker.

I can imagine the owner of that pickup truck cheering whoever plowed into a group of protesters in Charlottesville today. If he has an orgasm over this, I wouldn’t be in the least bit shocked.

This is the latest in a string of incidents that has led to the rise of the white supremacist movement, which began with the election of Barack Obama (because the American people dared to elect a black man to the White House) and it has accelerated since Donald Trump was elected.

I live just a two-hour drive away from Charlottesville so, in a way, it’s like this happened in my own backyard just like the police murder of Freddie Grey in Baltimore.

All I know is this. If you whine about terrorism from ISIL or Al Qaeda yet support the Ku Klux Klan, you are inconsistent because the KKK is a terrorist organization that is just as deadly as the other terrorist groups. If you support neo-Nazis then you are spitting on the graves of those people in the U.S. military who literally gave up their lives fighting the Nazis during World War II. There are no shades of grey when it comes to supporting white supremacists.

Things have been getting pretty weird since Donald Trump was declared the President-Elect over two weeks after the elections. He has been making appointments to the Trump Administration. Among them is a man named Stephen Bannon, who has been accused of anti-Semitism and has actively promoted racists and anti-Semites. I’m still reading about hate crimes taking place all over the U.S. but I haven’t seen anything happening in my own neighborhood—yet.

The most election-related outrageous thing I saw in my area occurred on Thanksgiving Day. I was on my way to my cousin’s home when I saw a pickup truck driving along the highway while displaying a giant blue flag that said in white letters “TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” I only saw that truck for a brief minute or so because I was stopped at a traffic light. Seeing that giant flag was really no big deal.

Meanwhile a video has surfaced showing Richard Spencer, who runs the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist organization, giving the “Hail, Trump!” salute.

That video was shot at a conference in Washington, DC that was recently held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. What’s more, one of the conference banquets was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy, which subsequently issued an apology for hosting it. That banquet even drew a celebrity—Tila Tequila, who originally became a big deal on MySpace (back when MySpace was the biggest social media platform on the Internet) because she posted scantily clad photos of herself and later hosted a reality show on MTV for a couple of seasons. Since those days of fame she has developed a fascination with Adolf Hitler while dubbing herself as “Hitila.” The onetime “Queen of MySpace” appeared at that reception while making pro-Hitler posts on social media and she even posted a photo of herself giving the Nazi salute with two white men doing the same. Tila Tequila was suspended from Twitter for making those posts. Of course, she’s a Donald Trump supporter.

It’s kind of weird to see Tila Tequila being pro-Nazi for a few reasons. First of all, she’s not even white. She’s of Asian descent. While it’s true that Germany did ally itself with an Asian nation during World War II, that nation was Japan and Tila was born in Singapore to Vietnamese refugees. As for her family’s country of origin, Vietnam was occupied by Japan during World War II. That’s right Tila Tequila sympathizes with Adolf Hitler, the head of a nation whose big Asian ally had invaded and occupied her family’s country of origin during World War II. And I don’t recall Adolf Hitler ever publicly criticizing Japan for its invasion and occupation of Vietnam and other Asian nations.

On top of it, Tila Tequila has come out as bisexual while it’s well known that the Nazis persecuted LGBTQ people just as much as they persecuted Jews. In fact, the main reason why many LGBTQ activists wear pink triangles on t-shirts and buttons is because they had to sport them on clothes when they were sent to concentration camps. For an out bisexual to side with the same kind of people who would’ve preferred to see her dead is just totally bizarre.

What’s even weirder is what she said about being an Asian-American at a white supremacist banquet.

“And I think that’s why I’m also invited here because I bring a little bit more diversity to the movement.”

Diversity at a white supremacist event?!? WTF?!?

The cynic in me thinks that the real reason why she was invited to a white supremacist conference and was allowed to give the Nazi salute next to white men doing the same is because some of these white supremacist men have twisted fantasies of having her as their sex slave while they do anything to her they want. (After all, a number of Vietnamese women were forced to serve as so-called “comfort women” during World War II.) As a result, they are willing to tolerate having her around simply because she’s a petite woman with a cute face and breast implants who is willing to pose in sexy clothes and who has even made at least one porn movie. A less-sexy, less-attractive Asian-American woman would’ve either been driven away from that white supremacist conference or she would’ve been subjected to all kinds of physical and verbal abuse.

Living outside of Washington, DC, I’m getting a bird’s eye view of all the fuckery that’s going on in the wake of Donald Trump being declared as the President-Elect. The only thing I can say is that, so far, things seem relatively calm where I live. I’m just busy preparing for the upcoming winter holidays while looking into some potential job retraining programs. It’s stressful enough that I have to worry about finances and finding my next steady paycheck without having the added burden of the recent elections and what could possibly happen to my own country over the next few months.

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