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A look at the digital ruins of a forgotten future called Second Life.

U.S. mints coins for Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit that might not happen.

Fewer tourists are coming to the U.S. and experts say that it’s largely Trump’s fault.

Barbie “Shero” doll with a hijab honors Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Martin Luther King may have been killed by a Memphis police officer, not James Earl Ray.

How white Americans used lynchings to terrorize and control black people.

Laminated jewelry crafted from vintage books by Jeremy May.

A look at the guerrilla grafting movement—secretly grafting fruit-bearing trees onto ornamental city trees in order to feed the poor.

A Princeton sociologist spent 8 years asking rural Americans why they are so pissed off. Hint: It’s not about the economy.

The surprising secret to aging well.

New York City has genetically distinct “uptown” and “downtown” rats.

Why the DNC is fighting WikiLeaks and not Wall Street.

How Australia all but ended gun violence.

83,500 vintage sewing patterns put into online database from Vogue, McCall’s, Butterick, and Simplicity.

Stunning images of pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world.

Watch the illustrated version of “Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving Counterculture Classic.

The bots that are changing politics.

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A few months ago I found a new day job where I’m doing administrative work (such as doing Google searches on various topics, sending emails to various people, and filing). The person I’m doing work for has a lot on his plate. He’s the executor of his late aunt’s estate which he’s trying to wind it down. He’s also doing other things which I’m not going to elaborate on right now. I mentioned a few months ago that I wasn’t going to write anything about this day job unless I do something that is extraordinary visual and creative.

Well I did just that as part of my job last month. His late aunt owned some property in the Washington, DC area that she rented to tenants. My boss decided to put one of the houses up for sale. This house is located in McLean, Virginia and the tenants had recently moved out. I was sent to the property to take photos in preparation for selling it.

The house is located on top of a hill so I couldn’t walk too far back on the front lawn because I wanted to avoid rolling down the hill. The house is long in length and it has a brick façade. It looks big but, compared to the other houses I drove past on the way to this house, it’s relatively modest. (I drove past several large mansions in the same neighborhood that definitely dwarfs this house.)

The well-manicured lawn had plenty of azalea bushes that were in full bloom when I was there.

The property has a swimming pool but it was covered when I was there.

I was instructed to shoot as much as possible. I shot close to 200 photos of the place. I’m only posting a fraction of the photos I shot in this blog because the vast majority of photos were of empty rooms just like the next two photos.

The rooms had a fresh coat of white paint and it clearly has hardwood floors. But many of the photos I took of those rooms were so similar that even I had a hard time keeping straight as to whether I had already photographed a certain room or not. I just didn’t want to bore you with an excess of photos of bare rooms with no furniture or anything else. The bare rooms currently have a few nice touches, such as these fancy brass air vent covers.

The living room (or what I think is the living room) has a nice looking fireplace.

The kitchen has this lush wood paneling that looks like mahogany. Even the refrigerator (located on the far left in the photo below) has wood paneling on its two front doors.

The kitchen countertops are made of granite.

One of the rooms that faces the backyard swimming pool has a brick wall and floor with this old-fashioned iron stove that looks vintage, retro, and cool.

This house has three full bathrooms and three half-bathrooms. (Or I think I counted that many bathrooms.) One full bathroom is all white with fancy white moulding around the mirror and gold fixtures.

The other full bathroom has a sink with this nice looking blue tile on the top.

My favorite full bathroom is the one that has this colorful mosaic covering the sink.

The front windows on the upper levels provide spectacular views of the neighborhood. I shot this photo on the second floor, which overlooks this large mansion that’s across the street and the abundant trees. It’s obvious that this area was once rural. I did not see a single Metrobus stop anywhere in this neighborhood and the nearest Metrorail station is several miles away. The roads leading to this home are winding and very twisty and curvy at times. I don’t know if it was always a wealthy area or if it was one of those rural areas that was once full of family farms but now caters to people with deep pockets.

Soon after my visit I uploaded nearly all of my photos to a Dropbox account with one exception. I took a selfie while I was standing in front of one of the large bathroom mirrors holding my Canon PowerShot camera. I didn’t include my selfie with the rest of the real estate photos because it doesn’t really fit in with the others (which are supposed to show off the house and grounds to potential buyers). So I’m going to post it in this blog instead.

With this post I can at least prove to others that I am capable of doing real estate photography. I’ve previously done similar job-related photography a few years ago when, as part of a previous job, I photographed the Dayspring Retreat Center and compost facilities in Howard County, the City of College Park, and the University of Maryland at College Park.

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Fan art featuring 30 Disney cartoon girls reimagined as grown-ups.

Why aren’t people talking more about Latinos killed by police?

Will Donald Trump destroy the presidency?

A look at vintage Polaroids of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and other Star Wars actors taken during the making of Return of the Jedi.

Undercover author finds Amazon warehouse workers in UK peed in bottles over fears of being punished for taking a break.

Understanding the difference between race and ethnicity.

3 medical projects driving maker innovation in health.

A look at the 13 lesser known members of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Ex-Facebook president Sean Parker said that the site was made to exploit human vulnerability.

15 tattooed seniors answer the question: “What will it look like in 40 years?”

How these lava lamps are securing the Internet.

Behold the unnervingly rectangular livestock of pastoral art.

Watch as a 17th century portrait emerges from 200 years of discolored varnish.

Why job hunters don’t find work.

A profile of the man who is helping Americans access safe drinking water.

Why the US fails at worker training.

Somebody wrote an email bot to waste scammers’ time.

Twist fabric scraps into colorful twine.

This “Ordinary People vs. Creative People” comic has spawned a very creative meme.

Neoliberalm has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals.

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I’m currently trying to pay off my debts I’ve incurred when I underwent an expensive car repair by selling off a few things on eBay. Today I’m highlighting a vintage 1990s-2000s Apple PlainTalk microphone.

Grey Vintage Apple PlainTalk Stereo Microphone 590-0670

Grey Vintage Apple PlainTalk Stereo Microphone 590-0670

Grey Vintage Apple PlainTalk Stereo Microphone 590-0670

Grey Vintage Apple PlainTalk Stereo Microphone 590-0670

This grey vintage Apple PlainTalk Stereo Microphone 590-0670 is compatible with all desktop PowerMac Apple and Mac clone models. You can bid on this item right here. To see the rest of my auctions, click here.

Woman sews a handmade kimono to honor her Japanese and Scottish ancestry.

Virtually no economists believes the GOP tax bill will generate much growth.

Depression steals your soul then it takes your friends.

The things that dogs do and what they’re trying to tell you when they do them.

A list of the 100 best anime movies of all time.

White women keep on fucking us over.

Ex-Facebook President Sean Parker says that the social media site was made to exploit human vulnerability.

14 delicate and offensive teacups to insult your guests with class.

This 11-year-old girl invented a device that detects lead in water.

Amazing online hoax welcomes the “Washington RedHawks” to the NFL.

Medical pot is our best hope to fight the opioid epidemic.

Donald Trump’s contempt for American political institutions is only the latest chapter in a history of opportunistic attacks against them.

Where Internet orders mean real jobs and new life for communities.

This is no country for older men and women.

Nazi Hitler Pony goes viral after Chicago teacher uses him for an assignment.

A look at the NSFW vintage erotica of Chéri Hérouard.

For around $250 a company offers photo shoots on grounded Gulfstream jets on an airstrip in Moscow to impress your Instagram followers.

These adorable cartoons are dark as fuck.

Why a pill that’s 4 cents in Tanzania costs up to $400 in the U.S.

Who are the poor Americans?

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I’m currently trying to pay off my debts I’ve incurred when I underwent an expensive car repair by selling off a few things on eBay.

Apple Macintosh PowerBook Adapter for 1991-2006

This adapter is perfect for the original Apple Macintosh PowerBook that was manufactured from 1991-2006.

Apple Macintosh PowerBook Adapter for 1991-2006

If you need power for your vintage PowerBook, this AC adapter is just the thing you’ll need.

Apple Macintosh PowerBook Adapter for 1991-2006

You can bid on it right here. To see the rest of my auctions, click here.

I’m currently trying to pay off my debts I’ve incurred when I underwent an expensive car repair by selling off a few things on eBay.

Vintage 1980s XL Size “Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig” T-Shirt

This is a vintage 1980s t-shirt that’s still in good condition. It’s made from a 50-50 cotton-polyester blend and it’s an adult XL size. This t-shirt would be perfect for those who want to dress up in 1980s era fashion.

As to the origins of this t-shirt, it started when Jeff Nelson of Dischord Records and Minor Threat fame printed up posters that attacked Reagan Administration Attorney General Edwin Meese for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal and also championed far-right causes. He recruited various people to wheat paste the posters throughout Washington, DC and they received media attention. Nelson later printed t-shirt versions of those posters and they were sold in various DC-area stores.

Vintage 1980s XL Size “Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig” T-Shirt

The front of the shirt has the reproduction of the “Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig” poster while the back has a long screed that explains why Meese deserved to be called a “pig.” (Which included Meese being investigated for his roles in the Iran-Contra and Wedtech scandals, Meese urging the Supreme Court to abolish the Miranda Rights where the police are required to informed arrested citizens of their rights, and encouraging public officials to disobey any Supreme Court decisions they disagreed with.)

Vintage 1980s XL Size “Experts Agree! Meese is a Pig” T-Shirt

You can read more about the origins of this t-shirt here and here.

If you’re in the mood for some vintage 1980s fashion, this t-shirt is for you! You can bid on it right here. To see the rest of my auctions, click here.

Man builds a Furby organ using recycled vintage electronic Furbys.

From the Green Book to Facebook: How black people still need to outwit racists in rural America.

If you care at all about the idea of journalism, Project Veritas should horrify you.

Here’s a free tutorial on how to crochet a blanket based on climate change data.

The “Pocahontas” nonsense matters but not in the way that Trump might like it to.

CNN crusades against the slave trade in Libya but they knew about it for years.

A look at a LEGO set featuring the women of NASA.

The Church of Sweden no longer refers to God as “he” or “lord.”

What if American hadn’t done the dumbest thing imaginable after 9/11?

The executives who bankrupted Toys R Us want $16-32 million in bonuses for their performance.

More than 80,000 vintage sewing patterns are now available online.

The driverless revolution may exact a political price.

10+ revenge stories that will make you think twice about being an asshole to other people.

6 badass acts of resistance erased from history.

Dollar General hits a gold mine in rural America where even Walmart failed.

Will the alt-right produce the next Timothy McVeigh?

How Clinton and Obama failed to defend the middle class.

Undoing the New Deal: The 1944 coup against Vice President Henry Wallace.

Santa Claus

Here’s a free recipe and tutorial on how to create a gingerbread replica of the Millennial Falcon starship from Star Wars.

19 baffling vintage Christmas cards.

The 25 most popular passwords that people used in 2017 that you definitely do NOT want to use for yourself.

Check out the bizarre Christmas cards of comedian John Cessna.

All 19 fun, festive, utterly bizarre Rankin/Bass Christmas specials ranked from worst to best.

Chilling images of German Christmas decorations inspired by the Nazis.

Need a new Christmas tree topper? Here are free instructions on how to make one that resembles the house from the Disney/Pixar film Up.

27 completely tacky and hilarious Christmas displays.

Want to display ornaments without getting a Christmas tree? Here is a free tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree consisting entirely of ornaments.

29 viral posts and GIFs from 2017 that were totally fake.


Instead of crowding into some suburban shopping mall on Black Friday, I decided to check out some local alternative festivities that were going on with some locally owned businesses. I took so many photos that day that I decided to divide them into separate entries with each entry representing a different town or business that I went to.

I began Black Friday with a trip to Community Forklift, a warehouse store that specializes in used/upcycled/recycled items like appliances and hardware, which was having an alternative Green Friday celebration.

When I first arrived I noticed a few signs indicating that they welcome everyone no matter who they are. More and more locally owned businesses have been putting up such signs in their shops since Donald Trump moved into the White House.

Santa Claus was there that day.

One of the Community Forklift employees offered to take my picture with Santa so I allowed it.

There were all kinds of Santas that were available for sale at Community Forklift that day.

I really liked this cast-iron vintage oven and stovetop that was on sale. If I lived in a bigger house, I might consider buying it. But I have a small kitchen so I really don’t have the space. This oven would be an asset to anyone who is looking for vintage items.

There was a craft show at Community Forklift as well where local artisans were selling ornaments, jewelry, locally made honey, and other items.

Local musicians provided live music.

They had face painting for kids.

They had a couple of free make and take demonstrations. One was on making wreaths using natural materials.

The other was making coasters from recycled tiles. I’ve made such coasters in the past but this one had a technique I’ve never used before where you decoupaged backing paper on the tile first.

Then you selected a photo that you decoupaged on top of both the backing paper and the tile.

Afterwards you place a piece of cork on the table and add Modge Podge on the top.

Then you placed the tile on top of the cork and let everything dry for a few minutes.

I now have a new coaster with a blue-patterned background and a photo of the U.S.S. Constellation (which is docked at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore) on top.

After I went to Community Forklift, I headed to similar celebrations that were going on in Riverdale Park and Hyattsville but I’m going to write about them in separate posts.

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