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Recently I went on two different outings on a very rainy Saturday, which I’m going to write about in separate posts since these outings are vastly different.

In the morning I went out with a bunch of friends from the Women’s Group at my church to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I last visited that museum on Christmas Eve in 2012 when it had a special exhibit on clothing worn by women music performers (in all kinds of genres including pop, rock, soul, and hip hop) that was on loan by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. (There were no photos from that exhibit due to a photography ban but there were other photos I took outside the museum that day. Even though that exhibit is long gone, there is still a page about it with photographs on the museum’s website.)

It was pouring down rain by the time I arrived in the Metro station and caught up with my friends who had also arrived around the same time. It was still raining when we arrived at Metro Center and walked over to the museum. We ended up using the provided free plastic bags to house our wet umbrellas while touring the museum. We arrived soon after the 10 a.m. opening and we spent the next two hours touring the place.

There were three special exhibits that were all very interesting. Ceramics by Daisy Makeig-Jones showed the pottery Makeig-Jones designed for Wedgwood. Organic Matters dealt with art that was created with natural materials. Super Natural dealt with detailed artistic reproductions of things found in nature (such as highly detailed drawings of various plants and animals) as well as how nature and humans impact each other. All three exhibits were quite lovely but I don’t have any pictures because photography was forbidden in all three of them.

As for the permanent collection, there was no photography ban so we were free to take pictures of whatever we wanted. I basically focused on the art that I personally loved the most because I didn’t want to get carried away by posting 200+ pictures of all of the art in this post. Here are just a few of the art that’s on display, all of which were done by female artists.

Après la tempête by Sarah Bernhardt


Self-Portrait When Seventeen by Jane Fortescue Seymour Coleridge

Will-o’-the-Wisp by Elizabeth Adela Armstrong Forbes

Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky by Frida Kahlo


The Abandoned Doll by Suzanne Valadon


To Kiss the Spirits: Now This Is What It Is Really Like by Hollis Sigler


A-E-I-O-U (and Sometimes Y) by Micellene Thomas


It Made Sense…Mostly In Her Mind by Amy Sherald


Lords and Ladies by Rose Wylie


We walked around for a good two hours until we felt pretty tired from standing on our feet. We walked in the continuing rain over to a nearby Cosi where we ate sandwiches and salads while socializing. After lunch we stepped back out into the rain and made our way to the nearest Metro stop where we all took the subway back to Maryland. Then I went to a late afternoon event that I wrote about in a separate post.

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