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If you’re not getting interviews, here’s how to fix your resume and cover letter.

What happened when 165 street artists took over an abandoned building in Berlin.

Hedge fund pushes online crafts retailer Etsy to explore sale because the company’s sales growth has slowed while costs has increased.

Google’s open source DIY kit turns a Raspberry Pi into an AI assistant.

How the Fyre Festival turned into a disaster when organizers blew all their money early on models, planes, and yachts.

Man who was suicidal runs marathon with the stranger who talked him down from a bridge.

Makeup bloggers turn against consumerism.

Over 10 years, Martha Stewart has quietly become the perfect blogger while other lifestyle bloggers have come and go.

Make the ultimate embroidery wall hanging with these free printable designs.

A woman who paints tiny masterpieces in an empty Altoids tin (including instructions on how to make your own tin painting kit).

Wendy’s mascot gets turned into a popular smug anime girl.

From sex trafficking survivor to restauranteur.

The next generation of robots will be remarkably human-like.

The Museum of Bad Art has been celebrating failure since 1993.

American Airlines gave its workers a raise. Wall Street freaked out.

Dig through the world’s largest sketchbook library.

Closing the gender gap in computer science begins in kindergarten.

How will low-wage workers survive in the age of the robots?

What photography can tell us about power and prejudice.

KFC has just published a ridiculously raunchy and bizarre romance novella starring a Casanova Colonel Sanders and you can now download it for free.

The definitive ranking of all 12 Star Wars movies.

Polish artist illustrates his fight against depression with these mysterious dark paintings.

A virtual holographic anime character named Azuma Hikari is a voice-powered virtual assistant who can also provide companionship for single men.


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In this story that has gone viral recently, experts now say that using the Times New Roman font on your resume is the equivalent of wearing sweat pants to a job interview. Wow! Who knew? I’ve been using Times New Roman font for serious work (such as promotional flyers) for years. I’ve always considered that to be a more serious, more professional font than—let’s say—Comic Sans. In any case, both Times New Roman and Comic Sans are among the worst fonts to use on a resume.

Here’s an interesting historical essay one of my friends recommended to me on titled The Murderous Scam White Elites Have Perpetrated on Blacks and Whites for at Least 4 Centuries. It definitely provides some insight on why racism in the United States is so hard to eradicate and why poor whites and poor people of color haven’t done much to organize together to take on the elite 1%.

These color photographs of a young woman wearing red are so vividly gorgeous that you’ll have a hard time believing that they were actually shot back in 1913.

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