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Dancing Skeleton
Last week a friend of mine who works in a public library and he’s a huge advocate for public libraries being the salvation to providing digital services to the general public, especially the underprivileged, talked me into doing this screencast where I act as an advocate for the Prince George’s County (Maryland) Public Library System while praising them for making the tutorial videos on free to anyone in Prince George’s County who has a library card. I’ll admit that I was a little bit reluctant at first because I’ve never shot a video like this before but I managed to do okay. My friend feels that this video could lead to someone watching it online and liking it enough to want to give me a dream job (or something like that).

He handed me a used Lenovo ThinkPad that he installed the Gallium operating system on that he wanted me to use instead of my usual MacBook because he’s trying to spread the gospel of using open source software on old computers. I gave it a shot. It’s not bad to use and it would be an okay substitute if my MacBook ever got lost, stolen, or suffered a major hard disk failure. But I still like my MacBook and I intend to continue using it whenever I’m not doing these special videos for my friend.

He also talked me into creating yet another YouTube channel that would be separate from my other two channels: Twisted Unicorn (which has videos that I shot at various events and I call it my “nonprofit” channel because many of these videos either have copyrighted content—mainly music played at these events—or they involve my friends and I don’t feel comfortable trying to make money from them) and Sagittarius Dolly (named after this blog, it is my attempt at a for-profit channel where I would try to make money off of advertising—I haven’t made anything yet but I have hopes <LOL!>).

So here’s the new channel, known as Kim Keyes screencasts. So far only one video has gone live. Here’s the video. I shot this on the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop with the Gallium operating system using guvcview, SimpleScreen Recorder, and LibreOffice Impress (all of which are open source software that you can download for free with no strings attached). Only time will tell whether my friend is right about this or not. At least I didn’t spend that much time making it so if it’s a flop, it won’t be devastating to me in terms of time and money.

My friend suggested that I try doing book reviews similar to the ones he’s done on his own channel, such as this one and that one using the laptop with the Gallium operating system. I pulled out my copy of a book that was on the bestseller list back in the mid-1990’s called The Millionaire Next Door, which was written by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. They did a survey of millionaires and reported some pretty surprising findings. (One example: Contrary to popular belief, most millionaires tend to live way below their means.) I read the book years ago and I was inspired to re-read that book by the current U.S. presidential elections where one of the candidates, Donald Trump, has long bragged about how he’s rich and he shows off his opulent residences to the media.

I did a book review where I compared Trump to the descriptions of the lifestyles of the millionaires as depicted in The Millionaire Next Door and I mentioned that he wouldn’t fit in very well with those millionaires. I also briefly mentioned how Warren Buffet’s lifestyle is more in line with the millionaires in that book. Towards the end I mentioned that Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Paul McCartney are among those who became wealthy by doing what they loved and people reacted enthusiastically to what they created.

I initially uploaded it to the new Kim Keyes screencast and sent a link to it to my friend. He urged me to move it to one of my other channels because he felt it was “too political” for this new channel simply because I mentioned Donald Trump, who is currently running for president. I personally disagreed because I’m not telling people to vote for Trump or against Trump or anything like that but I moved it to my Sagittarius Dolly channel anyway because I thought “Suppose he is right that this new channel will lead to more work for me and maybe a new career path”). So here is my review of The Millionaire Next Door.

Last week I happened to be at the Takoma Park Public Library when I found that someone had installed something new in the display cases. I discovered that there were these really cool looking dioramas that feature these handcrafted art dolls (or puppets). I couldn’t help taking pictures of them because they looked so spectacular.













All of the dioramas were done by a husband and wife duo known as The Cutie and The Creep. They sell their art dolls on Etsy and they also have their own YouTube channel. Below is their video where they explain the dioramas that are currently on display in the Takoma Park Public Library.

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