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Today I learned that Welsh actor Roger Rees has just died at the age of 71.

He acted in a number of plays and TV shows but there was one role he did that I remember the best. In the early 1980s the local PBS station my area started airing tapings of the stage performance of Nicholas Nickleby. It was based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel of the same name and the stage show ran about eight hours in its entirety. I remember the show was so long that the tape was broken up into separate segments and was aired over several nights as a miniseries.

I’ll admit that I watched it mainly because I was enamored with Roger Rees, who played the title role. He was smoking hot and his acting skills were excellent as well. He was totally handsome and he had that impeccable speaking voice to boot. I definitely would’ve hit it if I have had the chance. (LOL!) He was the main reason why I watched that entire mini-series to the bitter end.

I’ve seen him in a few other things but I tend to remember him the best in Nicholas Nickleby. I remember being surprised a number of years later when I learned that he was gay. I remember how I learned it: Roger Rees was in Washington, DC he was cast in a play (I forgot which one but I know it wasn’t Nicholas Nickleby) that was performed at the Kennedy Center and The Washington Post did a feature story on him that was published in the Style section. (Weeks after I posted this blog post online, I found the article in question and it turned out that he was actually performing a monologue about his love of William Shakespeare at the Folger Theatre.) Not only did it mention his famous role in Nicholas Nickleby but there was a mention of his relationship with a male partner. Yeah, I had the hots for a gay man and I didn’t know it at the time. So maybe it was just as well that I never met him in real life and tried to seduce him. (LOL!)

I did a quick YouTube search and found that someone had made a playlist consisting of all of the separate episodes of Nicholas Nickleby. I’m going to watch them at some point so I can remember how hot and sexy Roger Rees was.


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