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The good news is that Net Neutrality isn’t dead yet and the above graphic is only an animated gif. If the Trump Administration has its way, then you’ll really be encountering graphics like this whenever you’re visiting this blog or other sites that don’t have the backing of the big telecommunications corporations (i.e., Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and AT&T) while waiting unusually long times to access whatever you want online. For more details, visit Battle for Net Neutrality or the Electronic Freedom Foundation.


This is a fabulous day in Internet history. Net Neutrality guarantees that the viewpoints of everyone have equal access online without discrimination based on wealth and the ability to pay. Had Net Neutrality gone down in defeat, the ability of America to continue its online innovation would’ve been jeopardized and other countries would’ve surpassed the United States in terms of such innovation.

Only a corporation concerned with short-term quarterly earnings on Wall Street could’ve come up with a numbskull idea like “Fast Lanes” and “Slow Lanes” on the Internet in the first place. I’m glad that idea is being trashed by the FCC!

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