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First new blue pigment in over 200 years is being made into a crayon.

Why FDR didn’t support Eleanor Roosevelt’s anti-lynching campaign.

Photographer takes shots of iconic Googie coffee shop architecture.

Dorothea Lange’s censored photographs of FDR’s Japanese concentration camps.

After homelessness, drug addiction, and suicide attempts, 65-year-old Freddie Sherrill learned how to read and he earned his bachelor’s degree.

New study shows wealth inequality hits communities of color the hardest.

A guy created his own Pornhub channel and has been sharing hilariously wholesome and uplifting videos.

NASA and Google found the first solar system to have eight planets like our own.

Bertrand Russell once said that the everyday benefit of philosophy is that it helps you live with uncertainty.

The long, tragic, stupid, self-inflicted fall of Lindsey Graham.

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Interest in warehousing jobs growing quickly.

Portrait of a fake news troll and the racist retiree who believes everything he writes.

Apprenticeships or college? How about both?

“Satanic Panic” era televangelist had the hippest alternative rock record collection.

A look at Lee Godie, the homeless woman who made photo-booth art.

Mark Twain’s modest proposal for ending lynching in the American South.

Stop supporting child slavery by avoiding these six companies.

Chocolate from the Boer War survives for over 100 years.

Neo-Nazis are organizing secretive paramilitary training across America.

Study finds female Uber drives make seven percent less than their male counterparts.

In praise of “scruffy hospitality.”

How a small black-owned newspaper fought a racist establishment and won.

Bill Clinton’s Stone Mountain moment.

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Their ancestors were on opposite sides of a lynching. Now they are friends.

Why is the West praising Malala but ignoring Ahed?

A look at how Barack Obama chose Wall Street over Main Street.

Dolls’ heads were used to lobby pothole repairs in the British town of Swindon.

The next financial crisis will be worse than the last one.

Millions of poor rural voters now hate Trump and millions of rich voters still support him, but the press only profiles poor people who remain Trumpists.

The last slave ship survivor gave an interview to anthropologist Zora Neal Hurston in the 1930s.

How the GOP tax cut will also shrink your paycheck.

Survey of top U.S. evangelical churches reveals three explosive insights.

An interview with 98-year-old Ben Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials.

How poverty changes the brain.

Hedge funds killed the newspaper industry, not the web.

The black Baltimore arabber tradition is on its last leg. For the city’s sake, it should continue.

Trump voters, he’s taking you for suckers.

The right is waging war on academic freedom.

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Study confirms this method of repelling ticks really does work.

Serfdom in the Magic Kingdom: Disney workers rise up against poverty-level wages.

Dolls Who Code: Barbie-branded coding lessons start this summer.

The Trump-Russia-NRA connection: What you need to know.

You might be a genius, if you share this key trait with Leonardo da Vinci.

Want to stop fake news? Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

Why Mike Pence won’t be president.

Black man graduates with law degree and MBA from two different schools on the same day.

Remembering Kent State 45 years later.

“Jesus never charged a leper a co-pay”: The rise of the religious left.

Lewis Carroll’s haunting photographs of girls, including the real-life inspiration for Alice in Wonderland.

The renegade sheriffs who are part of a law enforcement movement that claims to answer only to the Constitution.

A lynching’s long shadow.

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A look at the digital ruins of a forgotten future called Second Life.

U.S. mints coins for Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit that might not happen.

Fewer tourists are coming to the U.S. and experts say that it’s largely Trump’s fault.

Barbie “Shero” doll with a hijab honors Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Martin Luther King may have been killed by a Memphis police officer, not James Earl Ray.

How white Americans used lynchings to terrorize and control black people.

Laminated jewelry crafted from vintage books by Jeremy May.

A look at the guerrilla grafting movement—secretly grafting fruit-bearing trees onto ornamental city trees in order to feed the poor.

A Princeton sociologist spent 8 years asking rural Americans why they are so pissed off. Hint: It’s not about the economy.

The surprising secret to aging well.

New York City has genetically distinct “uptown” and “downtown” rats.

Why the DNC is fighting WikiLeaks and not Wall Street.

How Australia all but ended gun violence.

83,500 vintage sewing patterns put into online database from Vogue, McCall’s, Butterick, and Simplicity.

Stunning images of pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world.

Watch the illustrated version of “Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving Counterculture Classic.

The bots that are changing politics.

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CDs and vinyl are outselling digital downloads for the first time since 2011.

Here who isn’t winning from denuclearization talks and friendlier North Korea-South Korea relations.

This delightful magpie puppet is carved from wood.

Our president ignores an American hero: Trump’s silence on the Waffle House murders is deafening.

One pro-Trump avatar troll hacked the Instagram account of another avatar.

An abandoned radio station is an untouched time capsule from the 1940s.

Workers at Chinese factory for Ivanka Trump’s clothing paid $62 a week.

Secretly taped audio reveals Democratic leadership pressuring progressives to leave the primary race.

Global clothing company Patagonia donated its entire $10 million Black Friday sales to environmental organizations.

Meet the man who wrote “Conjunction Junction” and other Schoolhouse Rock songs that stick in your head.

Ancient Rome’s systems of roads visualized in the style of modern subway maps.

This writer explains the downside of writing for The Huffington Post for exposure instead of money.

A look at a new memorial for the victims of lynching.

That creepy abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina is reopening this summer.

Why we need to get over our obsession with the Joker.

Back in 1933 Frida Kahlo wrote a personal letter to Georgia O’Keeffe after O’Keeffe’s nervous breakdown.

Hackers can freeze the camera that lets you know whether your Amazon Key equipped door is locked and who is using it.

A visual guide to the potential ecological disaster of Trump’s proposed border wall.

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Can we fix it? The repair cafes are waging war on throwaway culture.

The REAL reason behind Toys R Us shutting down.

Baltimore spends billions on corporate subsidies but can’t heat its schools.

The missing link: why disabled people can’t afford to #DeleteFacebook.

Corruption, not Russia, is Trump’s greatest political liability.

Parkland student Emma González opens up about her fight for gun control.

What’s driving Republican retirements from Congress?

Why everyone should work a shit job at least once in his/her life.

The DCCC’s long, ugly history of sabotaging progressives. 

It’s time to boycott Amazon.

100 years ago a German-American was lynched by a self-proclaimed patriots. 

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez might be the most under-appreciated superhero artist of all time.

America’s youth are rejecting capitalism. What do they want instead?

This high school student said she learned nothing at one of New York City’s elite high schools.

A white mob wiped this all-black Florida town off the map. 60 years later their story was finally told.

Watch the world’s oldest board game, The Royal Game of Ur, being played.

New studies show that legal marijuana states have lower opiate use.

What is the Donald Trump vs. Jeff Bezos feud really about?

What black voters lost by aligning with the Democratic party.

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