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Not too long ago I had a job interview with this t-shirt printing place that was looking for people with desktop graphic skills. This place specializes in printing unique t-shirts to the specifications of the client’s preferences. While one could order only one unique t-shirt from this place, this business was set up to cater to people who need uniquely designed t-shirts and related clothing to be bulk-printed for groups and events such as family reunions, sports teams, conferences, etc.

I felt that I did okay with the job interview. Afterwards I was given a test where I had to design a t-shirt that would be used for a family reunion and it would incorporate the theme of the great outdoors and I could use hiking, biking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and other types of outdoor activities. I was allowed to download a graphic off of the Internet for the purposes of this test and I had to include certain words in my design. So I did this design using Adobe Photoshop.

I had to use the year 2009 in my design, which was just as well. I’ve heard too many horror stories of job candidates who were given similar tests where they had to design an article of clothing only to end up not getting the job but the company they had interviewed at used that job candidate’s design in a line of clothes that the company sold without the compensating that job candidate. At least with designing an outdated t-shirt I didn’t have to worry about this shop later using my design to make money without giving me any of the profits.

I was pretty happy with my design. In fact I took this quick shot with my camera before I let the person who interviewed me know that I was finished with the test. She seemed to be impressed with what I did.

The day I interviewed I was told that they had one more candidate to interview on the following business day and I would be notified if I got the job. I sent a thank you note the following day and the company responded with a nice email saying that it was great to meet me but that was about it. I never heard any further from that company.

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I uploaded my latest article that I wrote for LinkedIn Pulse a couple of days ago. It was an article I had been thinking about for a while. I finally got the incentive to write it late last week when the #JobMarket hashtag started to trend on LinkedIn. (That was in response to a new report that says that there are enough jobs for every person in the U.S. but employers complain about not finding the right person for the job.) It’s also a response to all those articles I’ve read over the years about the things that employees do—either on their resume or at the job interview—that leads to an employer not hiring that person. I decided that it was past time for someone to turn the tables and write about the things that employers do that leads a prospective employee to either not accept a job with that company or, if the person does gets hired, causes the new employee to soon leave that job. This article is based on my own struggles with looking for a day job to pay the bills along with a couple of jobs that I worked at, which ended up being short-lived. Here is my article:

The Things That Recruiters and Hiring Managers Do That are Major Turn-Offs For Prospective Employees

By the way, it’s not the first time I’ve written for LinkedIn Pulse. Click here to read the other articles I’ve written.

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