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I’m currently trying to pay off my debts I’ve incurred when I underwent an expensive car repair by selling off a few things on eBay.
Are you a total iPhone newbie who’s confused as to how to use it? Have you had your iPhone for a while but just want to know more about the full range of things that the iPhone is capable of doing? This book, iPhone: The Missing Manual, will tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone with text and illustrations that were created with everyday people in mind.

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I have to admit that I’m now glad my old Droid smartphone died on me so I had to upgrade to a new phone because I’m really loving not only the improved graphics but the phone capabilities are really phenomenal compared to before.

Today I took some more pictures with my new Droid Ultra smartphone at Homestead Gardens while I was searching for Advent candles because I remembered that tonight is the first Sunday of Advent. Homestead Gardens is a family-owned nursery that puts up a giant Christmas display every year and many of the ornaments and decorations on display are for sale. There are lots of poinsettias and Christmas cacti on display, Santa Claus visits on the weekends, and there are goats and chickens on the grounds. Here are some of the photos I took.









I also made an amazing discovery about my smartphone camera. Months ago I saw TV ads for the latest iPhone that had a panoramic option for taking panorama shots. I used to think that’s the one thing the iPhone had that my Droid smartphone didn’t have. All that changed when I got the new Droid Ultra. Here is my attempt at taking a panoramic shot of the giant toy train layout that is on display at Homestead Gardens during the holiday season.photo9

That is so cool that I can now take panoramic shots so easily. Even with my seven-year-old Canon Digital Rebel DSLR camera, I would have to mount it on a tripod, manually take shots as I pivot the tripod, then assemble all the shots together in Adobe Photoshop if I wanted to achieve the same effect with it. Or shell out hundreds of dollars to buy a wide angle lens, which would be tough to do given my current financial situation.

I’m going to end this entry with some photos of the lit trees outside the nursery at sunset.




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