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Things are a total mess. I’m at the point where I have to limit my time on Twitter and Facebook because I see so many posts from people that basically says this:

If you voted for the candidate I voted against—UNFRIEND/UNFOLLOW ME NOW!!!

It’s totally emotionally draining to read posts like that. I wrote last week’s post titled A Message to All Those on Social Media Who are Blaming Jill Stein Voters For President Donald Trump because I saw so many posts blaming Jill Stein voters for Hillary Clinton’s defeat when, in reality, that’s clearly not the case because Jill Stein only got 1% of the votes. Even if the Green Party had decided against fielding any candidates for this year’s elections, Hillary Clinton still would’ve lost.

All I know is that there is chaos in the U.S. There have been an increase in hate crimes ever since last Tuesday. I can only imagine the fear that a Muslim or even a person of color feels ever time he or she walks out the door and that person starts to wonder whether he/she will return home in one piece.

Last Monday I visited the Trump International Hotel in downtown DC. I remember the streets were relatively calm and empty. Now, as I look back on that day, I have to admit that it was literally the calm before the storm. Today one of my friends who works in the William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building next to the Trump International Hotel posted some photos on her Facebook timeline of a protest that happened outside that hotel today. It turns out that the DC public school students staged a walkout and marched to the hotel to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Today’s protest is just one of many that have been breaking out all across the United States this week.

At one point I thought about fleeing to Canada if Donald Trump got elected. I’ve changed my mind for now. My Canadian friends have been urging me to stay and fight. (They are all spooked about what’s going on south of the border.) In addition I have to think about my mother, who’s struggling with multiple sclerosis and she has been in the hospital a few times this year with sepsis. There’s no way I can even consider taking her with me on an 8-12 hour drive to the Canadian border because I’m not sure if she would even survive the trip. And I would hate like hell to abandon her in the U.S. while I go off to Canada.

So I’m staying put while watching photos and videos of all kinds of protests. Tomorrow there’s supposed to be this new video by Keith Olbermann called The Resistance that’s going to premiere online at 8 a.m. Sounds kind of subversive to me. (LOL!)

Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday weekend so who knows what will happen.

UPDATE (November 16, 2016): Here’s the first episode of Keith Olbermann’s new video series called The Resistance.

Yesterday was a major milestone in the United States because of the FCC decision in favor of Net Neutrality. The Internet should be delighted over this.

But, instead, there has been this major Internet explosion where websites, social media, blogs, forums, chat rooms, and the news media have been focused on one thing: Are the colors of this dress blue and black or white and gold?

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? Syria continues to be a horrible battleground with ISIL terrorists chopping people’s heads off and, in some cases, putting them in cages then setting everything on fire. Parts of Ukraine continues to be a battleground with people getting killed as a result. The Republicans in Congress are more concerned with obstructing and fighting President Obama on every little thing instead of working on behalf of their constituents (which is supposed to be their job) while average Americans are still struggling to get by in a bad economy that hasn’t fully recovered since 2008. The East Coast of the United States continues to be in the midst of a colder winter than usual, which is not only adversely affecting the poor and homeless but is also the strongest signal that climate change is real. Police brutality against the poor and/or people of color continues to be a problem in the United States.

Instead of getting worked up over genuine important issues, people are getting worked up over the colors of a stupid dress.


I’m not even going to bother weighing in with my opinions on what I think the real dress colors are because I just don’t give a damn. Based on the photos I’ve seen, I’m not even impressed with it at all. (I would really need to see that dress in person before I can definitely say whether it’s pretty or ugly because I’ve seen too many things that look better in real life than their online photos.) Stupid stuff like this makes me ashamed that I even share the same planet with these self-centered frivolous idiots who obviously have no lives since they are easily worked up over the colors of dress in a photograph that someone posted online.

Especially since today there is another news story that’s even more important than some idiotic controversy over some damned dress colors: The death of actor Leonard Nimoy, who’s best known for playing Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek. I watched that show a lot when I was growing up and I also remember when he appeared as the host of another TV show called In Search Of…, which was basically devoted to real-life mysterious phenomenon such as the Loch Ness Monster and the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

I’m going to end this rant by showing a couple of videos. The first one shows another side of Leonard Nimoy as he sings (yes, he is singing!) the song “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.”

And here is Leonard Nimoy in another music video, except this time he doesn’t sing at all. He plays the chauffer in The Bangles’ 1984 video “Going Down to Liverpool.”

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