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I’ve just opened a new shop on and I have a new listing on it. It’s called President Trump and here is what it looks like.


I have it available in a variety of products ranging from clothes to cases and skins for your favorite electronic device to posters to even bedcovers. Check it out right here.

Yesterday I took the DC Metro to Dupont Circle because I heard that there was a a German-style Christkindlmarkt being held on the grounds of the Heurich House Museum. My ex-husband and I used to go to this really large Christkindlmarkt  in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania while we visited his sister who lives near that town. The one in Pennsylvania had a mix of German imported crafts and crafts made by local artists, German food, German beer, and entertainment by local performers. I had hoped that the one in DC would be similar.

Sadly I was disappointed. The one in DC was very small compared to the one in Pennsylvania. There was only one booth that served German food and drink. Worse, while the one in Pennsylvania is held in a giant heated tent, the one in DC was held entirely outdoors and it was bitter cold. (The temperature underwent a major drop in advance of a major storm that started early this morning and it’s still going on as of this writing. It’s a combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.)

I didn’t feel like eating lunch in the bitter cold outdoors so I basically browsed the few vendor booths that were there then left. I ended up eating my lunch inside Cosi, which was nice and warm. Afterwards I ordered a doughnut from the Krispy Kreme located next door.

Since my trip to the Christkindlmarkt was a total bust and since I was in Dupont Circle anyway, I decided to visit Kramerbooks & Afterwords since I haven’t been there in such a long time and I’ve always loved that bookstore.

I decided to cut through Dupont Circle itself on the way to Kramerbooks when I saw this table that was giving away free food to all passersby.


Since I had already eaten lunch, I had to turn down their offer of free soup or chilli but I picked up their flyer. This table was sponsored by a group called Food Not Bombs and it is dedicated to end the crisis of corporate domination and exploitation through nonviolent direct action.


After I spent some time browsing through various books at Kramerbooks, I hopped back on the Metro and I got off at Union Station. I had read in The Washington Post about a special Christmas tree that was erected by the Norwegian Embassy and it celebrated the good relations between the U.S. and Norway. On first glance, it looked like a typical tall tree with a lot of lights and a star treetop.


On closer look I saw the charming streamers featuring Norwegian and American flags.


But then I saw one of the ornaments up close and saw that it resembled the screaming man from Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream.


I looked around at the other ornaments and they were all of the same screaming man.


This sign at the base of the tree explains how the ornaments were put up in honor of Edvard Munch’s 150th birthday.


Here’s a late afternoon shot of  a giant Christmas wreath and the U.S. Capitol as seen through one of Union Station’s arches. All the flags were at half staff on President Obama’s orders in order to commemorate both the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the recent death of former South African President Nelson Mandela.


I knew that a recent blog post I wrote on the Federal Government shutdown (which is now in its third day and it will remain closed tomorrow and probably next week as well) was strong stuff. But I got this comment that have me alternating between laughing and shaking my head. This person who identifies herself as Sandy Perrine posts her comment on my About Me and My Blog page instead of the actual entry I wrote about the Federal Government shutdown. I could’ve deleted her comment before allowing it to go through but I decided to allow it to go through so that her name will show up on any Google searches other people who are considering using her services could do before deciding on whether to hire her or not.

This comment also provides an example of the mindset of a Tea Party supporter, many of whom wanted a government shutdown. I’m going to do a point-by-point rebuttal of Sandy Perrine’s comment. Sandy’s comment will be in italics (like this) while mine will be in regular print (like this).

As a designer looking for other artist blogs I came tonight to see yours.

I did a Google search under "Sandy Perrine" and "designer" and found several designers named Sandy Perrine located all over the United States. One can only guess whether her name is really Sandy Perrine and whether she really is a designer.

First, your vitriol concerning the tea party, which you obviously know nothing about…….

Wrong, Dearie. I know plenty about the Tea Party based on what I’ve read in newspapers, on websites, and on television. I’ve heard views on the Tea Party from both liberals and conservatives. Based on everything I’ve heard, there was originally a legitimate protest movement which called itself the Tea Party that arose from the economic meltdown of 2008. It was originally created as an independent non-partisan protest movement. Then this happened:

Although the Tea Party started with a “pox on both your houses” approach to the two political parties, it focused its electoral activity at reforming the Republican Party, ridding it of RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). It ousted several well known establishment Republicans, starting with former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, giving Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch a run for his money, and turning out six-term Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar. But the Tea Party stayed Republican, and with the help and guidance of entities such as FreedomWorks, chaired by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, it has gravitated much more to the mainstream of the GOP—or perhaps the GOP has drifted ever closer to its extreme right wing Tea Party element.

The final trend in the evolution of the Tea Party has been its transformation from a secular, populist movement to something closer to the religious right. That actually might be the most disappointing part of the Tea Party movement as it now stands. Despite its allegiance with the Republicans, if it had remained relatively secular, it would have presented something of a Paul Ryan “big idea” challenge to the Democrats and fomented a productive debate in this country about the roles and financing of government. But scratch the Tea Party surface now and you’ll find the resurgence of the belief in the supposed Christian motivations of the nation’s founding fathers and increasing opposition on social issues such as gay rights and protection for women (see the candidacy of Todd Akin in Missouri).

I can remember when the Occupy movement sprung up, that movement was determined not to make the same mistakes as the Tea Party did and allow itself to be usurp by any of the major political parties. I remember last year when I saw statements coming from the various Occupy groups where they declined to publicly support any politician for any political office because it was committed to remain non-partisan. Anyway, back to the comment.

First, your vitriol concerning the tea party, which you obviously know nothing about……..and your public condemnation of political issues (very unprofessional) will continue to infect any and all people who might have been interested in getting to know you as an artist.

If Sandy Perrine really thinks that artists should never express anything about politics, she is totally ignorant about art history. It’s obvious she has never heard of Pablo Picasso’s statment about the Spanish Civil War, Guernica, or Ben Shahn’s painting about the infamous Saco and Vanzetti trial. In addition, there are artists, such as Jon McNaughton, whose paintings promote a conservative political point of view. Would Sandy Perrine also condemn Jon McNaughton for his political message just as much as she condemns me?

She condemns me for being "unprofessional". Well what about the fact that the Federal Government is now closed simply because there are certain Tea Party Republicans who are so opposed to affordable health insurance that they are willing to shut down the government no matter how much it affects people? Why is it that she has denounced my opinion as "unprofessional" while being silent on those politicians who are so irresponisble and unprofessional that they are willing to risk tanking the economy of not only the United States but possibley several other nations as well. (Anyone who has ever taken Economics 101 would know that the economies of many nations are interconnected.)

She may think my opinons are "unprofessional" but my opinions are in the mainstream majority. According to numerous public opinion polls, most respondents blame Republican congressment for the Federal Government shutdown. (I provided a link to an article on the Voice of America site as my source in the previous sentence in order to show that it’s not some heavily liberally biased article that’s posted on a left-leaning site like or the Daily Kos.)

I live outside of Washington, DC. My ex-husband and several of my friends are federal employees. They are not a bunch of lazy hacks. These are people who love their jobs, are devoted to the concept of civil service, and only took those jobs in order to make their country and the world a better place. These are people who could’ve made more money in the private sector. Yes, they have better benefits (such as more vacation and sick leave) than the private sector but many of them genuinely love their jobs and they hope that they could eventually retire from the same agency if their jobs don’t get eliminated due to budget cuts.

On top of it, I have other friends who work for federal government contractors. The longer this shutdown goes on, the more likely their jobs will be affected. I also have artisan friends who are worried about being able to actually sell their stuff at future street festivals because these government employees are being furloughed without pay and it’s uncertain whether Congress will give them backpay once the shutdown ends so these furloughed employees have less disposable income to purchase pretty things. There are also tourists who had planned to visit DC but are changing their plans since many of the area tourist attractions (such as the Smithsonian and the National Zoo) are closed because they get federal funding.

Too bad……….your loss.

Actually, no. In fact, in the past I’ve sold the following items through either Etsy or at various craft festivals.

President Palin
Matthew 19:24
Where's My Government Bailout?

Actually, my work is far above yours, so I don’t feel deprived at all.

Yet she doesn’t seem to have a website or Etsy shop where she has posted her work. The real talented artists I know don’t brag like that. Her argument is about as convincing as the guy who claims to have had sex with dozens of women but is still frequently seen in public alone.

And……..any of my clients I can steer away from your etsy shop is all the better.

And any of my readers I can get to read the following online identification of the person who made this obnoxious post claiming to be a "desinger" named "Sandy Perrine" is all the better.


I even did an Internet search under that IP address and found that it was sent from Southport, North Carolina. North Carolina is definitely a Red State area that the Tea Party Republicans have infiltrated on the state and local levels.

Aaaahhhh!!!! It can be fun taking on a troll. But I don’t intend to make a regular habit of it. I really feel that I had to respond because I’m literally living on the front lines of the Federal Government shutdown and I’m seeing real people being adversely affected as a result. I’d like to see those Tea Party people actually talk to people who are actively scared of what could happen if they have to go without paychecks for a long time while facing mounting bills for things like rent, utilities, and groceries.

Yesterday I dropped off two of my pieces for the upcoming 18" x 18x Show that is currently being held at the artdc’s Lustine Gallery in Hyattsville, Maryland as of today. Both of my submitted pieces are acrylic painting on canvas and I have written about them in this blog before. They are both within the 18" x 18" maximum limit so it is possible for you to purchase my art without having to find huge wall space to put it. Here they are.


The above piece is called Desire and you can read the original blog post I wrote right here. Basically it’s based on one of my photographs of a dog named Jay-Jay who was owned by my then-husband’s mother and step-father. I originally displayed it at Artomatic 2009. I subsequently gave it to my husband’s mother and step-father during a visit with them around the Thanksgiving holiday in 2009, which was well received by both of them. Four months later my mother-in-law suddenly died. When we looked in on my husband’s step-father during the Memorial Day holiday weekend in 2010, I noticed that the painting was laying on the bed in one of the guest bedrooms along with all kinds of other stuff (including books, photographs, and other works of art) but I didn’t pay any mind to it at the time. My husband and I would make one last trip to Arizona together in early 2011 in order to help his step-father celebrate his 80th birthday. I didn’t see the painting anywhere on that trip but I wasn’t too concerned about it at the time because I was too distracted by the festivities.

My husband went to Phoenix on his own in the summer of 2011 but I didn’t go because I had suffered a hip injury that year and my walking had gotten too bad to travel. (I would undergo surgery to correct the problem in September, 2011.) My husband’s step-father had decided to move away from the home that he shared with his late wife in Tempe and move to a retirment community that was further on the outskirts of Phoenix. Since he was moving to a smaller place, he needed to drastically downsize his personal possessions so my husband and his sister went to go through some more of their mother’s old things, divide them up between the two, then ship the stuff back east. My husband took the things he brought back with him and put it in a rental storage shed because he couldn’t look at them further due to my upcoming surgery.

So I went through the surgery in September, 2011 and my husband abruptly left me without ever giving the slightest hint that he was unhappy in the marriage in December, 2011. Since then my husband has avoided seeing me. At one point he took advantage of the fact that I told him that I was going to a weekly support group meeting for people who are separated or divorced by letting himself in the house on the nights when I was at the meeting and take a bunch of stuff. He went through the stuff, decided what he wanted to keep, and boxed up the rest. Then he arranged for friends to go to his place, pick up the boxes, and deliver them back to my house. (I was home the night they brought the boxes. Of course my husband wasn’t with them when they arrived at my home.) As I was going through the boxes, I found the Desire painting among them. Apparently my husband’s step-father decided to give that painting up when he moved and my husband brought the painting back with him along with the other stuff.

As to whatever happened to Jay-Jay the Australian Shepherd, I know that he continued to live with my husband’s step-father after his mother died. My husband also told me that when his step-father moved to the retirement community, he took Jay-Jay with him. (In fact, he picked that particular retirement community because it was pet-friendly). I haven’t seen Jay-Jay since my last trip to Phoenix in January, 2011 when my husband and I were helping to celebrate his step-father’s 80th birthday. The dog was 11 years old then. I don’t know if the dog is even still alive or not and I’ll probably never learn the latest news on that dog since my husband refuses to speak to me these days. In any case, it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever see Jay-Jay in person again. It’s too bad since Jay-Jay was basically a very sweet dog whose biggest pleasure in life is having people pet him all the time. (As I’m typing this I’m remembering those sad eyes he would flash when he wanted someone to pet him. That tactic usually worked every time.) He was a very easygoing dog and he was always a pleasure to be around.

I do have plenty of photos to remember the dog by that I shot during my many visits to Phoenix over the last several years so don’t let my sad story deter you from purchasing that painting. 😉 On an entirely different note, here’s the other painting that is currently on display at the show.

The Scream of Nadya Suleman

This one is called The Scream of Nadya "Octomom" Suleman and you can read the original blog post I wrote right here. When I originally did this painting, I had watched a series of interviews that the Octomom had done for Radar Online and with each subsequent clip I noticed that there was already plenty of chaos in the household with the six older children and that adding eight babies had the potential of a disaster in the making. Sadly I was proven correct in my prediction. I imagined a scenario where one of the kids would write graffitti on the wall that was based on my fantasy and it turned out to be true in real life. I also imagined a scenario where her kids would abuse each other but, aside from the one boy who urinated into one of the cribs, I never thought that Octomom would be accused of letting her kids sexually abuse each other. There are other things that has happened that I didn’t predict in that painting, including that masturbation porn she made, her sitting on a giant Sybian vibrator during her appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show, her forays into stripping, that photoshoot where she pretended that she was actress Angelina Jolie, and accusations that she is too stoned on pot to adequately take care of her 14 kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up really cracking up in real life where she does nothing but scream her head off just like in my painting. The only people I really feel sorry for in this situation are her 14 children because they didn’t ask to be born into this mess and they have to bear the brunt of the results of their mother’s actions.

Both of my paintings will be among the many other works of art that will be on display at this location:

artdc Gallery at The Lustine Center
5710 Baltimore Avenue
Hyattsville, Maryland 20781

The artdc website will have more details about that show. Even though the show is up now, the gallery tends to be closed during the week so the best time to see it is on the weekends. There will be a reception held on May 11 from 12-5 p.m. as part of the Gateway Open Studio Tour. (Sadly I won’t be there because I’ll be busy selling my wares at the Greenbelt Green Man Festival at the same time.) For the latest up-to-date news on this show, I suggest checking out either the artdc website or the artdc Twitter feed.

Like I wrote in my last entry, the cutbacks on my trips to the post office due to my mother’s illness affects only my Etsy shop. My Zazzle shop will be unaffected by this because the printing and mailing of products purchased through this store are not directly handled by me. Here are some products I’ve recently added to that store that you can peruse while you’re doing your online holiday shopping.




A Preview of What I’ll Be Selling at Tomorrow’s Rally on the Mall

Before my mother was suddenly admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago, I worked on two new pieces of jewelry to sell at tomorrow’s joint "Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive" on the Mall in DC that’s being put on by Comedy Central and headlined by its two biggest stars Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I did so well at the other March on Washington earlier this month that I decided to try selling again. Of course everything is on the fence with my mother being in the hospital. I just got off the phone with her and I learned that she’ll be moved to a rehab center tomorrow but the doctors aren’t sure which one she’ll go to. (It depends on spaces available. If Rehab Center 1 has a spare room, she’ll go there. Otherwise she’ll go to Rehab Center 2.)

So basically I’ll try to visit her later this afternoon before she gets transferred to whatever rehab center she ends up at. So I’ll be able to to still make it to tomorrow’s rally to sell my stuff while my husband helps with the set up for our church’s Mexican Ethnic Dinner to honor both that nation’s bicentennial and its upcoming Day of the Dead holiday.

Of course, if things take a turn for the worse, then these plans will be scuttled and I won’t be at either tomorrow’s rally or the Mexican Ethnic Dinner.

In any case, here are the two new pieces of jewelry I’ve created just in time for tomorrow’s rally. Regardless of whether I cancel tomorrow or not, I will eventually list them in my Etsy shop.

Real Men Don't Cry on Fox News

I was insipred by Glenn Beck’s frequent crying on television. (For the record, I’ve never been able to sit through an entire episode of Beck’s show on Fox News. In fact, I have only been able to endure his show for no longer than five minutes. I’ve seen most of his clips on shows like Countdown With Keith Olbermann and The Daily Show.) I later saw this YouTube video which showed how Glenn Beck used Vick’s Vapor Rub under his eyes in order to produce tears on demand.

I am so disgusted with Glenn Beck’s frequent public antics (which includes getting his viewers to buy gold and food insurance–which entitles the purchaser of this insurance to get a whole bunch of dried foods that he/she can store in case the world ends) that I was inspired to create this jewelry. The image on this piece is based on my own artwork, Alice at the Tea Party, which I did a few months ago. I scanned the artwork into the computer and all I did was crop to the image of a crying Glenn Beck as the Mad Hatter.

Tea Parties are for Little Girls and Their Imaginary Friends

When I attended the March on Washington earlier this month on October 2, I saw a young girl with her father. She was carrying a sign that said "Tea Parties are for Little Girls and Their Imaginary Friends". I thought it was so hilarious that I thought it would make the perfect slogan jewelry. I searched through my collection of Dover Publishing clip art until I found this old line drawing of a little girl throwing her own tea party for her dolls. (Judging from the style of the girl’s hair and dress, I’d guess that it was originally drawn sometime between 1890-1930.)

In addition, I will have other pieces of political-themed jewelry for sale, including this stalwart.

President Palin

All of the jewelry I’m selling will have a necklace loop and a pin backing so the wearer have the option of wearing the piece as either a pendant or a pin.

Tomorrow my husband and I will be at the One Nation Working Together event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC tomorrow. I will be bringing some of my slogan jewelry made from Shrinky Dinks with me and I will be prowling among the crowd making them available for sale. The jewelry have both a necklace loop and a pin backing so you can wear it as either a pin or pendant. (I will try to remember to bring my ball of twine and my Swiss Army knife for anyone who wants to wear my jewelry as a necklace.)

I will be holding a special sale where I’ll sell each item for $3 with two item will go for $5. This "Two for $5" special will only be available if you run into me at the march. (This sale will NOT be available at my Etsy shop.) I will not be selling dolls, boxes, artwork or any other non-jewelry items due to logistics issues.

I know that I’ll be among the thousands of people who will converge at the Lincoln Memorial. I’m thinking about trying to make myself stand out in the crowd by wearing this flying pig hat that I purchased at the Pigtown Festival in Baltimore a few weeks ago. I’m definitely going to wear this navy blue t-shirt that says "HOW DARE YOU, SIR!" in white type that I purchased from the NBC Store at Rockefeller Center in New York City a few months ago. (It’s a reference to the MSNBC show Countdown With Keith Olbermann.) But I can’t guarantee that this will be enough to make myself stand out.

Here is a preview of some of the items I will have for sale. First, is a brand-new piece that I created especially for this march.

Tax Cuts

I will also have the following other items with me that you can buy off me tomorrow.

President Palin
Lord Voldemort-Darth Vader: The Ultimate Republican Party Ticket
Mark Twain Quote
Matthew 19:24
My Gay Marriage Threatens Your Straight Marriage HOW?
Our Tax Dollars at Work
Where's My Government Bailout?
Wall Street Welfare Recipient

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sell these items. The big challenge is that the march organizers have been encouraging the long-term unemployed (also known as the 99-ers) to attend the march as a way of convincing the government to make job creation the major focus so the economy can begin to make a recovery. I know that many of them will be broke, which is why I decided on the special "Two for $5" sale. I’m just going to hope for the best on this one.

President Palin

I’ve just gotten word that my "President Palin" jewelry has been featured on an Etsy Treasury for the first time ever! Look for it on The Unintentionally Creepy page.

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