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I’m starting to realize why many people are reluctant to post anything on Craigslist. Last week I mentioned that I posted an ad trying to sell a stereo set with cabinet on Craigslist and the only response I got was this strange spam e-mail that had nothing to do with what I’m trying to sell. That message was the only response I got for my ad so last week I decided to knock $50 off the price and sell the stereo for $250. The good news is that I got more reponses. The bad news is that all but one of those reponses were just as weird and suspicious as the first response I got. The one real e-mail I got was from a man in Baltimore who said that he’s interested in my stereo but only if I knock down the price below my current asking price of $250. He also invited me to contact him with a lower price in two or three weeks if I fail to sell the stereo.

As for the others I got, they all followed the same format: The first paragraph had nothing to do with my ad while all of these e-mails ended by reposting the first sentence I wrote for my Craigslist ad. Here is a litany of the responses I got just hours after I posted my ad on Craigslist.


3:56:36 AM Growth and understanding we done deeper level of divine guidance our down we are all beautiful beings worthy of love support sweet innocences. It would be fabulous if you reach me straight away to avoid confusion on

This stereo once belonged to my parents but my husband and I have rarely touched it.


3:57:16 AM Clear example of this Yet for most of us the shining essence with which we came into this life became obscured over the years as our families. Could you contact me as soon as possible for some discount please

This stereo once belonged to my parents but my husband and I have rarely touched it.


4:12:03 AM Others were unable to give us the kind of unconditional love and support we so craved as children when we were repeatedly told that we enough. It would be fabulous if you reach me straight away to avoid confusion on

This stereo once belonged to my parents but my husband and I have rarely touched it.


4:12:53 AM We are grown most of us have developed a protective mask or persona to hide these layers of fear and insecurity from others and at times even. Come through if this is still available so I know who I am talking with over on

This stereo once belonged to my parents but my husband and I have rarely touched it.

It’s obvious whoever sent those responses didn’t even bother to read the ad in its entirety. I’m only trying to sell a stereo, not looking for online emotional support regarding my childhood or my past relationships. I don’t get this crap from posting the same ad on relevant Facebook groups or making a sticky post in this blog about my stereo being for sale. Craigslist is the one that’s attracting spammers and I don’t even know if they have even attempted to do something about this or if the site decided that it doesn’t give a shit about spammers. If this continues, I’m going to tell everyone to stay the hell away from Craigslist.

In the meantime, I’ve knocked down the asking price of this stereo. Now you can get the entire system (including the cabinet) for $200.


I’ve recently put out the word that I’m currently selling a stereo system with a cabinet that once belonged to my parents but I’m looking to downsize and simplify my life (and to raise some money for myself). I not only made a special post in this blog but I also made similar posts on various relevant Facebook groups. For added measure I decided to post my ad on the Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis pages of Craigslist.

I’ve never posted anything on Craigslist before but I am glad that I’m using Craigslist’s automatic mail router rather than posting my e-mail address outright. Several hours after I posted on Craigslist for the first time last Sunday, I got this bizarre e-mail, complete with typos.

Throughout the years spilled tears and shared truths somehow they love better when he talk about his loot chain like see life. E mail me I believe we live pretty near by each other so just wana double check will be wiating for ya –

This stereo once belonged to my parents but my husband and I have rarely touched it.

The first sentence not only didn’t make any sense but it was totally unrelated to anything I posted in that ad. The last sentence was directly lifted from the first sentence of my Craigslist ad. I did a Google search on "" only to come up empty-handed. There’s no way in hell I’m going to send a response to that e-mail because I think I would regret it the next time I open my e-mailbox and see tons of spam e-mail.

I know that Craigslist has had a less-than-sterling reputation for years but at least it could be worse than just getting weird e-mails. A few days ago The Washington Post had a front page article about men who use Craigslist to impersonate their ex-girlfriends as a way of harassing their exes as those women had to deal with strange men appearing at their front door asking for sex.

Since that strange e-mail was the only response I got from Craigslist, I decided to re-post the ad with the asking price knocked down to $250. (I’ll admit that the original $300 asking price was based on what I thought was the maximum amount that the stereo was worth. Even though I had a feeling that no one would be willing to pay that much for a used system, I decided to give it a try just in case I was wrong and someone was willing to pay that much.) I’m hoping I don’t attract any more crazies like because they are a total waste of my time but I’m going to have to brace myself for more e-mails like that until I find a buyer for the stereo.

As for I only have this to say: Nice try but I gotcha!

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