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20 highly inspirational rules of life a Japanese Buddhist wrote four centuries ago that may change your life.

A new study suggests that the lower your social class, the “wiser” you are.

Cards Against Humanity buys area of the U.S. border in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from building his wall.

Beautiful color photos of Paris taken 100 years ago—at the beginning of World War I and the end of La Belle Époque.

A 15-point guide to surviving authoritarianism.

How the residents of a wealthy Bristol district have managed to ban birds from the trees.

A look at the first translation of The Odyssey made by a woman classicist.

San Francisco animal shelter hires a robot to force out homeless people.

You think your job sucks? Take a look at some real conversations from the clients from hell.

Black leaders in Memphis buy city parks and remove Confederate statues.

Inside the library that holds the world’s rarest colors.

A video showing the dark past of Sea Monkeys.

I am buried alive in a Michigan prison.

How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless.

The Disney version of Donald Trump is 100 percent less awful than the real thing.

When life gives you a divorce, get drunk and set your dress on fire.

10 reasons to visit the only country where North Koreans can take a permanent vacation.

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There’s something REALLY shady going on with Equifax’s website.

Dead air: The ruins of WFBR radio.

How LuLaRoe stole someone else’s art for its clothes while keeping the original artist’s watermarked name on the item.

Photos of auto mechanics recreating Renaissance-era paintings.

How to stop Google and the police from tracking your every move.

Wonderful photographs of Victorian women of color.

Hundred-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica is in “excellent condition.”

Miniature scenes with a darkly satirical twist by Frank Kunert.

There’s a Tumblr full of Nazis getting punched because that will always be awesome.

A free tutorial on the sashiko embroidery technique.

Digital versions of twenty-five thousand songs recorded onto vintage 78RPM records have been released online for free.

Amazon scammers’ new trick: shipping things to random widows in your town.

Watch Don’t Be a Sucker!, the 1947 U.S. government anti-hatred film that’s relevant again in 2017 for free.

An intimate look inside a rare kingdom where women reign.

The last American baseball glove manufacturer refuses to die.

Robert E. Lee opposed Confederate monuments.

An interesting graphic based on philosopher Karl Popper’s The Paradox of Tolerance.

The retro-industrial wonders of the Mold-A-Rama coin-operated machine.

Listen to the voice recordings of black American slaves.

Kurt Cobain was not only the lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana but he was also a talented visual artist as well.

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