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Santa Claus





Part 1

Yesterday I wrote about how the vast majority of my Christmas decorations have been limited to my coffee table. I know that it’s understated compared to other homes that get totally decked out both indoors and outdoors. I used to have more Christmas decorations when I was married but I did some serious downsizing after my husband left since I’m home alone these days and I don’t do much entertaining of guests.

But the decorations I currently own are the ones that are meaningful to me. I personally prefer having fewer decorations of higher quality and meaning than a ton of decorations that would just overwhelm me at holiday time.

The ornament in this photograph is a case in point. It’s an ornament that was given to me either by my parents or my late mother-in-law (I forgot which).


It’s an ornament shaped like a 35-mm film camera equipment. Before digital photography became so prevalent that one can now shoot high-quality pictures with a smartphone, this was the kind of equipment that avid photographers—both amateurs and professionals—would use. The camera resembles a 35-mm SLR (single lens reflex) camera, which still exists as a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. The yellow box resembles the old Kodak 35-mm film boxes. The blue box in the back is supposed to resemble a camera case.

I’ve been into photography ever since I worked on the Girls Scouts “My Camera” badge. (You can see the photos I took to earn that badge right here.) Naturally this ornament would be the one that I made sure would survive the post-marital breakup ornaments purge.

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