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But it's a dry fascism in Arizona!

Soon after creating the first t-shirt regarding the passage of the new Arizona law (SB 1070), my husband came up with the slogan for another t-shirt. I finally got around to creating a t-shirt around my husband’s idea after I read Sarah Palin’s idiotic quote from yesterday when she said "We’re all Arizonans now." Uh, no, Sarah, we are not all Arizonans. Or at least we are all NOT the white Arizonans who support the police questioning anyone whose skin is darker than caucasian skin and who also support the ban on public schools teaching any kind of ethnic studies class (especially the ones that focus on African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos).

My husband came up with that slogan based on the "But it’s a dry heat" one that one can frequently find on t-shirts, shot glasses, and other stuff sold in Arizona souvenir shops.

You can now purchase that shirt in a variety of sizes, colors, and prices right here.


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