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I had a pretty busy Saturday before the Fourth of July holiday. I drove my car to the North Linthicum light rail station where I saw this cool looking art truck. Then I took the light rail to the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium where I saw this excellent toy show that was literally a trip down memory lane for me.

As I went back to retrieve my car at the North Linthicum stop I decided to make a short drive to my hometown of Glen Burnie since I was in the area anyway. I went to Ann’s Dari-Creme because the weather has finally gotten hot enough that I felt a craving for a milk shake from that place. It’s a fun place to visit, which you can see in the photos I took for this blog post back in 2015.

The Accuweather app on my smartphone went off notifying me of a major thunderstorm that was passing through the region. The thunderstorm started after I ordered my milkshake and I was drinking it in the car. I decided to just stay in the car consuming my milkshake until the worst of the storm passed.

Afterwards I decided to heat towards Crabtowne USA. I initially thought about eating dinner there then playing its vintage pinball and video arcade games until I saw that the restaurant part was crowded. (I wasn’t surprised since it was the weekend before the Fourth of July.) I decided to just stick with playing the games and I had a great time. So did the kids who were riding the one of the mechanical horses in the next photo.

The crab statue outside the place was all ready for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday with its own little American flag.

The next photo shows what the sky looked like outside of Crabtowne USA, which still showed the effects from that short yet intense thunderstorm which passed through the area.

And then there is the next photo, which reminds me that, yes, I am in Glen Burnie and it provided me with yet another reason why I’m not exactly rushing to move back to that town.

“I Don’t Brake for Protesters”?!? What the ever loving fuck?!? Has this guy ever had an American Government class in high school? Had he even read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, especially the sections about people having the right to peaceably assemble and allowing the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances?!?

I don’t see this kind of shit in Montgomery County or Prince George’s County. I don’t see this in Baltimore City or Howard County or Annapolis or Crofton. But I go to Glen Burnie and I see this shit and it makes my blood boil. This comes on the heels of seeing Donald Trump Make America Great Again signs on a few front lawns and that barber shop with a Confederate flag and that former Baltimore City police officer’s ill-fated attempt to do a benefit concert in Glen Burnie as Al Jolson in blackface. I wouldn’t be surprised if that asshole “I Don’t Brake for Protesters” pickup truck driver was among those people who were protesting NPR tweeting texts from the Declaration of Independence on July 4.

That truck provided yet another reason why I am pretty grateful that I no longer have to live in Glen Burnie if I don’t want to.


Yesterday was the Fourth of July, a national U.S. holiday that was originally created to honor the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence. NPR decided to issue a series of tweets on Twitter using text that was directly taken from that document. Sounds pretty innocuous and very appropriate for the occasion, no?

Except plenty of Trump supporters actually protested this on Twitter. These links show just a fraction of the angry tweets from Trump supporters protesting the Declaration of Independence being posted on Twitter.

I’m just going to say that if you are against the Declaration of Independence and the ideas that are in that document (such as “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”) then you are anti-American.

I’m old enough to remember when those who were against the anti-Vietnam War protesters used to say “America—Love It or Leave It.” I would say the same thing to those Trump supporters who have protested against the Declaration of Independence on Twitter. Protesting that document is the same as hating America. Protesting that document is just like burning the American flag and they’re the same as hating America. If you hate America that much, then maybe it’s time for you to move to a country that’s more to your liking in terms of having less freedom and more dictatorship. You could move to Russia, where Trump’s buddy Vladimir Putin rules that nation. You could move to Saudi Arabia where you can lose a limb or even your head if you toe the line way too often. You could even move to North Korea where the people there worship Kim Jong Eun just as much as you worship Donald Trump.

But you Declaration of Independence-hating Trump supporters need to decide just one thing: America—Love It or Leave It.

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