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Five years ago I wrote this Twitter rant about the scandal surrounding then-Congressman Anthony Weiner when it was revealed that he was tweeting pictures of his, uh, wiener to women other than his wife. He ended up resigning from Congress in disgrace and he faded from the public spotlight for a bit as he vowed to work on his marriage to Huma Abedin, who also happens to be among Hillary Clinton’s closest staffers. In time the couple had a son together and they tried to portray themselves as a close-knit family.

Two years later Anthony Weiner decided to revive his ruined political career by running for mayor of New York City. But then it was revealed that he had not only resumed his sexting habit but he was sending pictures of his dick under the name “Carlos Danger” to women other than his wife—one of whom was named Sydney Leathers. Not only did I write a sequel to that earlier post, I even created this mixed media piece that played off of comic books and his Carlos Danger alter-ego.

Amazing Fantasy Featuring Carlos Danger

Amazing Fantasy: Introducing Carlos Danger
Mixed-media (computer graphics, ink, colored pencils, watercolors)
8 inches x 10 inches
20 cm x 25 cm

To learn more about how I created this piece, see the post I originally wrote on July 27, 2013. This piece was on display at the 2013 Station North Arts District Salon show in Baltimore but no one purchased it. After the show ended Anthony Weiner lost the New York mayoral election and he slinked out of the public eye while his wife continued to work for Hillary Clinton as she left the State Department and began her current campaign for President of the United States.

A few days ago Anthony Weiner was back in the news as The New York Post revealed that Anthony Weiner had not only resume his sexting habits but he was sending his dick pictures to a woman who’s a Donald Trump supporter. What’s more, one of those dick pictures he sent included his young son lying nearby as he slept—blissfully unaware of what his father was doing next to him in the same bed.

This time Huma Abedin has had enough as she announced that she was separating from her husband and taking their son with her.

It’s obvious that Anthony Weiner has a major problem since he keeps on doing stuff like this and he definitely needs professional help. The only silver lining to this latest episode in Anthony Weiner’s life is that my 2013 blog post about the making of my original Amazing Fantasy: Introducing Carlos Danger piece is now among the most read blog posts for this week. If anyone wants to purchase this piece or even look into licensing it for use in a publication or something similar, please send an email at kimstark61 at gmail dot com.


The weekend before the DC primary election there was this special art exhibition at The Fridge that was dedicated to Bernie Sanders. I attended the Friday night opening reception. While I was traveling via Metro I saw a woman who was obviously dressed for Awesome Con, which was held the same weekend. (I haven’t been to Awesome Con since 2014 mainly because of financial reasons but I was also turned off by the crowds. I attended the first year in 2013 and I liked the fact that it was relatively small and laid-back. The following year it had literally doubled in size so it was very crowded and full of very long lines. The entrance fee had also doubled in price compared to the year before. It was a letdown compared to that first year where I could go to any panel without having to wait in any long lines.)

A Photo I Took on the Way to the Bern the System Event in DC

The Fridge is located just a couple of blocks away from the Eastern Market Metro station and it’s located in an area of Capitol Hill known as Barracks Row because of the Marine Corps barracks located in that area. It’s a pretty trendy area full of upscale bars and restaurants. I took a photo of this really attractive mural that is located on the side of an Asian restaurant known as Hooshi.

A Photo I Took on the Way to the Bern the System Event in DC

I found The Fridge with no problem. Here are my photos from that event.

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

On the way back to the Eastern Market Metro I decided to check out this cupcake shop known as Sweet Lobby [ ], whose biggest claim to fame is that the owner of this place once won first place on an episode of The Food Network show Cupcake Wars. I decided to purchase a Smores cupcake to take home with me. I opened its pretty box the next day. I found that it tasted excellent. It had a graham cracker base with a chocolate cupcake that’s topped with marshmallow icing. It was so awesome! I’ll definitely keep this place in mind the next time I visit the Barracks Row part of Capitol Hill.

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge

Bern the System at The Fridge


Early that morning I went to the Loudon Lyme 5K/10K/1K Fun Run in Ashburn, Virginia. The event ended by 11 a.m. and I was facing an hour-long commute back to my home in Maryland. I remembered that Tyson’s Corner Mall is located at the halfway point between Ashburn and my home so I decided to stop there for a few hours, look around, then drive the rest of the way home.

So I drove along the toll roads while enduring wind gusts (which prompted me to drive slower than usual because I didn’t want a wind gust to push my car into the lane next to me and risk having an accident) until I reached the mall. The first thing I did was to check out the American Girl Place. The new 2016 Girl of the Year, Lea Clark, was released back in January. I saw the 6-inch mini doll version on sale at the Target that’s located near my home about a month ago or so but I didn’t see the 18-inch version in person for the first time until I arrived to the mall that day. I had meant to check out that doll in person sooner but I was diverted by other things currently going on in my life. Better late than never, I suppose. (At least I’m not keeping a doll news blog like Living a Doll’s Life so I don’t feel compelled to come up with late breaking American Girl doll news as soon as I hear about it.)

Lea Clark isn’t quite as striking as last year’s Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas, but that’s because Grace had two-toned dark brown hair with light skin and very pretty blue eyes. But Lea is still pretty cute with her caramel brown hair, tan skin, and green eyes. Her default meet outfit is very colorful and bright.





The next few photos show the outfits that one can purchase separately for Lea. I really liked the outfits, especially the white dress with the pretty green floral embroidery but, with prices starting at $30, there was no way I was even going to consider buying one for one of the other 18-inch dolls who currently live with me.




They have Lea on display at that bistro’s bakery counter along with Lea-themed sweets that one can buy.




Last year the 6-inch mini doll version of Grace Thomas wasn’t sold through American Girl at all. Instead one had to go to other stores like Target or Barnes & Noble in order to purchase the Girl of the Year’s miniature doppelgänger. Since I saw the 6-inch version of Lea Clark at Target before I went to the American Girl Place, I assumed that it would be the same situation. Except that American Girl Place is now selling the 6-inch version for a few dollars more than getting that same doll at Target. The only difference is that the Target version comes with a miniature abridged version of Lea’s book while the American Girl Place version comes with this very fancy doll stand. Also the American Girl Place version comes with a different outfit from the ones that are sold at other stores. As for me, I’d rather go to Target for the mini doll while going to Michael’s or A.C. Moore for a cheap doll stand and saving a few dollars.




There are also a few animals that one can buy for Lea. I only saw the sea turtle and a Margay cat when I was there. Each animal, which is about the size of a Beanie Baby, costs $18 each. One dollar from each sale will go to support the World Wildlife Federation, although it would be easier for me to donate directly to the WWF while getting a receipt that I can claim as a tax write-off.



There are a series of three tie-in books about Lea’s life.




There are some accessories currently available for Lea. The good news is that none of them are as expensive as Grace’s French Bakery from last year. The bad news is that they are still expensive as hell. The most expensive Lea item is Lea’s Rainforest House, which costs $395. (So it’s $105 cheaper than Grace’s French Bakery.)












The next expensive item is Lea’s Fruit Stand, which costs $150.









Then there’s Lea’s Kayak, which is a relative steal at $85.


The cheapest Lea accessory is the $34 Lea’s Beach Picnic Set.





For human children there are clothes and jewelry that are all based on Lea’s clothes and accessories.





There’s also a place where one can take selfies with Lea.







As for the modern dolls, there was nothing that really appealed to me enough to even bother with taking a picture. I’ve already taken plenty of the historical BeForever dolls on previous trips so I’m just going to focus on the few new things that arrived in this line, starting with Kaya wearing her new $42 Pow Wow Dress of Today while standing next to her $48 foal, Sparks Flying.


This year happens to be American Girl’s 30th anniversary so, to celebrate in a profitable way, American Girl has released these special edition mini doll versions of the BeForever dolls. Usually the mini dolls are dressed in the same default meet outfit as their 18-inch counterparts. For this anniversary, nearly all of them are dressed in special party dresses, which are sold separately for their 18-inch counterparts. (The only exception is Kaya, who’s still in her original meet outfit, which is strange because I’ve seen other outfits available for sale in the 18-inch Kaya line.)



Recently American Girl has announced a new doll that will be joining the BeForever lineup. Her name is Melody Ellison and she’s supposed to represent the 1960’s. The doll won’t be released until later this year but one can buy and read her books in the meantime. I have to admit that her hairstyle reminds me of when I used to watch reruns of That Girl when I was growing up and Marlo Thomas wore a similar hairstyle.


After spending some time at American Girl Place, I moved on to the Disney Store. Lately it seems like half the store has been given over to Marvel and Star Wars, which is appropriate since Disney owns both now.


They had this gorgeous Elsa doll that has articulated joints. (I definitely saw elbow joints.) She looks like she’s about the size of a Mini Super Dollfie. She costs $50 and I would’ve bought her if I didn’t have to be so tight about money these days. So I had to settle for a picture instead. Sigh!


I made a brief stop at the Lego Store where I took some more pictures.





For a change of pace I went to Spencer’s Gifts where I saw plenty of items related to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.


I also saw Hillary Clinton items as well. I have to say this, compared to the items for the male candidates (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump), the ones for Hillary Clinton play off the fact that she’s a woman by using all kinds of sexual metaphors that just aren’t there for the men. It’s downright sexist and disgusting. Check out this t-shirt.


And even that one is tasteful compared to this next photo, which shows a Hillary Clinton inflatable sex doll. Seriously! What’s worse is that this doll is called “Horny Hillary.” Yuck!


I think those Hillary items are tasteless and disgusting. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in Maryland recently and I think those Hillary sex items are gross. I can only imagine the reactions of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters when they see stuff like that.

I took a look at the plaza where I would’ve entered the mall had I travelled by Metro instead of by car (like I did that day). Normally there would be things like a giant chessboard and beanbag toss corn holes that would be out for anyone to use. But, like I wrote earlier, it was a very windy day when I was there so I could imagine why the plaza was relatively bare.


I saw a kiosk that was selling Emoji pillows.



I saw this covered area that was advertising various products. I don’t know what’s going on there but the barriers were covering something.



I took a few miscellaneous photos.





I took one last photo as I was crossing the cross bridge to the parking garage where my car was parked.


Last week I checked out a brand new event in Baltimore known as Light City. Basically it was a week-long event where there were art installations that consisted entirely of lights. Obviously it was the kind of event that could only be viewed at night. I learned about Light City on Facebook and I was awed by what I saw and photographed.

I passed by the historic Bromo Seltzer tower on the way from the Camden Yards Light Rail Stop to the Charm City Circulator bus stop.

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

I also passed by this Baltimore Ravens banner highlighting the fact that this season is their 20th anniversary.

Light City, March 31, 2016

I ate dinner at the Shake Shack but it was so unusually crowded inside that restaurant that I ordered my meal to go so I could just walk to the Inner Harbor and eat my meal on one of the benches. I was glad that the weather was nice and warm so I could do that. After dinner I walked around and took in all of the sites. There were these historic light poles that were placed in the same general area. The installation was known as In Light of History. They looked really pretty. There were copies of free newsletters that one can pick up. I didn’t read my newsletter copy until after I got home and I found out that they were there to mark places where the slave trade took place in Baltimore. That was pretty heavy to read, especially the vintage newspaper ads (which are posted on this website).

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

There was a vintage Baltimore City police car that was parked outside.

Light City, March 31, 2016

The outside of the World Trade Center had these animated lights that were really pretty.

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

There was live entertainment in various venues throughout Light City but people crowded the stage so much that I only got short glimpses such as the performance dance in the next photo.

Light City, March 31, 2016

The Inner Harbor was really crowded even though I went to Light City on a Thursday night. The Baltimore Sun reported that nearly 400,000 people attended that show the entire week. I’m not surprised, especially since the next photo shows how jam-packed the Inner Harbor was with people. (I can only image how crowded it got on the weekends.)

Light City, March 31, 2016

Everywhere I went there were all kinds of pretty lights everywhere.

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

There were echoes of Freddie Gray’s murder at the hands of the Baltimore police officers and the Black Lives Matter movement in this light display that was shown on the McKeldin Square fountain that featured people who were victims of excessive force by the Baltimore Police Department.

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

There was an area full of circles where people were invited to step on them. Generally the discs changed color every time someone stepped on them.

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Light City, March 31, 2016

Next to that area full of circles was this tent that where a private party was held that was off-limits to the general public.

Light City, March 31, 2016

A group of Bernie Sanders campaign volunteers got in on the fun by putting up their own light display urging people to vote for Sanders. (The Maryland primary will be coming in a few weeks.)

Light City, March 31, 2016

It was an amazing night. I was only able to take in just half of what was going on in Light City. Based on the map I saw, it looked like the whole thing started from Rash Field all the way past the Inner Harbor attractions (Maryland Science Center, Harborplace, etc.) until it ended just west of Fells Point, which was a huge amount of walking. I wasn’t able to return to Light City to finish touring the rest of it due mainly to the fact that I have a lot of other things I needed to do (such as spring cleaning, working on income taxes, etc.). I hope they do it again next year. I would definitely take at least two nights to see everything and account for the huge crowds that this event draws. Next time I would pack a dinner, snacks, and drinks from home instead of battling crowds to order a meal at one of the many restaurants and fast food outlets in the area.

I have a couple of friends of mine who perform together as a duo known as The Bachelor and the Bad Actress. They’ve been performing together for quite a while and they have an interesting repertoire that you can listen to right here.

A few weeks ago they posted on Facebook that they were shooting a music video for their latest song at the New Deal Cafe and they wanted as many people to come out and be a part of it as possible. The song is called “Be a Believer” and it’s a tune that’s encouraging people to vote for Bernie Sanders. (I know that many states have already have their primary elections. I live in a state that has its primary scheduled for April 26 this year.) So they shot the music video and they recently released it online.

Not long after its release featured that video along with a few other pro-Bernie Sanders music videos in this article. Then Fox News featured that same video in the first two minutes of this eight-minute video that someone posted on YouTube. The female host, Kennedy, is hysterical as she goes out of her way to paint everyone in this video as being crazy, naive, and delusional who are backing a totally lost cause. I remember Kennedy back in the day when she was a mediocre VJ on MTV (back when that channel actually used to play music videos instead of the really godawful reality shows that it now features) who used to brag about still being a virgin in her 20’s. Seeing Kennedy openly snark on a video that I appeared briefly in is definitely the most surreal blast from the past that I’ve ever had in my life.

It’s pretty cool to be in a music video that is starting to gain traction online. I had a blast making the video. I even took a few behind the scenes photos during the shooting of that video.








The next two photos show what it was like to be on stage with bright lights shining in all of our eyes.



Here’s a rare selfie of me wearing a flying pig hat. We were told to dress festively so I looked through my drawers where I found this hat, which I purchased when I was a vendor for the Pigtown Festival in Baltimore way back in 2010. (The table next to mine were selling flying pig hats for $10 and I ended up buying one on impulse.) Basically you pull on the strings dangling from the pig hat in order to flap the pig’s wings.


Anyway here’s the video for “Be a Believer” by The Bachelor and The Bad Actress. You can see me wearing the flying pig hat and a blue sweatshirt on the far right hand side of the stage at the 7 second, 46 second, and 56 second marks.

(There was more footage shot of me with a couple of other people as we danced on stage and I flapped the flying pig hat’s wings but it was left on the cutting room floor. I’m still happy with the result nonetheless.)

Once more, here’s the link to the Mashable article that features this video along with other similar ones.

Here’s the video of Kennedy openly snarking on “Be a Believer” that is totally over the top. (Her looney rant kicks off the first two minutes of this eight-minute video.) One warning: You may not want to have anything in your mouth while watching this because there’s a chance that you’ll laugh so hard at Kennedy’s crazy rant that your computer/mobile screen will be covered in food and/or drink.

The only consolation about that above clip is that I doubt many people have actually watched the show that Kennedy’s rant appeared on. I know I didn’t. The only reason why I knew about its existence is because someone on Facebook saw it and started to post about it. That’s because, like the other cable news outlets, Fox News’ core audiences have shrunk despite increasing profits due to ad revenue. Basically Kennedy is blathering into a void where people aren’t even caring enough to tune into Fox News so her career continues from being a mediocre MTV VJ with a lot of viewers between 12-34 to being a mediocre Fox News commentator with fewer viewers (and the majority of them are over 60). If it weren’t for the fact that MTV prefers airing awful reality shows to actually playing music videos these days, I would tell Kennedy that she should stick with being a VJ.

This morning I saw a few videos that I can’t resist sharing. The first one is an ad that aired on Saturday Night Live last night that’s totally hysterical.

Then there’s this hilarious mash-up between Donald Trump and the 1950’s sitcom The Honeymooners that’s totally sublime.

On a more serious note, here’s the latest threat from Anonymous to take down Donald Trump.

You can watch that one unfold in real time on Twitter under the #OpTrump hashtag.

I went to my first art show in 2016. It was the formal opening of the Winter Gallery Show at ReCreative Spaces in Mount Rainier, Maryland, which featured the art of Arthur Kwon Lee. Here are the photos I took at last Friday’s event.

Zip Cars was a major sponsor of that event and they gave away free pens.

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015 Cupcakes were provided by Bake Sweet Love. I had the salted caramel one and it tasted really good. One can order their cupcakes online through its website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or blog. ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

The big hands-on art activity they had at that event was coloring pages from one of those adult coloring books that have become a big rage these days. (I can’t seem to walk into any store without seeing at least one adult coloring book on sale.) The next photo shows a work in progress.

Winter Gallery Opening Event at ReCreative Spaces, Mount Rainier, Maryland, January 8 2015

I colored both sides of the page that I selected to color. Here are the results.

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

Here are the rest of the photos which included a guitar player who provided live music, some people socializing, and some of Arthur Kwon Lee’s art that is currently on display at ReCreative Spaces through March 31.

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015


You can get this design on a number of products ranging from t-shirts to coffee mugs to laptop skins. Check it all out in my RedBubble shop.

Earlier this year I took a class in how to use Adobe AfterEffects that was held at the Takoma Park Public Library in Takoma Park, Maryland. I was offered the chance to take it again this fall starting in early October so I spent my Tuesday nights going back to the Takoma Park Public Library with the same instructor while I was using Adobe AfterEffects. The class ended nearly a week ago. Here are the results, which I’ve just uploaded on to YouTube.

I did a very short video using stock footage of a bee pollinating a flower while achieving a radio waves effect (similar to this animated logo that used to be featured at the very beginning of all films that were distributed by R.K.O. Pictures). I added a message about the importance of not killing bees because they are very important in pollinating flowers that produce corn, wheat, berries, tomatoes, and other types of fruits and vegetables. I later added some sound effects using iMovie. I was influenced by environmentalists (especially on the local level) who have been waging an awareness campaign because many honeybees have been dying in huge numbers for a variety of reasons that are too numerous to write here but this link provides some background information. Here it is.

The other video I created was more of a challenge. I decided to do a video promoting Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign using mainly text that I transcribed from actual audio files. (I obtained the audio from downloading videos from this playlist that came from the Citizen Media for We the People YouTube Channel.) The most challenging part of making this video was the time factor because it was a short class. But I managed to finish a rough draft of the animation by the end of the last class, which I then exported as a QuickTime file. I later imported it into iMovie where I did some trims and tweaks until the video was in manageable form. I showed it to a few friends and acquaintances who are sympathetic to Bernie Sanders and I’ve gotten rave reviews for this. So, without further ado, here is my Bernie Sanders video.

American Flag

Previous in This Series

Part 1 (Artomatic 2007)
Part 2 (Artomatic 2008)

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been re-posting old blog posts that I originally made for my online Artomatic account. I would initially write a rough draft using a HTML editor then do a quick copy and paste directly into that online blog. The only thing is that the people behind Artomatic tend to wipe the official site of old content whenever a new Artomatic event is announced. Since Artomatic is going on this year, I’d thought it would be cool to re-post some of those old blog posts that exist on my hard drive.

This entry focuses on the posts I wrote when I took part in the 2009 Artomatic event. Things were pretty good for me. I was in the process of recovering from my hip replacement surgery that I underwent in late 2008  but I had felt so much better compared to the year before. I took part in Artomatic that previous year even though I hobbled around on a cane. The organizers would put me in desk jobs for my volunteer shift whenever they saw me with my cane so I was still able to do the required three volunteer shifts.

Here are some of the posts I wrote that year.

Tired, May 21, 2009

I’m participating in Artomatic this year but I’ve been a bit on the disorganized side. After spending the past year dealing with a bad left hip, I’m now getting used to being in good health once again. Six months ago I had hip replacement surgery and it was a very slow healing process. This past Monday was my six-month anniversary of the surgery. The good news is that because I’ve made great strides, my doctor told me that I can now discontinue the physical therapy that I’ve been on since the day after the surgery. (Yes, it started while I was still in the hospital.) It was only last week when I felt confident enough to stop using my cane.

Well, in any case, I’m now able to do more than I did last year. My left hip was so bad that I signed up all of my required three volunteer shifts in the Events category because I was so unsure about being able to do either Installation or Deinstallation.

This year I signed up for one shift in each of the categories. My first shift was last night, which is still in the Installation phase. My main assignment was to patrol the 8th and 9th floors to make sure that people present were actually installing their spaces and to confront anyone who didn’t seem to be installing at all. Well, everyone who was there were doing some kind of installing so it was a pretty calm night.

At 9:30 p.m. I had to let people on both the 8th and 9th floors know that the building was going to close for the night in 30 minutes. Then I did the same thing at 9:45 p.m., except to tell them that everything was going to close in 15 minutes. After 10 p.m. I went to the 8th and 9th floors to make sure everyone was gone then I turned the lights off.

It wasn’t a hard job, although it required a lot of walking since I had to cover two floors. (There weren’t enough volunteers at my shift so a few of us had to do with two floors instead of the usual one floor per person.) I really did appreciate the surgery because there was no way I could’ve done this last year with my bad hip.

The only real snag came when I got off my shift because the Washington Nationals were playing at the stadium nearby and the baseball fans were crowding the Navy Yard Metro station. In any case, I’m pretty tired from last night plus I’m getting over this head cold that I caught last week–which is why I’ve been very slow about installing my own work.

I should sign off now and get some sleep.

Finally Finished With Installing, May 27, 2009

I spent most of Memorial Day weekend on finishing with the installation of my artwork. I finally finished on Monday, Memorial Day, itself. I was totally exhausted but at least I’m done.

I’ll update my catalogue soon.

What I’ll Be Exhibiting at Artomatic This Year, May 27, 2009

This year’s show will be a mix of new work that I’ve done while I was recuperating from undergoing hip replacement surgery last November and older work that I showed last year and will be making a return visit.

First will be the images of artwork that I haven’t actually showed at Artomatic before but I uploaded them online earlier this year because Artomatic was sponsoring a special Valentine Day’s show at a few buildings in the same neighborhood where this year’s Artomatic was being held and the entires were selected from those who had updated their Artomatic catalogues. I created and uploaded two small paintings plus one photograph just in time for the deadline but none of them were selected for the show. The two paintings will be included in my exhibit. (I left the photograph of the two dolls out of this year’s show due to space issues on my wall.) Neither one have been exhibited anywhere else prior to Artomatic. Here are the paintings:

Barack Obama

Psyche and Cupid

Now for the artwork that is making a return to Artomatic this year. All of them are photographs and all of them were exhibited in last year’s show.

Where is the Alligator? Cypress Gardens, Charleston, South Carolina 2008

Cypress Gardens, Charleston, South Carolina, 2008

Volks Dollfie Dream Doll Peeking From Cherry Blossom Tree

Blythe Doll in Cherry Blossom Tree

Ellowyne Wilde Doll in Front of U.S. Capitol

Ninth Life Store Sign

Here are some additional artwork that will be making its debut at Artomatic for the first time.



Free Beer Tomorrow

Panda Wall Hanging

Peeps Acrylic Painting


The Scream of Nadya Suleman


Here is a promo video I made for YouTube.


Dance Performances at Artomatic, June 13, 2009

Here’s a video I shot of two women who performed this dance routine under the name Hairloom.

I also shot this belly dancing performance by the group Sahara Dance.


Meet the Artists Night, June 13, 2009

I shot two videos of that night. Here is my exhibition space as it was set up on that night.

Most of the action took place on the 7th floor, where PostSecret author Frank Warren was having a book signing event. That floor turned into one large party complete with music and flashing lights. Here is what I shot on that floor.


The Sarah Palin Tribute Band at Artomatic, June 17, 2009

I shot two videos by this band called The Sarah Palin Tribute Band who, as far as I can tell, had made their performing debut at Artomatic but haven’t performed in public anywhere else since then. Here is the group doing the song “This Land is Your Land.”

And here is the group performing “This Little Light of Mine.”


Artomatic Musings, June 25, 2009

A few days ago I finally finished visiting all the floors and viewed all the artwork. How I did it was that I would devote a few hours a week to seeing art and I did only two floors at a time. I started with the 9th floor and worked my way down. Here are a few videos of what I saw, starting with the display of the winners of this year’s Peeps diorama contest that was sponsored by The Washington Post.

Here are the interactive displays I saw on the first, second, and third floors.

Here are the interactive displays I saw on the fourth floor.

Here are the interactive displays I saw on the fifth floor.

Here are the ones on the sixth and seventh floors.

And, finally, here are the ones on the eighth floor.

I saw incredible amounts of artwork. I saw lots of art that I liked but there was so much of it that I can’t remember which ones I liked. I did pick up a bunch of business cards and flyers and many of these artists have websites so I will be spending the next few months with gradually visiting all their sites at my own leisure.

A week ago I spent the second of my three required volunteer shifts watching the loading dock. I was glad that I brought my iPod Touch and my puzzle magazine along because it was a bit on the dull side. The highlight came when I helped another volunteer with washing out the recycling bins using a hose then spraying them with Lysol. All I can say is that stale beer is an absolutely disgusting scent.

But I still can’t complain about having to do it because last year my left hip stopped working and I had to hobble around on a cane. My hip got so bad that I had to undergo a hip replacement then go through a few months of physical therapy. Compared to the hell that I went through for the past year, washing out recycling bins is no big deal.

I checked out the first ever Zombie Prom and it was a riot!!! I wore this evening gown that I had originally purchased for my brother-in-law’s wedding a few years ago and I even had my face made up into a zombie. It was pretty fun. Here’s a video I shot at that event.

There are times when I wished Artomatic had been held in the spring like the last few years. That’s because this year both the Artomatic 500 Cardboard Car Race and the Peeps Diorama Reception are being held this Saturday and I’ll be out of town. My family had booked a week in Ocean City months before Artomatic announced its show and it was too late to re-schedule. I will be back next Friday, although I’m not sure what time I’ll arrive. If I arrive relatively early in the day and if I still have energy, I’ll check out the Art in Fashion show later that evening. But everything is really iffy. [NOTE: I ended up not attending the Art in Fashion show because we arrived late from the trip and I was pretty tired by then.]

The Last Entry for 2009, July 26, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I managed to retrieve my artwork from Artomatic. This past Friday I served the last of my three required volunteer shifts. I basically helped with taking down the partitions in the middle of the floors. The shift I was on managed to finish with the few that were left on the 9th floor before taking down all the ones on the 8th floor. By the time we started on the 7th floor, our shift was over. When I left there was still a lot of work that needed to be done but I’m sure everything will be eventually cleared out.

On that note, I’m going to stop updating this blog for the rest of the year. While I enjoyed myself at this year’s Artomatic, the big disappointment is that I didn’t sell a single thing. I don’t know if it’s due to the poor economy or the fact that Artomatic was moved to the summertime or the fact that it was located near the Nationals ballpark or a combination of all three. But right now I’m up in the air as to whether I will participate next year. It really depends on what the organizers do and where the event will be located and my own schedule.

But I’m really disappointed that all my efforts have amounted to naught when it came to my own sales and even lucking out on meeting influential curators or other movers and shakers in the art world who could help me make it to the next level. I’m at the point where I’m questioning whether it was worth it at all.

I’m not going to make any decisions about my participation in future Artomatics until next year. In the meantime I’m just going to pursue other opportunities and hope they pan out.

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