Not too long ago someone made a comment on one of my posts on my Instagram account telling me that he/she really liked my work and he/she asked me to submit my recent art to this publication called 1340 Art Magazine while providing a link to a webpage where I can send a sample of my work. I looked at the magazine’s Instagram account, where I learned that they also have a print publication version that’s released quarterly. So I figured what the hell and I sent a picture of one of my paintings. Not long afterwards I receive an email from Lisa Harris informing me that I was selected to be among the finalists whose work would be featured in an upcoming issue of that magazine. She said that in order to qualify for having my work possibly being selected for publication, I had to follow this link and fill out the online form.

When I went to that form I saw that they charged $20 for one submission and $30 for four submissions with a message saying that paying the higher fee and submitting four pictures would increase my chances of being selected for their print publication. I began to lose my enthusiasm for submitting anything, especially since I’m dealing with major financial problems at the moment.

A couple of days ago Lisa Harris sent me another email urging me to get my submission in before the May 31 deadline if I want to have a shot at getting any of my art published in the online quarterly publication.

It seemed like an awesome opportunity but I was leery about paying a submission fee, especially since I had never heard of 1340 Art Magazine before. I did a Google search on that publication and I saw that the word “scam” came up after I typed in the name of the publication. Here are some links about 1340 Art Magazine that made me change my mind about submitting anything to them.

Reddit thread: 1340 art magazine – Is it a scam?

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Plus there are YouTube videos on 1340 Art Magazine being a scam operation by impaired00Visions,  panda shy, and heather macdonald.

This whole thing reminds me of a similar Instagram encounter I had with Boho Queen Jewelry late last year. Thanks to doing a quick Google search, I decided that I’m going to save my money and not bother with submitting anything to 1340 Art Magazine. By the way, I came across this article on the Agora Advice Blog on How to Recognize An Art Scam that’s worth reading.

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