I was going out and photographing various Christmas-related stuff starting in late November but I decided to wait until late in December before I started doing any kind of blogging about the winter holidays. On December 16, the day after my birthday, I would write one new winter holiday-related post every day until January 6 (Feast of the Epiphany) and I would even write and upload posts on Saturdays and Sundays.

Except things went a bit awry. I kept on doing winter holiday activities while I was doing my marathon blogging until I discovered that I had more posts than days available, which resulted in uploading two or three posts per day towards the end. I began to burn out on doing this but I kept at it.

Had I gone to the Artechouse Nutcracker event sooner I would’ve accomplished my marathon blogging on January 6. But I ended up not going until January 6 and I wasn’t able to write about it until earlier today. So there was a two-day break between my last winter holiday post and the Nutcracker post that would be the last of the marathon winter holiday posts.

Having done this, I’ve decided that I will never try this again. It was sheer insanity to do so much blogging like that and it also distracted from other things that I would like to be working on. If I was to do this again, I would not save posts until late December. If I come across something Christmas-related in November, I would try to write about it soon afterwards instead of waiting until after December 15 to write about it.

Well, anyway, I’ve learned my lesson.