Working on a new sketch per day during Inktober plus being sick on Halloween itself have really thrown me out of whack. (Which is why I’m not participating in either Makevember or NaNoWriMo this month. It’s amazing how much time doing any kind of daily creation of something new along with uploading your new creation on to social media can take out of your day.) I meant to upload a bunch of cool fall photos in this blog only to get sidetrack by both Inktober and illness.

My most recent trip to both the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center and Clark’s Elioak Farm came from a desire to come up with some more Inktober sketches before I totally burn out on doing this entirely. I packed my small sketchbook along with some pencils and pens and a camera and headed out.

First I went to the site of the now-defunct fairy tale amusement park The Enchanted Forest. The original site has since become a shopping center. For many years the original castle entrance and the sign featuring Old King Cole served as reminders of the place’s previous existence as a amusement park. But then the original castle entrance was moved to Clark’s Elioak Farm and now Old King Cole is the sole last vestige of the shopping center’s amusement park past.

There were two reasons why I wanted to go back to the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center. One is that there is this bagel place that serves very delicious yet affordable food. The other reason is that I had heard that a plaque marker was erected on the former site of the castle entrance. After I ate lunch at the bagel place, I went over to view this plaque marker.

Afterwards I drove to Clark’s Elioak Farm, which houses most of the Enchanted Forest’s former attractions. It’s my first visit to the farm in two years (when I finished making then showing my documentary film, Saving the Enchanted Forest, at Artomatic) and I’ve noticed a few changes they’ve made since my last visit, starting with this new entrance that’s only for those who have either booked a birthday party at the farm or have signed up to do a formal guided tour of the farm.

The next few photos show the replica of the original Enchanted Forest castle entrance (which Clark’s Elioak Farm erected before they got the actual castle entrance). That replica serves as the castle store where people can purchase meats and produce produced at the farm as well as various souvenirs. There was a time when that replica was also the place where people could enter and exit. As of my recent visit, they’ve changed the rules where you can only enter through the castle replica if you purchased a season pass or want to only shop at the castle store. Otherwise, you have to go to a tented area.

Of course there was this huge line waiting outside the tented area. It basically took me around 20 minutes before I finally reached the tents so I could pay admission and get inside.

When I entered the first thing I saw was the original castle entrance and the storybook sign that were moved from its original location to the farm two years ago.

They added a miniature replica of a castle where I saw children playing while their parents were taking pictures.

On the other side of that original castle entrance I saw this new plaque dedicated to Pat Selby Sealing, who worked at the original Enchanted Forest and was instrumental in getting many of its former attractions transferred to Clark’s Elioak Farm.

I went inside the pine tree maze where I saw some major changes, starting with these plastic streamers in the next picture.

When I went to Clark’s Elioak Farm in 2015, it was a few weeks after they had placed dinosaurs among the fairy tale and nursery rhyme attractions.  When I returned recently I noticed that they had removed most of the dinosaurs, which I thought was a bummer because I really liked seeing them. I don’t know why they were removed. You’ll have to see the photos I posted in 2015 if you want to know what you’ve missed.

There was only one remaining dinosaur at Clark’s Elioak Farm and this one is in the next picture.

They’ve added a new train ride on the farm.

The Gem Mining and Geo Cracking station is still there since my 2015 visit with an addition of the various gorgeous gems that one can purchase.

The old Enchanted Forest attractions that are the major draw to the farm are still there, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears house. However I noticed one difference when I looked in the windows of that house.

Usually one can find Goldilocks in Baby Bear’s bed (just like in the original story). This time around someone had taken Goldilocks from her bed and placed her in the living room near the pipe-smoking Papa Bear.

I’ve long thought that Goldilocks was a full figured human girl until I saw her out of her bed. She’s actually half a girl in that she has nothing below her waist. No legs, no nothing.

Seeing her likes this makes her look very creepy. In a way it was fitting to have Goldilocks in that position since Halloween was coming soon. But I think she looks far better in Baby Bear’s bed than as this weird half-girl.

Mama Bear had been moved to the bay windows, where she looked very pensive sitting there. I couldn’t resist photographing her like this.

I took a few landscape photographs. Basically the Enchanted Forest attractions look the same as on previous visits.

I also hung around the petting zoo a bit. The animals were still there as before.

There was this marker honoring those members of the Clark family (who founded Clark’s Elioak Farm) who fought in World War II.

Fall is the time of year when the yellowjackets get really obnoxious and aggressive. This trap had plenty of yellowjackets in it.

Despite the farm’s efforts to keep the yellowjackets under control, there were some tables where you did not dare sit at because those stinging insects were literally hanging around there.

I took a couple pictures of some fall flowers in full bloom.

I saw this mother and daughter pair celebrating Halloween early by dressing as Batman and Robin.

There was a pumpkin patch where people could have their pick of pumpkins.


They had a variety of pumpkins available for sale in all shapes, sizes, and colors (including even white pumpkins).

This last photo shows the one purchase I made at Clark’s Elioak Farm—a pumpkin.


As for the original purpose of visiting the farm again, so I can work on some Inktober drawings, I had a very productive day. I managed to finish this drawing entirely in ink while I was at the farm, which was of the black duckling and white swan that once served as part of the Mother Goose Ride at the Enchanted Forest but they have had their wheels removed and they are permanently parked in the pine maze.

I made three other drawings in pencil, which I inked, one picture at a time, over the next three days in Inktober. Two of them were the former Enchanted Forest attractions—the Crooked House and Willie the Whale.

The last one was one of the goats in the petting zoo who was just sitting in this metal basin with its eyes closed while looking very blissful and satisfied.

In case you’ve missed it, here are all of the 31 drawings I did for Inktober last month.