I thought he really hit a new low with that messed-up Boy Scouts speech. But it seems like he’s determined to show the world how much of a hateful bastard he really is while encouraging people to still love him despite the fact that he’s exhibiting malignant narcissism tendencies.

Today President Trump issued a ban on transgender people from serving in the military. He claimed that the medical costs associated with a transgender person would be huge yet this one analysis says that what the military currently shells out for Viagra is more than it would on providing medical care for a transgender person.

Right now I’m just going to say this. For years there have been transgender people active in my Unitarian Universalist congregation. All of them have made my congregation a better place to go to and worship in. My UU faith was very helpful when I learned that a man who caught my garter at my wedding is now living as a transgender woman. Donald Trump’s hateful ban on trans people from serving this country in the military will NOT deter my own congregation—or the UU denomination in general—from continuing to be a safe haven for transgender people. Anyone who supports what President Trump has done and/or supports the bathroom bills that have made their way through various state legislatures is on the wrong side of history.