I’m sure that many of you have heard about President Trump’s bizarre speech at a Boy Scout Jamboree. In case you’ve missed it, The Toronto Star has a list of the 17 most jaw-dropping moments from that speech while you can view the speech in its entirety right here.

I am a former Girl Scout. I was once married to an Eagle Scout. My late mother-in-law once served as a Den Mother to my ex-husband’s Boy Scout troop. I am totally outraged over President Trump’s inappropriately partisan speech to a large group of minors who are members of what is supposed to be a non-partisan organization. He railed against the Affordable Health Care Act while making disparaging remarks about former President Obama and Hillary Clinton—topics that should NOT belong in a speech to the Boy Scouts.

Naturally the parents of these boys are outraged and some have even threatened to withdraw their sons from the Boy Scouts of America. I don’t blame them one bit. If I had a son who was at that Jamboree, I would be so angry that I would be going to West Virginia right now and withdrawing him early from that event.

The fact that Donald Trump is using innocent children for his own propaganda purposes without the consent from either the kids or their parents says a lot about his character—none of it very good.

It’s too bad that Donald Trump himself was never a Boy Scout. Had he belonged to a troop while he was growing up, he would’ve been exposed to the idea of doing service for others and how to have reverence for this country and all that it stands for. He missed out on a golden opportunity to improve himself while possibly being exposed to kids from a different background than what he was raised in. He also would’ve learned that partisan politics has no place in the Boy Scouts.

But he wasn’t a member and he grew up with this huge narcissistic ego with a giant sense of entitlement. He probably views the Boy Scouts as his own version of the Hitler Youth (or is it Trump Youth?) and the Girl Scouts as his own League of German Girls (which would be renamed the League of American Girls). If the Boy Scouts have any common sense, they would ban him from ever speaking at any further Boy Scout events. I hope the Girl Scouts would not ever think about having him speak at any of their events. Given the allegations involving sexual assault against minors, having him speak to a group of underaged girls would be like letting a dog loose in a candy shop.