I attended a workshop on how to use social media to get a job at the Maryland Workforce Exchange office in Laurel. A nasty storm was about to get started when the workshop ended. Rather than make a potentially perilous journey home I decided to head to the nearby Laurel Library so I could wait out the storm. I brought my laptop with me plus there are plenty of books in that library so I had no problem with waiting there. (Besides it’s not like I have anyone waiting at home for me to return these days.)

I last visited that library back in December. It had recently opened and I was curious to see what it was like and I found it interesting, especially with the dinosaur motif. On this trip I found some more dinosaur motifs scattered around the place.

That giant dinosaur skeleton is still buried under a plexiglass floor.

This little girl was walking on the floor above the dinosaur skeleton while taking a look at it.

I noticed that there were gardens outside the last time I was there but everything was dead since it was in December. This time everything was lush and growing with all kinds of pretty flowers blooming.

I last saw the glass obelisk outside the library at night, when it was lit up. It was still daylight when I saw it again but it’s still interesting to see it with the sun out.