I’ve been hearing plenty on the Internet about this new fad known as Fidget Spinners. I became curious enough that I purchased one when the local Five Below store got a shipment in. The Fidget Spinners were only sold behind the counter and sales were limited to no more than two per person. So I paid $5 for a red one. I shot this short video recording my unboxing of my new purchase and my reaction to playing with a Fidget Spinner for the first time. Have fun with this one!

If you want to learn more about this trend, this link has some information, including the bizarre fact that the popular porn site PornHub revealed that, during a 10-day data sampling in May, there were 2.5 million searches for the term “Fidget Spinner”, which made it the top trending term and the fifth most popular search for that month. (Personally I would rather not know the details about how people can use a Fidget Spinner as a sex toy.)