I’ve heard plenty about how there’s a trend for people getting employment through the Gig Economy and how this has been hailed in news articles like this one. I also went to a workshop on this topic plus I heard it again when I served as an extra at a taping of an upcoming TV special featuring financial guru Ric Edelman.

I’m giving the Gig Economy a try but there is one thing I’ve encountered that doesn’t get mentioned in the mainstream media: Scammers are also lurking looking to take advantage of people who are looking for work. I wrote this story and posted on LinkedIn Pulse because I really think this scam trap needs to be publicized as widely as possible. Here’s the link to this article (which includes screenshots of a Google Hangout conversation with someone who sounds like a facsimile of one of those Nigerian prince email scammers).

Dangerous Potholes on the Road to the Gig Economy

I’ve been writing occasional articles for LinkedIn Pulse, the majority of which are crossposted from this blog. So far I’ve written seven articles in two years. I’ve been told that I need to start contributing there if I want to get my name out there in the professional world but it’s a challenge getting noticed. Even with a hot trendy topic like the Gig Economy I’ve gotten less than 50 hits as of this writing. I’m hoping that some of you reading this may want to check my latest article out, especially since that one is exclusively on LinkedIn Pulse and it hasn’t been crossposted in this blog.