Cinco de Mayo

Last November I did a video book review of this book I checked out of the local public library that was written by Emmanuelle Dirix called Dressing the Decades. Yesterday I received a Facebook message from the author herself. She said that one of her students had come across my video and had told her about it. She basically liked my review.

That was pretty cool feedback. In case you’ve missed it, here is my review below.

I haven’t done another book review since then. It’s mainly because I haven’t gotten much views and I felt that it wasn’t worth the time and effort in making these reviews. With that nice feedback from Emmanuelle Dirix, maybe I should give it another try.

I only started these video book reviews because my friend, Phil Shapiro, urged me to do so. He thought it would help me build my personal brand and ultimately lead to a decent job. (So far my videos haven’t done that.) He does there video book reviews on a regular basis. Here’s his latest video book review on Crowdfunding Basics in 30 Minutes by Michael J. Epstein.

He’s done several others, with views ranging from around 50 to around 500. (Okay, so he’s not Pew Die Pie. LOL!) You can see them all right here.