May Day

A few years ago one of my friends, Phil Shapiro, did this song called “Open Source is Yours and Mine,” which I wrote a blog post about when he originally released it on SoundCloud. He later did a video version, which he uploaded on to YouTube.

I had been thinking about doing a followup to my last animation, “The March of Liberty,” which was screened at Light City in Baltimore last month (and I even shot a short reaction video when I saw it being played on a large outdoor screen).

I was toying around with doing something based on “Open Source is Yours and Mine” for a while but I finally did it last Friday. Well, anyway, for your May Day viewing pleasure, here is the animated version of “Open Source is Yours and Mine”—complete with an appearance by a penguin.

Yes, I’ll admit that I was inspired by certain movies while I was making it (including the bridge scene from It’s a Wonderful Life and the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp). LOL!