Way back in 2014 I wrote a post about a public library in Hyattsville, Maryland that’s notable for one thing: It has a flying saucer located in the front of the building.




The main reason why I took extensive photos of that library was that there were plans to demolish the aging library so a newer modern library can come up in its place. At one point there were rumors that the flying saucer was going to be razed as well so a citizen group had sprung up in an effort to save the flying saucer. That group’s effort was ultimately successful—the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System decided to leave the flying saucer standing and raze the rest of the building .

Today is the last day of the old building. I’m typing this entry from that building. Once closing time comes, the building will be permanently closed while waiting for its demolition. The library will be moving to temporary quarters just three miles away at 6502 America Boulevard.

I checked out the rest of the building but, to be honest, it’s not really that much different from when I took those pictures in 2014. Both the library employees and patrons are just going about their business. The only noticeable thing are these signs in both English and Spanish posted throughout the library announcing the imminent move to the temporary location.

Sure I’ll miss the old building once it gets razed but I’m looking forward to what the new building will look like once it gets built.