A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was A Day Without Women strike that took place on International Women’s Day (which was March 8). Women were encouraged not to work (either at their jobs or doing housework in their homes) or shop. If someone needed to buy something on that day, that person was encouraged to buy it at a local woman or minority-owned business.

I learned on Facebook that Tanglewood Works was sponsoring a craft-in on that day for any striker to drop in and do a quick craft project for $5. So I headed there and I found that I was the only one who arrived at the store. (I was told that a family stopped by a few hours earlier.)

The basic set up went like this. First you picked which decal you like the best.

Then you take a tile (all of which came from Community Forklift, a hardware store specializing in selling appliances and home improvement items that have been recycled from construction projects) and you apply the decal to the tile.

Next you take alcohol-based inks and just apply them on the tile surface. It’s okay if you cover the decal.

When the ink dries, remove the decal then spray the fixative on it. Here’s the result.