I was at a local Target store when I encountered the world’s most confusing door. Is it an entrance or not? MAKE UP YOUR OWN DAMNED MIND!!!

The world's most confusing door.

Here’s a less-confusing door, this one leading to the Three Little Birds Sewing Company in Hyattsville, Maryland. The top of the door has a quote by Maya Angelou while the bottom has a sign indicating how this store welcomes everyone no matter what race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender.

Three Little Birds Sewing Company Door, Hyattsville, Maryland

Here are some daffodils that I saw by a white wall while I was walking through Hyattsville, Maryland recently.

Flowers Along a White Wall

Pretty daffodils in Hyattsville.

Last, but not least, I learned that Triple Chocolate Peeps are a thing this year. Basically a chocolate peep is filled with a chocolate filling on the inside then its bottom gets dipped in even more chocolate. I found this pack at Target.

Triple Chocolate Peeps