A few weeks ago I attended my first-ever focus group movie screening. The deal was this: a local filmmaker was having a free screening of his movie at the Greenbelt Theatre. In exchange we were asked to fill out a survey after the movie ended. It sounded like a good deal to me so I went for it.

The movie was a documentary called Victorious and it’s about the DC Divas, an all-female football team that plays in the Women’s Football Alliance. I found it quite interesting, even though I’m not a football fan. I was amazed at the difference between how female football players are treated compared to their male counterparts in the NFL in terms of everything from sponsorships (you won’t see advertisers hire female football players to appear in their ads hawking beer and other products) to being taken seriously as athletes. The documentary was still a work in progress when I saw it (there was one scene where stock footage of an airplane taking off from the runway that still had the “Shutterstock” watermark in the middle) but I found it quite interesting.

I took a quick photo of the survey that I was given at the end, along with an attached Fed-Ex box.

All I had to do was just fill out the survey and give it and the attached box back to the filmmaker.

It was a pretty interesting experience. I think this documentary has a lot of potential to be something that gets rave reviews in papers like The New York Times. Only time will tell regarding this film’s ultimate fate. If you ever get a chance to attend a focus group movie screening, go for it. At least you’ll get to see a free movie.