I stopped by Annapolis Mall for the first time in a few years. I remember when I made my weekly visit to that mall on the way to visiting Arundel Medical Center. That was in the wake of my hip revision surgery in 2011 when, during physical therapy, the physical therapist noticed that my wound wasn’t healing so she urged me to see the surgeon who then referred me to that hospital’s Wound Center. Each week I had to visit that Wound Center while the doctor there dug out sutures that had pushed its way through my wound. (My body had a reaction to the internal sutures so it chose to keep my wound open to push the fragmented sutures through. The Wound Center doctor told me that it’s similar to how the body pushes up a splinter.)

I usually went to the Annapolis Mall on the way to the Wound Center where I hung around this cafe that had free wi-fi. I would surf the web while drinking hot chocolate and eating a snack of some kind until it was appointment time. That cafe has since been replaced by an ice cream stand known as Menchie’s. It has pretty cool mosaic tile art. It looks like one of those build-your-own sundae places. (I didn’t eat there. I would like to try it sometime in the future.)

Another store I don’t recall seeing before is Lolli and Pops, which is a candy store with a really cool looking interior.

Lolli and Pops has every kind of candy imaginable from all over the world.

I’ve seen Pocky Sticks on sale before in various stores but Lolli and Pops had flavors on sale that I had never known existed.

The highlight was the gummy bears section, which has all kinds of gummy flavors, including champaign.

I’m old enough to remember when depicting a same-sex kiss was considered to be outrageous and controversial. Nowadays one can see same-sex romantic images such as this sign in The Body Shop window.

Amazon has a kiosk in the middle of the mall, which sells mainly electronic devices like the Kindle.

Another new thing I don’t recall seeing before is this aquarium that’s in the middle of the mall. It definitely attracts the kids.

The last few pictures in this post I took inside the Build-A-Bear Workshop.

One can buy other plushies besides teddy bears, such as this dinosaur.

I saw this really cool, funky, and colorful rainbow lion on sale.