I first got into podcasting when I took a free online class on social media marketing through Alison.com. As part of the class I learned how to use the free open source software Audacity and then upload it on to PodOmatic.com. When I took out an account on PodOmatic, I was sent a welcome email while suggesting that uploading three new podcasts three times a week for eight weeks was the best way to go if I wanted to build a following.

After doing this for two weeks straight, I found it to be a bit too daunting. It doesn’t help that these podcasts are essentially a one-person effort so I have to think about the subject of the podcast, write the script, record it, edit it, then upload it. I found that doing it three times a week is a bit much, especially since I have other things I need to be working on (such as decluttering my home and working on my income taxes).

I also realize that I only did these podcasts because I wanted to get some working experience in doing them. If I was an aspiring radio deejay or talk show host, I would continue with doing these podcasts three times a week or more. But I find doing these audio podcasts to be a bit daunting myself because I have to think of topics and it’s not always easy finding inspiration for new podcasts, especially since I’m doing audio-only podcasts so there are certain subjects that I can’t even get into (such as my drawings and paintings) because it would be too hard to explain.

So I’m going to cut way back on these podcasts to little more than one day a week and, even then, it would only if I actually have something to say.

Right now I’m making podcasts based on sheet music that I purchased at a vintage yard sale last summer, inputted them into the computer using the open source MuseScore, and generated audio files. I made them into videos and uploaded them on to YouTube. But I’ve been making the audio files into separate podcasts focusing on one song per episode. I’ll continue with them until I run out of songs. (I haven’t purchased any more vintage sheet music since last summer.)

Now that I got that announcement out of the way, here is my latest podcast, which I uploaded online yesterday. It’s about the sheet music for the song “Little By Little You’re Breaking My Heart,” which was copyrighted in 1919. You can listen to this podcast right here.