A few years ago I ordered my first—and only—Makies doll. It was a great concept where you go online and design your avatar, which was free. However, you had the option of turning your avatar into a real-life doll (which is where Makies made its money). It was a totally neat idea for a doll company.

Makies was based in London and I was definitely among the first wave of Americans who purchased Makies. Last year I learned that the company decided to pull up stakes and move to America, which really thrilled me. But then I heard nothing else from the company.

At first I thought it’s because they were waiting out the results of the elections and they may have gotten cold feet when Donald Trump was elected. I’ve just recently came across this notice on the Makies’ Facebook page that was uploaded a few days ago where it looks like the company is closing down completely.

The only silver lining is that the company mentioned that they have sold the Makies technology and platform to what Makies describes as “a fantastic US media behemoth.” They aren’t allowed to say who it is due to a non-disclosure agreement but some of the posts I saw on Facebook have speculated that the “US media behemoth” is probably either Mattel or Disney. I guess we will all have to wait until the US media behemoth in question makes an announcement about what it plans to do with the Makies technology and platform it purchased.

It’s too bad that Makies folded because they had a great concept. I was even thinking about ordering a second Makies once I saved up enough money. At least I still have Victoria to remember them by. 😦

Victoria the Makies Doll

UPDATE (April 2, 2017): I recently came across this article on TechCrunch.com that has confirmed that Disney is the “fantastic US media behemoth” who has purchased Makies’ tech and assets. It will be interesting to see what Disney does with the Makies’ technology.