Last month on Inauguration Day I wrote this post predicting that President Donald Trump would not last past his first term in office. Personally I thought that he would make it only until the halfway mark of his term in office. But he seems to surprise even me with his frequent tirades on Twitter over how Alec Baldwin plays him on Saturday Night Live or how upset he is that Nordstrom’s has decided to drop his daughter Ivanka’s fashion line because of poor sales. Today he really hit a new low with that Press Conference From Hell. As Vanity Fair puts it, It Only Took Trump One Month to Derail His Own Presidency.

I’ve seen speculation on Facebook as to whether Donald Trump will break William Henry Harrison’s record for having the shortest presidency. (Harrison’s time as president ended 31 days after he was sworn in. That was due to the fact that he died.) As of this writing he only has four more days to beat that record. Of course anything can happen within the next four days, including starting a nuclear war on impulse.

I am so glad I sold that talking Donald Trump action figure on eBay back in December. I hope his new owner isn’t suffering any buyer’s remorse. (LOL!)