I’ve been looking for a new day job to pay the bills for the past few months and, as part of the process, I’ve been going to the state-run American Jobs Center (formerly known as the Maryland Workforce Exchange). That place recommended Alison.com to take online courses in order to shore up your resume because this one offers free classes that lead to online certifications, which is posted in your public profile. Basically one can provide a link to that public profile on a resume in order to prove to a prospective employer that, yes, this person has been undergoing retraining and lessons.

Today I’ve just finished my first class on Alison.com in Social Media Marketing. I picked that class because I really wanted to learn how I could market myself better not only in terms of selling my arts and crafts but also in terms of getting paid work since job hunting does require marketing oneself. It turned out that I already knew some things (especially how to use Facebook and WordPress) but there were a few new things that I didn’t know before so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

I’m happy that I finished that online class. I plan on taking more in the near future, especially Spanish since I’ve seen more and more jobs say that knowing Spanish is a plus. (I took Spanish for a few semesters in college. I was able to maintain it for a few years afterwards but nowadays my reading skill is far better than my listening and speaking skills.) On top of it, there is currently a discussion in my church as to whether we should become a sanctuary church for immigrants since the ICE deportations have begun en masse. (Today is the Day Without Immigrants strike, which is being held as a protest against President Trump’s anti-immigration policies.) People in my Unitarian Universalist congregation have gotten the inspiration from this story about how the First Unitarian Society of Denver is providing sanctuary to an immigrant who has lived in the U.S. for 20 years.

In any case, I now have my new certificate noted in my public online profile at Alison.com.