When I recently took out a podcast account at Podomatic, I received a welcoming email suggesting that I try podcasting a minimum of three times a week for the first eight weeks in order to build a following. Since I’m pretty stumped on what to podcast about, I decided to take a look at a project I did last summer when I purchased some old sheet music at a vintage yard sale for only 25 cents each. I inputted the sheet music into the computer using the open source software MuseScore and I generated the audio, which I made a series of videos from.

For my latest podcast I took one of the original audio files that I generated last summer and put it into the podcast. I spoke a bit about the song but this podcast is focused on the song itself. The song is called “Alone” and it was written in 1913 by M.M. Redding and Charles H. Roth. So here is my third podcast, which has a runtime of only five minutes.