I did my first podcast last Friday after I learned how to do it through an online course in Social Media Marketing. I did it on Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli a.k.a. the Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah Girl. At the time I did my podcast I knew that Danielle and her mother had taped a follow-up episode of The Dr. Phil Show but all the articles I read said that the show didn’t indicate when it would air that episode.

It turned out that the show was aired last Friday, the same day I had completed my first podcast. On that same day The Palm Beach Post had published an exclusive interview with Danielle’s biological father who not only denied that he had abandoned his daughter but he also denounced all the attention that had been heaped on his daughter.

So I decided to do a second podcast devoted to this girl. I briefly mentioned the father’s interview then I decided to try doing one of those reaction podcasts where I react to what I saw on various video clips from that episode.

While I still plan on making more podcasts in the future, this will be the last one I’ll devote to this girl because I feel that everyone needs to leave her alone. I see her not as a celebrity but as a deeply troubled girl who needs professional help before she becomes a teen mom, a jailbird, or dead and I fear that she’ll become worse the more people gawk at her like she’s some kind of a circus sideshow freak.

So here is my latest podcast: Leave the Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah Girl Alone Part 2