Sometimes I like to bring my laptop to IKEA so I can sit in their cafe and surf the Internet using their wifi. I also like eating there as well. The next photo shows this cinnamon bun that I ate when I was there last time. IKEA’s cinnamon buns only cost $1 each but I think they taste much better than Cinnabon’s more expensive buns. What’s more, if I ever have a bunch of people over at my place, I can purchase a pack of six buns for only $4. Sweet!

Cinnamon Bun

I also saw a bin full of pink flamingo plushies. It doesn’t get more kitsch than this!

Pink Flamingos Plush

Sometimes you can find the unexpected at IKEA, such as this gorgeous sunset right outside the building.

The things you can find at Ikea: This lovely sunset outside the store.