Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States one week ago today. Since then he’s been going on overdrive in terms of executive orders. The good news is that he got rid of the TPP, which is fantastic because that was such a disastrous treaty that placed corporations above national sovereignty plus there was such secrecy surrounding it that I found myself wondering if the TPP was so fantastic then why were the people involved so tight-lipped about it (other than saying that it was so wonderful while not elaborating on what was so good about it).

Unfortunately killing the TPP was the only thing I agreed with President Trump on. Everything else he did has been so alarming that it pretty much erases the one good thing he did this week in my mind. Social media has been in a total tizzy and there are now Twitter accounts set up by federal employees who are actively resisting President Trump’s orders. There has been so much going on with President Trump that the BBC has a helpful list of all the things he did this week, which is great because I can’t always remember it all.

This first week is the reason why I don’t regret attending last Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington (which I’ll write more about next week). That march isn’t the last anti-Trump march that will happen in 2017. So far there are plans for a Scientists’ March on Washington, an Immigrants’ March,  and one that’s being put on by the LGBTQ community. Whether these other marches will equal the huge attendance that the Women’s March got last Saturday remains to be seen but I’m sure that The Donald’s huge ego will be hurt by this. (It’s been said that he was personally enraged by the turnout of the Women’s March, which was larger than his own inauguration the day before.)  All of these announced marches reminds me of everything I heard about the 1960’s Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War protests when there seemed to be a major protest once or twice a month. (I wasn’t there for any of it. My parents weren’t involved and I was too young to protest on my own. I only know what the elders in my church and my neighborhood have told me about what they did in their youth.)

Exciting times are coming but these aren’t the exciting times that will make most people happy. In fact it’s almost like a fight to preserve the personal life that you’ve always known without having such things as health care and jobs being taken away from you.