Even though I live just outside of Washington, DC, I have no intention of going anywhere inside that city today. I’m not going to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump in person nor am I going to watch it on TV or on the Internet. Nor am I going to listen to any radio broadcasts of the inauguration. I’m going to do other things besides that, such as cleaning the bathroom or working on some creative arts and crafts project. I’m just heeding the advice in this video.

I had thought about going to one of the many counter-inaugural protests that are being held today but then I decided against it for a number of reasons. First, the weather forecast is calling for periods of rain, which is a perfect metaphor for Donald Trump’s swearing in but I don’t feel like protesting in the rain. Second, I had heard rumors that those in Trump’s camp are planning on counting anyone who’s anywhere near the parade route or the inauguration itself as being among the “attendees” even if some of those “attendees” are actually protesters. I have no desire to be counted as an “attendee” because I would really love it if Donald Trump’s massive ego gets totally bruised due to low attendance. So far ticket scalpers are literally taking a financial bath because they are having a hard time unloading them on people, which I think is totally hilarious. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy than Donald Trump. (/sarcasm)

Instead I’m going to the Women’s March on Washington with people from my Unitarian Universalist congregation tomorrow. Not only is that march projected to attract more people than the inauguration itself (which I think is totally hysterical) but I’m taking advantage of the fact that I live so close to DC that I can take part in that march.

A couple of nights ago my Unitarian Universalist congregation hosted something called “Bystander Intervention,” which was sponsored by a local group. I attended that workshop and I learned a few tactics on how I can help if I see anyone being harassed by some pro-Trump asshole because he/she is a Muslim, person of color, immigrant, LGBTQ person, or some other minority without resorting to violence. The workshop was open to the general public and there was a Jewish man in attendance who reported that his synagogue has been receiving death threats. This is very disturbing. It’s almost like Trump’e election has revived the ghost of Nazi Germany or something.

Last Sunday I added fare money to my SmartTrip Metro card because I know from previous experience that most events of that magnitude always lead to very long lines at the farecard machines at nearly every Metro stop on the day of that event so it was way easier for me to go to the Greenbelt Metro station on a relatively slow day and add fare without waiting in any line at all. All I need to do is pack a lunch and drinks along with a portable folding chair and I’m all set for tomorrow’s march. Plus I need to make sure that I charge my smartphone along with an extra battery.

I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow nor do I know how my life will change in the months or even years to come. I never expected anything like what happened last November. My life is going to change in ways that I never expected. It’s bad enough that I had to deal with hip problems and a divorce over the last five years. Now seeing President Trump assuming the Oval Office is making my already difficult life even more difficult and I resent this. It’ll be a miracle if I emerge from this completely and totally unscathed.