A friend of mine has been really eager about this new free service known as MySimpleShow.com and he was urging me to give this one a try. I have to say that it shows a lot of promise. This site has a bunch of templates and clip art that one can use to put together a video. What’s more, if you don’t find any of their clip art that’s suitable for you, you can always upload your own. The site gives you an option of either recording your own voice or using one of the site’s provided male voices that will read your text for you. (I ended up doing the latter option because I was playing around with this at IKEA plus that store was playing music so recording my own voice wasn’t really feasible.)

Yesterday I took my first stab at making a MySimpleShow vide by using the recipe template. I basically used the Corn Chowder recipe that I posted in this blog back in 2010. Once I finished, my video was added to a queue where I had to wait for an email announcing that my video was ready for me to review. Once I approved it, I had an option of uploading it to YouTube and Vimeo plus I could also download the video to my hard disk.

So here is my new Corn Chowder recipe video.

Right now the service is free. When I got the email message saying that my video was ready for me to make a final approval before it was published, I saw another message on that website asking that, even though MySimpleShow is currently free, would I be willing to pay $4.99 per month for this service in the future. That doesn’t mean that MySimpleShow won’t be free in the future but that’s something to think about if you really like this site so much that you frequently use it.